Sator compilations

*=Exclusive song or version to this release. The rest are the same version as on other releases.

*WHAT YOU ARE IS WHAT YOU GET (REMIX) on a 7″ flexi freebie with the magazine “Sound Affects #3” SW-88

GAMMA GAMMA HEY! and WASTING TIME on “Radium 226.05 Records promo #2” MC SW-88

GAMMA GAMMA HEY! on “Radium 226.05 Records promo #3” MC SW-88

BUGHOUSE BABY on “New Music potion #9” MC US-88

PIGVALLEY BEACH on “Sweden 88” CD InfoGram SW-88
(A promo CD for the New Music Seminar in NY)

OH MAMA on “Absolut Svensk Musik -89” CD/MC Svensk Musik SW-89

WHAT YOU ARE IS WHAT YOU GET on “Sam Sampler” MC SAM-Distribution SW-89

GAMMA GAMMA HEY! on “Frozen Ghosts” VHS, Iceworld US-89

WASTING TIME on “In Gold we Trust” CD Radium 226,05 Records/MNW SW-91

*BLOODSTAINS on “King Kong #3” 7″ EP SW-92

*NOTHING HURTS on “Absolut Hultsfred” CD/2-LP, Hultsfred Records SW-92 (Different from the Munster 7″). Withdrawn and re-released on CD as “Rockparty Hultsfred“.

WE’RE RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG on “A midwinternight’s dream” CD WEA SW-92

I WANNA GO HOME on “Music News Sommar 92” MC WEA SW-92

RING RING on “Abba the tribute” CD/LP/MC/DCC, Polar Records SW-93

RING RING on “Wild Rock 3” CD SW-93 (Done without the bands permission, so later withdrawn)

I WANNA GO HOME on “Nordik Fnälö” promo CD, Infogram SW-93

*OM DU ÖVERHUVUDTAGET BRYR DIG with Johan Johansson on vocals on Johan Johansson – Josef & Maria, CD-single, Birdnest Records SW-93

I WANNA GO HOME on “Juice – another Polygram Music Publishing initiative” CD, Polygram Records AU-93

I WANNA GO HOME on “Final Mix 5 June 1993” CD, Warner AU-93

I WANNA GO HOME on “IDN InStore Video June 93” ‎VHS promo, Warner AU-93

*PINK TURNS TO BLUE on “There’s a boy who lives on Heaven Hill – A tribute to Hüsker Dü
CD Burning Heart Records SW-94

*YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG on “Högtalarterror” CD Backstage Records SW-94

RING RING on “Absolute Party” CD/MC Eva Records, SW-94

NO SOLUTION on “Hearing is believing vol 2” promo CD, Warner SW-94

I WANNA GO HOME on “Surf Waves” promo CD, Warner BR-94

WHAT DO YOU WANT? on “Probably the best bands in the world” a promo comp from Motor CD SW-95

*ENSAM I NATT (Live) with Jonas Almquist on vocals and *NO RULE (Live) with Ebbot Lundberg on vocals on The “Leather Nun – a seedy compilation” CD, MVG Records SW-94 (Both songs written by Leather Nun)

OUT OF THE VOID on “Hearing is believing vol 6 ” promo CD, Warner SW-95

IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER NOW on “Hearing is believing vol 7 ” promo CD, Warner SW-95

OUT OF THE VOID on “R.A.W. – Rock and Alternative at WEA” promo CD, WEA GER-95

IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER NOW on “The R.A.W. – Hammer” promo CD, WEA GER-95

*THIS IS MY LIFE on “ FiFi dong – a tribute to Gasolin” CD, Columbia Records DK-95.
Also a 2-track and a 3-track CD-single released containing the Sator song

*OVER THE TOP on “Headin’ for the north” A tribute to Motörhead CD, Pink Honey Records SW-95

NO PLACE TO LAND on “Teaching your bird to talk” CD Gasatanka/Beat Generation Records US/SP-95

SONNY IS A BAD GUY on “Madhouse Archivos Secretos” CD Warner Brothers ARG-96

*THE OTHER NEWEST ONE on “A small circle of friends” A tribute to the Germs, CD/LP Gasatanka Records US-96

*I WANT YOU TONITE on “Dictators forever… vol 1 ” A tribute to The Dictators CD/LP+7″, Roto Records SP-96

*I WANT YOU TONITE on “Roto Records” promo CD, Zona De Obras SP-96

*COME ON AND LOVE ME on “Kiss covered in Scandinavia” A tribute to Kiss CD/12″, Pink Honey Records SW-97.
The CD was also part of the “KISS in Conversation” 3-CD, Pink Honey Records SW-99
The 12″ vinyl is a picture disc and has only four tracks.

RING RING on “Ring I Topp (Telia Sverige Direkt®)”, promo CD, Telia SW-97?

*TALKING on “Satisfaction guaranteed – a tribute to The Boys” LP, Action Records FR-97
Released on CD/LP on Vinyl Japan Records UK-99 (With some different tracks)

PIGVALLEY BEACH on “Voll Auf Die Zehn!” 2-LP, Public Propaganda Records, GER-97

*IN WITH THE CROWD on “Oh Canaduh! Vol 2” CD/LP, Lance Rock Records CAN-98
The song was included on Return to Barbie-Q-Killers in 2022.

*ALL UP TO YOU on “Swedish Sins 99” CD SWE-99

*AIN’T SEEN NOTHING (Live 1990) on “Kontaktnätets jubileums-CD 74-99” CD Kontaktnätet Records SW-99

MY WORST FRIEND on “Gränslösa” CD SW-99

EVERYBODY’S MAKING PLANS on “Independent records promotion 1999 Volume 4” CD SW-99

LOVE MF on “The Houston Party Compilations VOL. 1” CD Houston Party Records Spain -99

*ALONE IN THE ENDZONE on “Flattery Vol 2 – A tribute to Radio Birdman” CD Nomad/Fandango Records US-99

DANCE TO THE ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT on “Riot on the Rocks Vol 1” CD, Safetypin Records, SP-99 (Misspelled as Dancing to the…)

*THIS PERFECT DAY on “Eternally Ours – 24 bands play The Saints” CD 1+2 Records JAP-99

LOVE MF on “Vi håller inte käften!” CD MRN Records SW-00

*PIGVALLEY BEACH (Live -98) on “Gearfest” CD Gearhead Records US-00

TIME AND DISTANCE on “Muga 16 Años” CD SP-00

I’M GONE (7″ version) on “Where the Action is“, CD 1+2 Records JAP-00

TIME AND DISTANCE on “The Sound of Scandinavia – the Vikings are coming! ” CD, The Tip Sheet UK-00? (promo CD in wood case)

EVERYBODY’S MAKING PLANS and HOW LATE IS TOO LATE? on Punk Rock Sampler, CD, The Bicycle Music Company US-01?

I WANNA GO HOME on “Baren” CD Warner Music SW-01

*OM DU ÖVERHUVUDTAGET BRYR DIG with Johan Johansson on vocals on Johan Johansson – Sånger ur trähatten, 2-CD, Birdnest Records SW-01


*BLOODSTAINS on “Bloodstains” CD/10″ EmPty Records GER-01

*SO DRESSED UP on “I was a punk before you was a punk!” CD EmPty Records GER-01

*MENTAL HELL on “The Song Ramones the same” CD White Jazz Records SW-02

*I WANNA GO HOME (Live) on “Hultsfred Rockparty 1981-2001” CD SW-02

OH MAMA on “Absolute Svensk Rock Classics” 2-CD EVA Records SW-03

OVER THE TOP on “A Tribute To… Motorhead” CD, Moon Records UA-03

WE’RE RIGHT, YOU’RE WRONG on “Monster Trucks” CD S56/WMS -04

I’D RATHER DRINK THAN TALK on “Tracks 20 år – Rocksamlingen” 2-CD SW-04. Also part of the 8-CD box “Tracks 20 år – Jubileumsbox“.

YOU’RE OUT OF MY HANDS on “EMA Telstar, Motor och Luger 2006” promo 3-CD + DVD in a nice box, SW-06

*TOUCH TOO MUCH on “Wild sound from the past dimension” CD GoDown Records ITA-07 (Limited to 500 copies)

*3 CHORD ROCK on “Ruling the world from the backseat. A Tribute to Unnatural Axe” 2-LP Lawless records US-08 (500 numbered copies on colored vinyl)
The song was included on Return to Barbie-Q-Killers in 2022.

*I’M PLASTIC on “Bootleg Series vol. 1 – Up north/downunder” LP Bootleg Booze SW-09 (Limited to 500 copies, song written by The Weirdos)

PIGVALLEY BEACH (7″ version) on “A Real Cool Time Revisited” 2-CD Amigo SW-10

I WANNA GO HOME on “Kopparbärs Rock 8” CD Warner Music SW-10

I WANNA GO HOME on “Absolute Rock Anthems III” 2-CD EVA Records SW-10

ESCAPE FROM PIGVALLEY BEACH on “Boomtown Loves Sweden #3” 2-CD, BoomTown SW-10

*ALONE IN THE ENDZONE on “The Best Of Flattery – A tribute to Radio Birdman” 2-LP+7″ Ghost Highway Recordings SP-14

*DEAD MOON NIGHT on “Tribute to Dead Moon” 2-10″ Chaputa! Records/Ghost Highway Recordings SP-19
Black vinyl 500 copies, white vinyl 500 copies

Appears on some issues of the “Talent Tracks” promo cassettes released by UK magazine Music & Media around 88-92.

*I’M PLASTIC on the compilation “As punk as your mum Vol. 3” CD Deifer Records Chile-01?

There might be some more compilations of minor interest that we don’t know of but they include no exclusive material.
If you know anything or if you find any mistakes in here, please inform us.