Facts: Return of The Barbie-Q-Killers

Most of the backing tracks were recorded at Music-A-Matic Studios in Gothenburg between 1995–2020 but additional recordings were done with “The Planet of Noise Mobile Recording Unit” on various locations around the world over the years.
Engineers: Chips Kiesbye, Henryk Lipp, Walle Kaaling, Jörgen Cremonese, Torsten Larsson, Nille Perned and Johan Forsman (sorry if we forgot someone).
Mixed and mastered at Music-A-Matic Studios by Henryk Lipp in 2020.
Produced by Chips Kiesbye and Sator.
Dedicated to the memory of Bill “Pat Fear” Bartell without whom…
Artwork by: Sandsjö Action/The Global Institute of Creation.
Release date: July 29th 2022

Chips Kiesbye – Lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion, bass and guitar
Kent Norberg – Lead vocals, backing vocals, bass and guitar
Heikki Kiviaho – Lead vocals on Shimmy Shake, backing vocals and bass
Hans Gäfvert – Keyboards, percussion, harmonica and backing vocals
Mikael Solén – Drums

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Original artists, song facts, special guests and song writers

A1 GET OUT OF MY WAY Blitzkrieg Bop

The band was formed in Teesside, England in February 1977. They were obviously named after the song by the Ramones with the same name. Blitzkrieg Bop only released three singles during their short life-span but there are several later releases with demos and live stuff out there. After their demise John “Blank Frank” Hodgson continued making music in bands like Basczax, Sun Yama, Makaton Chat, The Gyneacologists, Viva La Diva, The Skydaddies… and is still active as Fast Cakes.

Written by: John Hodgson. Published by: Opportunes


A really early song from 1974 with some interesting lyrics that probably could not have been written today. But on the other hand what band could write a song like “Mongoloid’ today. The song was unreleased at the time we recorded it in the 1990’s. It can now be found on the “Hardcore Volume 2” CD.
Special guest: Charlie Storm on synthesizer.

Written by: Bob Mothersbaugh. Published by: Screen Gems EMI Music Inc


This one wasn’t really meant to part of this project, but it’s simply one of the best powerpop songs ever written. So here it is anyway. We have played this one live since the very start of our band in the early 80’s. The backing tracks were recorded in 1997 and the rest in 2019. Kimberley Rew were of course in the brilliant band The Soft Boys prior to this. The Waves later changed their name to Katrina and The Waves. Go out and find the original 1982 version. The 7″ single has the superior mix.

Written by: Kimberley Rew. Published by: Albion Music LTD.


A joint effort by Redd Kross and Pat Fear of White Flag that never got recorded until now. Redd Kross are still around better than ever. Buy all their records because there’s not a bad one in their discography.

Written by: Bill Bartell/Jeff McDonald. Published by: Test Pattern Tunes BMI/Bad Papaya Music BMI

A5 OUT OF TIME Darby Crash Band

When The Germs broke up Darby Crash and Pat Smear formed Darby Crash Band. The band never recorded anything in a studio and played only a small number of shows before Crash’s death on December 7 in 1980. Pat Smear now plays with the Foo Fighters. The drummer Lucky Lehrer later played with Redd Kross, Bad Religion and Circle Jerks.

Written by: Darby Crash/Pat Smear. Published by: Crash course music/Bug Music Group (BMI)

A6 MENTAL CASE Non Compos Mentis (AKA N.C.M.)

Dallas, Texas band that managed to release two amazing singles and a couple of tracks on compilations before breaking up.

Written by: Neal Caldwell/Randy Caldwell/David Hill. Published by: Vee Vee Vee Music BMI

A7 HÄLL Långvård

Långvård sadly newer made any records. We heard this song live in 1981 and we have talked about recording it ever since. So what’s better than getting the original drummer Martin H-Son in to do it. He went on to stardom in Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna, Full Metal Jacketz, Troublemakers, Backstreet Girls to mention a few. He currently drums with The Boys. The bass player Peter Johansson has been very successful in the art world for many years. (Well deserved because he’s brilliant).
Special guest: Martin H:son Hansson on drums.

Written by: Martin Hansson. Published by: Manus

B1 ROCKET AND A ROSE Swingers Resort

Boston band that released this classic 45 back in 1981. It was produced by the legendary Willie “Loco” Alexander. They also had a track on the “A wicked good time!” compilation album.

Written by: Tom Bull. Published by: Swinging Singles Records/Rock it Music

B2 DO THE FAST The Undertones

Formed in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1974. With so many hits in their catalogue they really don’t need an introduction. This is an early song that never got recorded in a studio. They dropped better songs than most bands release as singles!

Written by: John O’Neill. Published by: West Bank Songs Ltd./Universal/MCA Music Ltd.

B3 (I NEED) ACTION Thee Waalt Diisneey Prooduuctiion

Punk band from Pordenone, Italy. Formed in March 1979 (originally as Gestapo Violence). In 1997 Reverendo Moon Records released an LP with a live gig dated back to 1979 recorded at Pordenone Verdi Theatre entitled “Live in Diisneeyland ’79”.

Written by: The Waalt Diisneey $ Production. Published by: 996 Rev. Moon Rec

B4 JOB FOR ME Soul Asylum (or they might still have been called Loud Fast Rules at the time) – bonus track only on vinyl

Soul Asylum is another band that has meant a lot to us over the years. This is a really early song from 1982. It might not have the hit potential of “Runaway Train” but it’s still a great song.

Written by: David Pirner. Published by: Twin/Tone Records


Danish punk band that existed 1978–1982. The band reformed in the early 2000’s. We found this one on the Nosferatu Festival compilation from 1982. One of the first songs recorded for this album.

Written by: Bollocks. Published by: Bollocks


Probably one of the most underrated bands ever. The Screamers were part of the first wave of Los Angeles punk bands 1977–1981. They abandoned electric guitars for a keyboard-based sound as well as embracing video and theatrics in a manner that put them in a league of their own. The band never released anything while they existed. There are several bootlegs of demos and live performances out there. It’s time for a Screamers documentary!

Written by: Tommy Gear. Published by: Screamers


Formed in Los Angeles in 1978 as a pure punk band. They later found great success with a more “new wave” sound and released several fine albums. Their 1981 debut album, “Beauty and the beat” is one of the cornerstones of American new wave. This is an early unreleased song.

Written by: Charlotte Caffey/Jane Wiedlin. Published by: Jane Wiedlin: Wiedwacker Music ASCAP/Charlotte Caffey: Chargo MUSIC ASCAP


The Boys were one of the “The Big Five” of punk in our book. In 1997 we recorded two songs for a tribute album to The Boys on Action Records. Both tracks turned out fine but we ended up using “Talking” for that album. We think the other one fits right in here. And it makes perfect sense that Kent and Chips are now playing with The Boys.

Written by: Honest John Plain. Published by: Panache Music LTD.

C2 I’M BORED Zero Boys

Indianapolis, Indiana punk/hardcore band. This song can be found on their mega rare debut EP “Livin’ in the ’80s”. Zero Boys are still around so check them out.
Special guests: Björne Fröberg on bass and Joakim E. Werning on drums. Thanks to The Nomads for lending us Björne and Joakim. The backing tracks were recorded in April 1999.

Written by: Paul Mahern/Terry Hollywood. Published by: Song Music Publishers, LTD

C3 HOW COULD YOU? Pointed Sticks

Canadian punk/powerpop pioneers from Vancouver with many classics in their catalogue. We’ve been fans since they played “Out of luck” on Radio Luxemburg in 1979. They are back together since a couple of years and they still make great records.

Written by: Tony Bardach. Published by: 1979 Spiney Music (SOCAN)


It was originally performed by The Last but later also by The Urinals. The Last were formed in 1976 and the band was considered a major influence on the psychedelia-influenced LA bands of the mid-1980’s and also to meant a lot to bands like The Descendents. One of the first songs recorded for this album. Recorded in January 1997.

Written by: Joe Nolte. Published by: Wixen Music NMI

C5 GÅ TIL GUD White Flag

Originally meant to be on a Norwegian split single that never happened (hence the Norwegian lyrics). It started out as a White Flag recording but became a Sator track instead. Chips and Kent were members of White Flag for many years. Band leader Pat Fear sadly left us in 2013.
Special guests: Eric Rosenfeld guitar, Jerry Kirpach drums, Giordano Bruno backing vocals and Jimmy Leen backing vocals.
All the guests are from the band Versus You from Luxembourg.

Written by: White Flag as “Go to God”. Norwegian lyrics by Kent Norberg. Published by: Gasatanka Records

C6 DOG EAT WORLD The Normals

The Normals were formed in Jefferson, Louisiana in 1977. The 1978 “Almost Ready/Hardcore” 7″ was their one and only release. You can find a lot of their unreleased songs on several albums now. They are all packed with great songs. In a better world The Normals should have been huge.

Written by: David Brewton. Published by: Slamron Music Publishing


Canadian band that only released a couple of tracks on scarce compilation albums. Not meant to be part of the BBQ sessions when we recorded it in 1995. But it’s too good to leave out so here it is.

Written by: Dave Mincey. Published by: Friends Records, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

D1 SUPPLY AND DEMAND The Bureaucrats

Canadian band from Ottawa that only released one single in 1980 before breaking up in 1981. There are two albums posthumously released with lots of great songs.

Written by: Wayne Johnson. Published by: The Bureaucrats

D2 BIG BURDEN The Young Lords

Norwegian band from Holden that released two singles and an album back in the day. Casino Steel of The Boys produced the original 1980 version together with Claes Neeb and Geir Waade (Geir have played with Wreckless Eric and many others). Henning Kvitnes of the band later found much bigger success under his own name.

Written by: Bjørn Juliusson/Henning Kvitnes/Pål Asheim. Published by: Arne Bendiksen A/S

D3 SLAM 999

Another classic band that are still around. This was a controversial song about “slam dancing” and the media. Their label back then wouldn’t allow them to record the song so we did it for them. It’s too good to throw away. 999 still deliver the goods so check them out if you get the chance.

Written by: Nick Cash/Guy Days. Published by: Wipe Out Music Ltd

D4 CAN’T RELATE The Absentees – bonus track only on vinyl

Formed in California in 1978 as The Absentee Concept, they would later shorten their name to The Absentees. In 1981 the band released their “Tryin’ To Mess With Me” single. It’s been on many want lists around the world ever since.

Written by: Rocco Bannich. Published by: The Absentees (BMI)

D5 FIGHT OR FLIGHT Th’ Cigaretz – bonus track only on vinyl

Formed in 1977 they we possibly the first punk band from Raleigh, North Carolina. This song can be found on their live album “Crawl rite outta my skin” LP from 1980.

Written by: Scott Jarvis/Jerry Williams. Published by: Th’ Cigaretz 1980

D6 I’M A REACTOR The Reactors – bonus track only on vinyl

There were several bands with the same name around but this is the New York City band active in 1978–80. The Italian label Rave Up Records released a full album of their demos and live material in 1999.

Written by: Shep Ginzburg. Published by: 1979 Shepherd Ginzburg

D7 3 CHORD ROCK Unnatural Axe

From the Boston scene of the late 70’s. In 1978 they released the classic EP “They Saved Hitler’s Brain” on Varulven Records. Richie Parsons later played with Band 19, Future Dads, The Gremies and Tomato Monkey. He has also released two fine solo albums in 2014 and 2018. This was supposed to be on “Barbie-Q-Killers vol 1” but we somehow forgot to record it.

Written by: Richie Parsons. Published by: 1997 Unnatural Axe, BMI

D8 LAST OF YOU Broncs – bonus track only on vinyl

From Cleveland, Ohio also know as Broncos. Released the classic “Tele-K-Killing” single and a couple of compilation tracks before disappearing into the sunset of punkrock. The band members were connected to AK-47, Faith Academy, The Pagans, Offbeats among others.

Written by: Larry Lewis/Tim Allee. Published by: Broncs