The first time Michael and Chips met (as kids) Michael chased Chips with an axe!

A monkey ate some parts of the original print for Sator’s first T-shirt back in 1990 (It’s really true!) Another original had to be done quickly.

Michael starred in a western movie called “The return of Jesus part 2”.

It’s Hans hair on the cover of “Stereo”.

Chips first guitar was the rocket-shaped “Burns Flyte”. (He still owns it)

Kent’s early band Buy Six was named after the catalogue number of The Damned’s single “New Rose” on Stiff Records.

Some of Chips’ pre-Sator bands: Sator Codex, Hellfighters (a short lived Motörhead inspired band with Laban Söderström and Peo Ericsson)
Johnny & The Teddyshoes (A rockabilly band!)
Several punkbands like Skandal, Brülbåjz, The Rats…

Some of Michael’s pre-Sator bands: Sator Codex, Bokassa Brothers, Brülbåjz, Sinuit, The Wombats, Kaos, Maniacs, Sune Senils Trio, Burglars and Spliff.

Some of Kent’s pre-Sator bands: Sator Codex, Runo Spotters (only one show), Buy Six, Six Eyes, Bojkott and Oi Division, Kent and the Wailers.
Kent also once played a show at a soapbox car race. (Group name unknown)

Some of Hans’ pre-Sator bands: Sator Codex, Svensk Massage (“Swedish massage”. A ska-band in the late 70’s).

In the late 80’s Sator and Freddie Wadling of Cortex recorded a song together called “Hellraiser”. It remains unreleased.

Chips Kiesbye and Johan Kugelberg was involved in the first four (very influential) ”Killed By Death” compilations. Those albums helped to start the whole ”Rare punk revival” in the late 80’s. Many of the records on the albums came from Chips’ private collection.

If you look carefully on the sleeve of “Headquake” you can see a pig, a cow and “Televinken” (A puppet from a Swedish children’s TV-show in the 60/70’s).

Chips once played bass in a short lived Black Sabbath cover band together with Nicke Andersson of The Hellacopters.

Michael, Chips and Mikael Lohse (from Atomic Swing/The Kooks) had a short-lived cover band called The Frequent Flyers. They did mostly 60’s covers by Pretty Things, Kinks, Stones but also some punk tracks by Jam and The Damned…

Chips once broke his nose at a Dead Kennedys concert.

The guy on the cover of the Nothing hurts single is Chips. It was drawn by Gorka of La Secta.

Sator and White Flag once did a chaotic unplugged session for Danish radio together. It was never broadcasted.

Sator doesn’t mean anything in Swedish. It means tent in Hungarian or creator in latin.