12. DOWN

All titles: (Kiesbye/Norberg)
Except Turnpike: (Kiesbye/Norberg/Olsson/Gäfvert/Thåström)


It looks like we’re driving down a dead end street
And every solution’s getting out of reach
We’re passing by the point of no return
And everything we do is only making things worse

We’re gonna slug it out
You’ve got another one coming

Stuck in the corner with nothing to say
Your back against the wall and you can’t walk back
We can’t see reason ’cause our pride is hurt
And we’re full of anger and all out of words

We’re gonna slug it out…

We can’t go back and there’s no way out
My memory is fading there can be no doubt
Things are getting harder every time we meet
You don’t listen and I don’t speak

We’re gonna slug it out…


We are the revolution and the institution
We are the sons of God and you’re demise
We’ll cut loose the dogs We’re gonna burn your boots
We’re gonna start another war

We’re right
You’re wrong
the end justifies the means

We are the next invasion and the resistance too
We are the wing commander
We are the henchmen
We are the cast of thousands
We are the civil war
And we’re about to save your soul

We’re right
You’re wrong
the end justifies the means

And we know and we feel
We’ve got the rights on our side
Time will tell you will see
We’ve got the rights on our side

We’re the detonator
We are the bomb squad
We’re on every side we’re anyone
We are the insurrection
We are the front brigade
We are the prisoner and the guard

We’re right
You’re wrong
the end justifies the means


I’ve been away for 50 days now
I’m broken and I wanna go home
I haven’t seen you in a long long time
I’m making love to you on the phone
Another hotel in another town
there’s nothing here to see at all
Too many miles on too many roads
and too many long distance calls

I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I’m tired of travelling
Tired of all the same roads…
Tired of everything

Another day and another week
Going up and down these roads
I’m looking through the windshield
but I’ve seen it all before
I fill my head with fantasies
to take the edge off the days
But I’m out of stories and things to tell
’cause everything looks the same

I wanna go home…

Going through the same old places time after time
Sometimes I wonder if this is what it’s all about
Staring at a picture of you
Wishing I were back home
I need something bad right now
bad to make me feel good

I wanna go home…


Tell me how you feel
Are you proud of what you’ve done?
Who’s that staring back at me?
Do you like what you’ve become?

I don’t know you anymore
You left off where I began
Can you hear me at all?
You’re out of bounds again

Every change is bound to be good
We all know there’s only one direction now
And you know I’d help you if I could
Every change is bound to be good

I can see it in your eyes
You’ve lost the reason to your rhyme
And all you do is hide
Time is never on our side

Every change is bound to be good…

I keep calling your name
Is there anybody home?
There’s no one else to blame
And you know you’re not alone

Every change is bound to be good…


It’s another Saturday night
and I’m out on my own
I need a drink I’m so messed up
I wanna be alone
Got some money in my pocket
and some trouble in my mind
Don’t wanna talk about it
I haven’t got enough time

So why don’t you
Shut up take a walk
I’d rather drink than talk…

It’s another Saturday night
Don’t wanna talk to you
You’re nothing but a waste of time
Don’t like you’re attitude

So why don’t you…

Well I’ve had enough
Come on give me a break
Don’t wanna hear about your life
It’s more than I can take
No I don’t wanna know
I’ve got better things to do
Why don’t you leave me alone
I’ve got no time for you

So why don’t you …


Wow man! you haven’t seen the worst
All the bubbles are about to burst
Get out of my way Hey! step aside
I’m on my way to paradise
Nothing for dinner nothing for lunch
We’re not moving fast enough
Oh! I’m hungry I wanna get fat
I’ve got no time to waste

You gotta kick down doors if you haven’t got keys
I don’t have ’em no not me
Don’t wait for my return
I’ve got a bridge to burn

I’m a skyscraper second to none
Too much is not enough
Nothing comes to those who wait
I don’t believe in luck

I want too much No!
Too much ain’t enough

I don’t take cards I love cash
Hand it over and make it fast
Give it to me give it to me I can’t wait
Another day and it’s too late

I’m a skyscraper…

You gotta kick down…

I’m a skyscraper…


Hey! Is this all there is to see?
You claim to know so much more than me
You say you know where it all begins
I know it too but I know it stinks

You don’t know what I know
(Don’t know why)

You say the best things in life are free
How come you don’t wanna show them to me?
Why do you sleep with your eyes open wide?
Hey do you know where you go when you die?

You don’t know what I know
(Don’t know why)


Twelve o’clock and it’s time to get out of bed
There’s a lot of things I should do today
Thinking ’bout the promises I made last night
When suddenly everything slips my mind

It’s gonna be so much better tomorrow
I’m gonna start all over again
Everything’s gonna be OK
’cause tomorrow is a better day

Out of sight out of mind
I can’t do it now ’cause I’ve got no time
Out of sight out of mind
I’ve got no time
Right now

The landlord’s here and he’s knocking on my door
(No time no time)
I should have paid the rent weeks ago
(No time no time)

It’s gonna be so much better…

Out of sight…

I tried to call you but I suddenly forgot
(No time no time)
There’s a pile of reminders in the mailbox
(No time no time)

It’s gonna be so much better…

Out of sight…


In my young and innocent days
I used to dream my days away
Back in time when the world was young
I didn’t know as much as I do now
I used to walk up and down the streets
Waiting for something to come over me
I believed in posters on my wall
Waited for days that didn’t come at all

I sleepwalked and time went by
Nothing gained didn’t even try
The opportunities slipped my hands
Can’t say I never had a chance
Some say I threw my life away
But I wouldn’t have it any other way
You know there’s really nothing wrong with me
I’m just not as eager as I used to be

Heyday where are you know?
Heyday I wish you would come
Heyday I’ve been waiting so long
And I’m still sitting here waiting for my heyday to come

Feels like running in a dream
I’ll never get across that field
So just let me say
If you should hit the same road as I
You got to get used somehow
There’s no other way

I ain’t doing much nowadays
Sitting here all by myself
It doesn’t matter much anymore
Don’t have the same needs I had before
I can’t say that I’m doing that bad
No use in missing what I never had
I don’t worry it’s never too late
I’ll be ready when it’s coming my way


Feels like running in a dream…


(Someone) He had a car and he had a job
(Someone) He had a wife two kids and a dog
(Someone) He used to work at the factory
(Someone) Now he’s a front page mystery

Anything can happen here It happens everyday
I know ’cause I read all about it in the news today

Someone got shot today…Shot!

(Someone) He felt safe inside the crowd
(Someone) He was here but now he’s gone

Anything can happen here It happens everyday
I know ’cause I read all about it in the news today

Someone got shot today…Shot!

(Someone) They say he was a wonderful man
(Someone) He took a walk and now he’s dead

Anything can happen here It happens everyday
I know ’cause I read all about it in the news today

Someone got shot today…Shot!


I’m miles above and I’m coming down
I break the clouds then I hit the ground
Just like a bolt from clear blue sky
Reflect the panic in my eyes

Eyes…yeah! Haywire

I burn within I burn without
So tired of running but I just can’t stop
You can’t know fire if you don’t know pain
It feels so good to be insane

Sane…yeah! Haywire
I feel good I feel bad

Well here I am wanna see me slip?
Making more mistakes getting lost again

Some fiends can look like angels bright
And winners turn to losers over night
I’ve got no need for common sense
If you fight me I’ll fight you back

Back…yeah! Haywire
I feel good I feel bad


We need a miracle we need it now
We are the final generation
Another ice-age atomic bomb
Another war across the nation
The end of one thing is the start of something else
There’s a blue sky behind the clouds
We’re gonna rise again

Another breakdown another crash
Watch out when heaven strikes back
Stay inside don’t breathe
Close your eyes before it’s too late
I can’t believe you ’cause I’ve heard it all before
Radiation acid rain or maybe nothing at all

When everything comes tumbling down
They say it’s coming but I’m still around

Another prophecy another sign
Are we living at the edge of time?
Another warning the wrath of God
They say it’s gone too far
Where are we now where is the road we should have taken?
Another crack of doom we’re gonna die
Here it comes again

When everything comes tumbling down…

Another breakdown another crash…

When everything comes tumbling down…