Leksands EP competition

MARCH 2009

Sator - Leksands EP:n. But who are the guys on the cover?

Take the chance to win Sator’s new EP “Leksand’s EP:n”!

All you need to do the enter the competition is to answer the following question:

what are the names of the two guys on the front cover of leksands ep:n?

Send in your answers via email to competition@sator.se. The fastest ones to send in the correct answer wins:

1. Your own and a friend’s names on the guestlist at a Sator concert of your choice. One copy of Leksands EP:n, autographed by Sator.

2 & 3. One copy each of Leksands EP:n, autographed by Sator.

The competition ends as soon as we have three winners. The winners will be presented here (if you win and don’t want your name here, let us know!). If you win, you will be contacted so that we can get your address.

Having your name on the guestlist simply means that you get in for free. On some gigs, summer festivals for example, Sator doesn’t have a guestlist so you can not pick one of those shows. We have a lot of gigs coming up so there will be a few to choose from.