Sator Codex

Forgotten Songs 1981-1984
Cassette Sator Corp Records (Sato 001) SW-84.
This tape contains early demos and live recordings.
It was completed and meant for release but no copies were ever distributed outside the band. Edition unknown.

Howling/Middle East Mix
7″ single Sator Corp Records (Sato 002) SW-84. 1000 copies.
Came with handpainted sleeves (about 400 red and 600 green) Around 15 red copies came without the hand print and 2 copies with a “Mickey Mouse hand” (only four fingers)

Leech/She falls/Leech (remix)
7” single Radium 226,05 Records (RA011) SW-85. Around 800 copies

Wanna Start a Fire?
LP Radium 226,05 Records (RA017) SW-86. 1500 copies in Sweden.
The album was also released in the UK on Ediesta Records (CALCLP7). Edition unknown.
Tracks: A: Leech/Reality/The Man Who’s Never Been/Fête For Lost Souls/ Howling
B: You Need Me/Chimera/Party Frenzy/Masters Of The Universe
(Howling was completely re-recorded. Masters Of The Universe is a Hawkwind cover.)

Scales To Skin/Crusade (Gonna Start a Fire)
7” single Radium 226,05 Records (RA021) 1986. 1250 copies.
Made after Björn Clarin left the band. This is actually Sator just prior to the name change.
Different versions of both songs can be found on Slammer! (The B-side on CD only)

Final Curtain/She Falls
7” single Planet of Noise Records/Sator’s Fan Club (SFC1) SW-95. 433 copies
Only sold through the fan club. The first studio session from 1983. She falls is the same version as on the Leech single.


STUCK IN THE GROUND and INFLAMMABLE HYMN On “Bai Bang” compilation cassette with the magazine “Res Publika” SW-85. 250 copies. These songs are 4 track-demos taken from ”Forgotten Songs”.

CRUSADE (GONNA START A FIRE) on Radium 226.05 Presents: Blue For Two Sator Codex Cortex promo VHS. Radium 226,05 Records. SW-86?

LEECH and CRUSADE (GONNA START A FIRE) on “Promotion Demo” compilation cassette Radium 226,05 Records (RAP 001). SW-87

LEECH on the CD compilation “In Gold we Trust” Radium 226,05 Records/MNW (RACD77). SW-91

LEECH on the 2-CD compilation “Svensk Postpunk” MNW/Bonnier Amigo (BAM-MNWCD20-34). SW-07