The band

Kent Norberg

Instrument: Lead vocals and guitar
Eats: Italian, Lebanese, Chinese
Reads: All kinds of books, music magazines
Listens to: Anything that’s good
Watches: Soccer and stuff like True Detective, Bloodline, Walking Dead etc.
Ambitions: Satisfaction
Hobbies: Music
Family: Wife and two daughters
Lives: In Gothenburg

Hans Gäfvert

Instrument: Keyboards, sounds and samples
Eats: Chicken
Reads: Fantasy and music biographies
Listens to: Anything with a fuckin’ attitude. From the 1930s country, blues to contemporary
Watches: Music documentaries, car make over shows
Ambitions: To be a good father and die rich on the barricades
Hobbies: Fly fishing, trotting, film, books
Family: Wife Ann-Jeanette, kids: Charles, Thea & two hysterical cats: Boris & Kol
Lives: In Gothenburg

Chips Kiesbye

Instrument: Lead vocals and guitar
Eats: Green Corn Tamales (Mexican)
Reads: A lot of sci-fi. Favourite writers too numerous to mention here, but Philip K Dick is one of them. Also reads lots of music biographies
Listens to: I listens to music all the time just to pick a few… Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, The Coasters, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Skeeter Davies, Merle Haggard, The Zombies, White Noise, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Hollies, The Byrds, The Sonics, Nancy Sinatra, Hawkwind, AC/DC, Kiss, BTO, Blue Öyster Cult, Punk
Rock 1976-80 (hundreds of names like Ramones, The Boys, 999, Eater, The
Dils, The Zeros, The Saints, Black Flag, The Jam… just to mention a
few), Embarrasment, 100 Flowers, Hoodoo Gurus, Lime Spiders, Descendents,
White Flag, Pere Ubu, Wire, Redd Kross…
Watches: Westwing and Sopranos on TV. Everything by Terry Gilliam and David Lynch on the big screen
Ambitions: To rule the universe or write the best song ever
Hobbies: Listening to music. (Not my own)
Family: My wife Karin and two kids
Lives: In Stockholm

Heikki Kiviaho

Instrument: Bass (Fender Precision) and backing vocals
Eats: Italian
Reads: Arto Paasilinna
Listens to: Fatboy and every other type of rock’n’ roll
Watches: The Simpsons on TV and Apocalypse Redux on the big screen
Ambitions: Combine family life with rock’n’ roll.
Hobbies: Speedway, favourite team “Smederna” and “Formel 1” (Kimi Räikkönen)
Family: Wife and 3 boys
Lives: In Stockholm

Mikael Solén

Instrument: Drums
Eats: Steaks, fish, sushi, hot spicy food
Reads: Lee Child, biographies
Listens to: 1976—80 U.K. punk like Buzzcocks, Damned etc, Kiss, Black Sabbath, early Sparks, The Killers, Muse and much, much more
Watches: Everything
Ambitions: To keep drumming in the free world!
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, forests, downhill skiing
Family: My girlfriend Liv and our sons Valentin and August
Lives: In Gothenburg