Facts: Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1

Produced by PLANET OF NOISE Records.
Recorded and mixed at Music-A-Matic studio, Gothenburg, Sweden January 1994 by Jim Brumby.
Additional engineering by Nille Perned, Walle Kaaling and Henryk Lipp.
“No Solution” mixed by Henryk Lipp assisted by Walle Kaaling.
Mastered by Torbjörn Samuelsson at Digitalfabriken.
Booking agency: Ulf Andersson for Motor.
Cover design by: Propaganda GBG
Photos by: Lennart Sjöberg

Hans Gäfvert – Keyboards, samples, backing vocals.
Michael Olsson – Drums, backing vocals.
Kent Norberq – Bass, lead vocals.
Chips Kiesbye – Guitars, lead vocals.

4509-95259-2 WEA

℗ & © 1994 Warner Music Sweden
A Time Warner Company

Original artists, song facts, special guests and song writers

1. No Solution THE NUNS

The Nuns started when Jeff Olener and Alejandro Escovedo were making a film about a kid who wanted to be a rockstar. They were unable to find a band trashy enough, so they became the band themselves. In 1980 they released their first album, but for some reason they didn’t include this one which we found on a bootleg recorded at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco in 1977. The Nuns are still around with a different line-up.
Intro: Spiro Agnew, Houston Texas May 22 1970

Written by: J. Olener/A. Escovedo. Covina high music/Miro music/Olener music


This song can only be heard on their extremely rare live album, recorded at their final gig in 1978. One of our proudest moments was performing the Commandos song, “Attacking the beat” with Steve Almaas on vocals at a show last year.
Intro: Unknown, introducing The Commandos at The Longhorn Minneapolis, November 24 1978
Special guest: Johan Johansson drums

Written by: Steve Almaas. Warbundle music. ASCAP

3. Black ‘n’ White THE ZEROS

The Zeros originally came from Chula Vista, a suburb to San Diego, they later moved to L.A. This awesome song is an early one (one of their first). Why it never got recorded is a complete mystery. The Zeros recently reformed and are about to record an album. Buy it and make ’em stinking rich.
Intro: William H. Maclaren Sr. 1982

Written by: Javier Escovedo. Ash Avenue music, BMI/Administered by Bugmusic, BMI

4. Kiss Of The Rat GIZMOS

These guys from Indiana had long hair and flares, but they knew how to play rock ‘n’ roll. This bitchen tune is stolen from their second EP “Amerika First” (yes it’s spelled like that) which was released in 1977. Songs like this just aren’t written anymore.
Intro: Harry. S. Truman, August 6 1945

Written by: Highland. Gizmo music

5. Fuck You AVENGERS

All their studio recordings can be found on a compilation album. It includes the “Sex Pistol” Steve Jones produced 12″, their singles and this tender piece recorded live in 1978. We never received the original lyrics, but I think we’re quite close to what it’s supposed to be.
Intro: “The Choir” 1994
Special guests: Jan Skoglund guitarsolo. The Gothenburg moron tabernakel (Lars Överström, Eva Larsson, Stefan Sundström, Peo Ericsson, Johan Johansson, Papa Mats, Jimbo Brumby, Anders Hernestam, Ola Solving, Patrik Solving, Nils Wohlrabe, Chris Sawtelle, and Peter Sundell) on backing vocals

Written by: Avengers. Cd presents Ltd., BMI

6. On The Way Down WHITE FLAG

Another brilliant tune that got lost somewhere along the way. It was written 5 years ago but never got further than a demo. White flag has released a whole bunch of great albums and are still at it. Watch out for their compilation of rare stuff on Munster records, and the forthcoming greatest hits CD.
Intro: James Brumby, Gothenburg January 1994
Special guest: Jörgen Cremonese guitarsolo

Written by: Bill Bartell. Testpattern tunes, BMI

7. Can’t Shake It THE DILS

The Dils came from Carlsbad (just outside San Diego), but moved to San Francisco. In March 1980, after only 3 singles, The Dils broke up and the Kinman brothers moved to New York and put together Rank and file with Alejandro Escovedo of The Nuns. The Kinman’s latest project is called Blackbird. We could easily have made a whole album of The Dils material only, cause they had so many great songs.
Intro: The Dils, live cirka 1977

Written by: C. Kinman/T. Kinman. Black Impala/Administered by Bugmusic, BMI

8. Dillinger’s Brain CRIME

This could have been a classic single on every collectors wantlist, selling for heaps of dollars. But Crime broke up after only 3 singles. An album recorded live in the studio 1978/79 appeared a couple of years ago. That’s where we found “Dillinger’s brain”.
Intro: Crime live at Mabuhay Gardens

Written by: Frankie Fix. Pilker publishing/Other music Inc., BMI


The Stimulators played their first gig at Rock bottom, New York in May 1978. Before they “called it a day” some years later, they managed to release one of the truly classic singles “Loud fast rules”, one super rare promo single and the live cassette on Roir which gives a hint of what could have been.
Intro: The Stims, live at The Pier, Raleigh NC August 31 1981
Special guest: Michael Lindgren backing vocals

Written by: Mercedes/Marden. Reach out International records Inc.

10. Government Official F-WORD

F-word weren’t together long. This song was written in the summer of 1977 and was included on their live album. There are no studio recordings available of F-word at all. Rik went on to do more great stuff with the band Negative Trend and as a solo artist. He kept a low profile during the 80’s, but now he’s working on new material.
Intro: Dirk Dirksen, introducing F•Word at Mabuhay Gardens 1978

Written by: Rik L Rik/Wanker. Rik L Rik music, BMI

11. National Guard THE DILS

We couldn’t decide what Dils song to do so here’s another one.
Intro: Mayor Richard Daley, Chicago, Illinois August 29 1968

Written by: C. Kinman/T. Kinman. Black Impala/Administered by Bugmusic, BMI

12. End Of The World AVENGERS

Another one by this San Francisco band, only available on a Bootleg EP, recorded live in 1978.
Intro: Lee Ving, 1982

Written by: Avengers. Cd presents Ltd., BMI

13. Do The Dance WEIRDOS

The Weirdos were formed in Los Angeles 1976. They disbanded in 1981 but are now back together. In 1990 they released a great album on Frontier Records. There’s also a compilation with rare and unreleased stuff including hits like “We got the neutron bomb” and “Solitary confinement”, but they forgot this masterpiece from 1977. What great lyrics!
Intro: Jello Biafra at The Deaf club, San Francisco 1980

Written by: Weirdos. Numbskull music/Soundattack music/Dixtech music/Administered by Bugmusic, BMI

14. Pay To Play THE SKULLS

There’s not much evidence left behind by these West Covina guys, only two amazing tracks “On target” and “Victims” on the “What Stuff” compilation. But they have just reformed and are finally recording an album.
Special guest: Nils Wohlrabe guitar solos

Written by: M. Moreland, B. Moreland, B. Bones

I’m Bugged SATOR – hidden bonus track


Written by: Kiesbye/Norberg. Headquake Intergalactic Publishing