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At last!!! It's time to release our 7th album.
It will be out April 19 on our own label Planet of Noise Records. It's distributed in Scandinavia by Bonnier-Amigo.
The rest of the world has to the wait until after the summer. More information later.
The single "So dressed up" will be out any day now but don't buy it. It's just a one-track CD single with no extra stuff. It's mainly for the radio.

Here are the songs and the credits:

1-SO DRESSED UP (Kiesbye/Norberg)
We recorded this one for a German compilation a couple of years back. But no one ever heard it. We like it too much to be a lost song so here it is again in a re-recorded version. A classic Sator punk/rock track in our opinion and the first single from the album.

Not like anything we've ever done before. Something like The Ramones meets The Pixies. Maybe it will become our biggest hit?

You wanna know what happened to that guy? Here's the answer 16 years later. This was meant to be a b-side but it turned out way too good for that. Don't worry we will still play the first part of the story now and then.

4-THE GHOST OF MY CONTROL (Kiesbye/Norberg)
If Suicide would do a Sator cover it might sound something like this? Possibly the last song written for the album.

5-GOODBYE JOEY (Kiesbye/Norberg)
Kent wrote this one as a tribute to Joey Ramone when he died. A real tearjerker for all you lonely hearts out there. Before the song got mixed Johnny and Dee Dee died too so Kent had to rewrite the lyrics and sing it again twice.

6-THIS AIN'T THE WAY HOME (Kiesbye/Norberg)
Kent called Chips and told him to write a classic. He came back with the verse and chorus for this one in 15 minutes. The middle eight part was added later. The sequel to "I wanna go home"?

7-WATER ON A DROWNING MAN (Kiesbye/Norberg)
If Motörhead came from the Louisiana swamps they might have sounded something like this.

8-AT THE END OF TIME (Kiesbye/Norberg/Solén)
We wanted a song like The Undertones' "You got my number (why don't you use it)". As usual the end result sounds nothing like we planned. But it's great. Chips, Kent and Michael got together in Stockholm, borrowed a rehearsal place and instruments from Michael Lohse (ex-Atomic Swing, now in The Kooks) and worked it all out. Several more songs were written during this session but so far this is the only one we've used. It's a very positive story about two people going straight to hell together.

9-YOU AIN'T NOTHING TO ME (Kiesbye/Norberg)
A really angry punk 1977 style track that has been around for a while. A new "I'd rather drink than talk" maybe?

10-YOU'RE OUT OF MY HANDS (Kiesbye/Norberg)
We've had the intro riff for years but we never found the right song for it. Finally all the pieces came together.

11-THINGS YOU DON'T (Kiesbye/Norberg)
Classic Sator around Stock Rocker Nuts with bits of The Who thrown in for extra excitement. It was written between Stereo and Musical differences but got lost along the way. We found a demo of it recently and thought it was a great song that we have to record now.

12-NO! (Kiesbye/Norberg)
Someone said that we had too many negative songs so here's our negative side taken to the extremes. Say no to everything! Working title was AC/DC. No further comments.

13-YOU WALK ALONE (Kiesbye/Norberg)
Our tribute to The Wipers or Dick Dale goes punk. Recorded totally live in the studio with very few overdubs. This is the second take. The first one was similar but with less crazy guitar solos. It's the story about a couple of kids from a small town trying to get out of that hell-hole. The arrangement was very loose, we just let the tape roll and went for it.

Produced by Chips K and Henryk Lipp
Recorded and mixed at Music A Matic studios
Engineered by Henryk Lipp, Chips K and Björn Friberg
Mixed by Henryk Lipp
All songs written by Chips Kiesbye/Kent Norberg
Except track 8 written by Chips Kiesbye/Kent Norberg/Mikael Solén

Hans Gäfvert-Keyboards and backing vocals
Heikki Kiviaho-Bass and backing vocals
Chips Kiesbye-Lead vocals and guitars
Kent Norberg-Lead vocals and guitars
Mikael Solén-Drums and backing vocals

Henryk Lipp-Additional keyboards and percussion
Ola Solving-Backing vocals and stomping

Artwork by: Dennis Germundal

Photos by: Ola Solving, Magnus Oskarsson and Dennis Germundal

Mastered by: Henrik Jonsson at Masters of Audio

Special thanks to: Our families, Dennis Germundal, Ola Solving and Ulf Andersson

Contact address: Sator c/o
Planet of Noise Records
P.O. Box 4343
S-102 67 Stockholm, Sweden
Homepage: www.sator.se

Bookings: info@motor.se
Homepage: www.motor.se

Published by: Manus

Check out the studio reports.

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