Side projects and guest appearances

The Wild Kings

With Chips & Heikki


11 Nov, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club


30 Nov, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club (w/ Tomcats)
26 Oct, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club (w/ The Silverbug)
19 May, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club (w/ The Ackermans)
14 Apr, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club
15 Mar, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club
10 Feb, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club


16 Dec, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild Kingdom club
3 Nov, Stockholm, Debaser, Wild
Kingdom club
(as The All-Star band, playing Nomads covers at the release party for the Nomads’ tribute album)

Kent Norberg

Solo material, in Swedish

2010, Sep 4, Vollersode, Germany. Bear Family Records 35 year anniversary party.
2010, Mar 21, Gothenburg, Jazzå
2007, Feb 4, Gothenburg, Jazzå (with Ola Bjurman)
2006, Jul 13, Stockholm, Kulturhuset (with Bengt “Bengan” Blomgren, supporting Stefan Sundström, whom Kent joined on a couple of songs in Stefan’s set)
2004, Apr 27, Gothenburg, Storan (with Flamman)
2003, Jan 31, Malmö, KB
2002, Oct 16, Stockholm, Nalen (with Gunnar Frick)

White Flag

With Chips and Kent

Sep 2011
29 Cologne DE, Sonic Ballroom
30 Hamburg DE, Hafenklang

Oct 2011
1 Rocas LU
2 Regensburg DE, Alte Mältzerei

Paris FR, La Miroiterie
5 Basel CH, Sommercasino
7 Brussels BE, Club DNA
9 Cagliari Sardenia IT, Zero
10 Roma IT, Init
11 Acquaviva delle Fonti – Bari IT, Oasi San Martino
12 Seregno – Milano IT, Honky Tonky

June 2008
22   Den Helder NL @ Rock Café De Engle
23   Belval /Luxembourg @ Rockhal
24   Amsterdam NL @ Melkweb
25   Tilburg NL @ Little Devil
26   Antwerp BE @ Hof Ter Lo
27   Hünxe DE @ Rhurpott Rodeo – Flugplatz Schwarze Heide
28   Bremem DE @ Schlachthof (without Chips and Kent)
29   Bielefeld DE @ AJZ
30   Hamburg DE @ Hafenklang
July 2008
1      Hannover DE @ Indiego Glocksee
2      Regensberg DE @ Alte Mazerie
3      Freiburg DE @ Walfisch
4      Lucinico Gorizia IT @ Pieffe Factory
5      Pozega CROATIA @ Dirty Old Festival
6      Belgrade Serbia @ TBC
7      Wien AT @ Arena
8      Graz AT @ Music House
9      Piacenza IT @ Spazio 4
10    Cagliari/Selargius IT @ Casteddu Twitti Twister
12    Taranto IT @ Masseria La Vaccarella
13    Palermo IT @ Beer & Bones Festival
14    Cosenza IT @ Castello Svevo
15    Rome IT @ Init

White Flag European tour 2008 posterWith Chips

March 2008
4 Sonic Ballroom, Köln, D
5 A©U Utrecht, NL
6 Waterfront, Rotterdam, NL
7 De Baarmoeder, Amsterdam NL
7 El Engle, Den Helder, NL

With Chips and Kent

September 2003
6, Greenland, Aasiaat, “Nipiaa rock festival
2, Gothenburg, Pusterviksbaren

Luxury Linup

With Kent Norberg

2007, Jan 26, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
2007, Jan, Gothenburg, Jazzå
2006, Dec 9, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
2006, Nov 17, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
2006, Oct 6, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
2006, Sep 8, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
2005, Dec (first 2 weekends), Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
2005, Oct 22, Gothenburg (as Luxury Liner)

Jackson 10se

With Kent Norberg


11 Aug, Gothenburg, Göteborgskalaset, Heden
May, Gothenburg, Chalmers

2 Apr, Gothenburg, Jord


A Bob Dylan tribute band with Kent Norberg


Dec 10, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
Mar 6, Åmål, Café XO
Mar 5, Björkö, Björkö badhotell


Feb 8, Gothenburg, Jazzå


18 May, Gothenburg, Jazzå
17 May, Orust, Slussens Pensionat
8 Mar, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
29 Jan, Gothenburg, Göteborgs Filmfestival


2 Feb, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset


26 Aug, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
24 Apr, Gothenburg, Jazzå
23 Apr, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
5 Mar, Björkö
4 Mar, Vara

2004, Jan 30, Gothenburg, Gillestugan*
2003, Oct 15, Gothenburg, Pusterviksbaren*

*as The Subterranean Homesick Experience (The S.H.E.)

Guest appearances and one-offs

The Best

This was Chips, Kent and Heikki with Nicke and Robban from The Hellacopters doing a secret one off show playing mostly covers

2010, Nov 23, Eskilstuna, Comfort Hotel

The Leather Nun:REloaded 30th aniversary

Kent performed together with The Leather Nun and sang “Ensam i natt ”

2009, Sep 12, Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers

Hitlistan #6, Elvis Presley tribute night

Chips sang ”(You’re so square) Baby I don’t care” and Kent did ”Little sister”. Heikki played bass.

2008, May 16, Eskilstuna, Raw


2008, Apr 10, Stockholm, Mosebacke (Chips did guest-vocals on the Stiff Little Fingers classic ”Suspect Device”)
2007, Jan 12, Stockholm, Mosebacke (Chips did guest-vocals on the Stiff Little Fingers classic ”Suspect Device” and guitar on Sham 69’s “If the kids are united”

SS Dase

Heikki’s first band reformed for one night playing ”Clash city rockers”, ”Complete Control” and ”I’m so bored with the USA” by The Clash.

2008, Mar 21, Eskilstuna, Raw

David Lindh

Heikki played bass on a short set

2008, Mar 20, Eskilstuna

Mejeriet 20th Aniversary

Kent performed together with Eggstone and sang Docent Död’s “Hand i hand”

2008, Sep 27, Lund, Mejeriet

The Turpentines

Chips guested with The Turpentines on a one-off reunion at the ”Gearfest” festival

2007, Jun 23, Stockholm, Debaser

Hitlistan #2, Ramones tribute night

Kent and Heikki played and sang on ”Commando” and ”California sun”

2007, Apr 6, Eskilstuna, Raw

The Zeros

Chips guested on ”Black ´n´ white”

2007, Apr 27, Rome IT, The Road to Ruins festival

A Tribute To Gene Clark

With Kent Norberg

2007, Mar 21, Gothenburg, Woody West

Nisse Hellberg

Chips played piano, guitar and did some backing vocals with Nisse Hellberg on Swedish national TV on the show “Go’ kväll”. The songs performed were “Lyckliga gatan” and “Tufft jobb”

2007, Feb 23, TV-show “Go’kväll”


Kent joined the band on their classic “Solglasögon” on lead vocals.

2007, Jan 24, Stockholm, Debaser

Lisa Miskovsky

Heikki on bass

2007, Jan 11, Stockholm, Circus, “Rockbjörnen Awards”
2006, Nov 18 – Dec 4, Tour
2006, Summer, 4 gigs
2004, Feb 28 – Apr 29, Tour

Hitlistan #1

Chips and Heikki with Rocco Gustafsson on drums played a couple of songs. They did Sham 69’s “Hurry up Harry” and was joined by Kenja Edh from The Slapping Suspenders for Ebba Grön’s “800°” and “Alla visa män”.

2006, Dec 29, Eskilstuna, Raw

De Stenade Rullarna

A Rolling Stones tribute band with Kent Norberg as a guest sometimes

2006, Sep 2, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset
2004, Oct 15, Gothenburg, Jazzhuset

Kind of Kinks

Kinks tribute band with Kent on guest vocals

2006, Aug 8, Gothenburg, Göteborgskalaset

The New Dork Yolls

New York Dolls tribute band with Heikki on bass

2006, May 12, Eskilstuna, Raw
2005, May 19, Eskilstuna, Number six

Hultsfred Festival 20 years anniversary show

Chips on guitar, Heikki on bass, with Kent doing guitar on “Shake some action” and vocals on “Too drunk to fuck” and “Smokin’ in the boy’s room”

2005, Jun 18, Hultsfredsfestivalen

The All Star Gram Band

A Gram Parson tribute band with Kent Norberg

2003, Sep 19, Gothenburg, Pusterviksbaren

Joe Strummer & The Clash tribute band

With Chips and Heikki. Kent sang lead vocals on “Safe European Home”. The concert was released on the “Roots Rock Rebel” DVD.

2003, Feb 20, Stockholm, Debaser


With Chips and Heikki

2002, Aug 3 – July 12, Kalas 2002 Tour