LP/CD 1988 Radium 226,05 Records (RA033)
Came with three different covers:
Full color picture of a Boxer in Sweden
Black and red picture of a face in France. Closer Records (CL0085)
Yellow and purple picture of another boxer in Germany. Independance Records (EFA8557)
Reissued on WEA-Metronome in 1992 on CD (WEA 9031-76522-2) with 3 bonus tracks

Stock Rocker Nuts!
LP/CD 1990 Radium 226,05 Records (RA063)
Reissued on WEA-Metronome in 1992 on CD (WEA 9031-76523-2) with 1 bonus track

LP/CD/Cassette 1992 WEA-Metronome (WEA 9031-76452)
1st Anniversary Issue with 1 track bonus CD-single “Ring Ring”:
2-CD 1993 WEA-Metronome (WEA 4509-92464-2)

Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1
CD/Cassette 1994 WEA-Metronome/Planet of Noise Records (WEA 4509-95259-2)

CD/Cassette 1995 WEA-Metronome/Planet of Noise Records (WEA 4509-99163-2)

Musical differences
CD 1998 Pool Sounds/Planet of Noise Records (POOLCD010)

Basement Noise
CD 2006 Planet of Noise Records/Bonnier Amigo (PONCD 001)
Reissue on vinyl/CD in 2021 (KING096LP).
Black vinyl, orange vinyl

Under the Radar
CD 2011 Planet of Noise Records/Wild Kingdom (KING060CD)
Reissue on vinyl in 2021 (KING060LP).
Black vinyl, Marble Gold-Black Transparent vinyl 300 copies

Return of the Barbie-Q-Killers
2-LP/CD Planet of Noise Records/Wild Kingdom (KING110LP)
Black vinyl, Turquoise vinyl 500 copies