Promos, demos & unofficial

MC. Promo with Ocal Waltz “Them Empty Brains” on side B. Radium 226.05 SW 1988

Too Much Trouble/Hey Day/Tumblin’ Down
MC demo. Fox Management US 1991

We’re Right, You’re Wrong
+ 3 more tracks from Headquake
12″ promo sampler, 200–300 copies EastWest/Rock Ahead UK 1992

MC promo. EastWest/Magnet UK 1992

MC bootleg, MG Records, Poland 1992

No Place To Land
1 track promo CD single WEA-Spain 1995
Edition unknown. Comes with a really cool picture sleeve

Everybody’s Making Plans/Ask the Shadows/Next To Nothing (Live)/Out of The Void (Live)
No picture sleeve CD single 1998 Pool Sounds/Planet of Noise Records
(First track is incorrectly spelled “Everybody Making Plans”)

So Dressed Up
CD-R promo. Bonnier Amigo SW 2006

Angelina And Sister Ray
CD-R promo. Bonnier Amigo SW 2006

Pigvalley Beach
5,5″ yellow flexi bootleg, буд кон (BUD KON) Д60 25004. Country and year unknown. More colors might exist.