Chapter 13


Mon 6th – The recording of the Sator’s 8th album started. As usual at Music a Matic studios. Over the following weeks 11 songs were completed including the two songs recorded in August.

It was tough. The last couple of Sator albums have been done in a slow relaxed tempo with no deadline. This time we had a relasese date and booked shows before we even started recording. There was much more pressure on us to deliver the album in time. I believe the pressure was good for us. It gave the album a great vibe of urgency.


3 more songs were recorded but dropped prior to the mix. A re-worked version of “Roll with the punches”, a song also recorded for “Basement Noise” but never released. It didn’t make it this time either. Mainly due to lack of time. “History” A fast one in the vein of “Jetslide”. And a song with the interesting working title “Småland”

Three really good songs that we had to drop because we didn’t have enough time. “Roll with the punches” is actually one of my favorite Sator songs ever. It was written for the “Basement noise” album but we dropped it cause it didn’t turn out right. This time it came out great so we will definitively relase it.


Thu 23rd – Most of the recordings were completed and the band took a break over the holidays.

2010 was another really good year for Sator. The never-ending “Under the radar” tour was completed and we managed to get an album written as well. I think all the touring brought us back to where we used to be.




Fri 28th – The album was completed. The last song, “We’re all gonna die” was mixed today. The lead vocals were recorded at the very last minute.

Henryk started mixing “We’re all gonna die” while we recorded the vocals! As I said we had a very tight schedule this time. I was quite sick as well during the last two weeks which also added something manic to the sound. When I was singing “We’re all gonna die” I can assure you that I really felt like that!.



The Mascot Parade album was mixed and mastered during the first two weeks of February.

Work on The Nomads album was picked up again. Working with vocals and guitars on Chips mobile studio in Stockholm.

Sat 12th – After a 2 month break the touring started again. The first show after the new album took place at “Nöjesfabriken” in Karlstad. Several new songs we’re introduced in the set. “Under the radar”, “S.T.S”, “Wanted: Hope and pride before I die”, “When you lie down with dogs”, “Your up gets me down” and “Drive throught the night”. Support band was Perry And the Travellers.

Fri 25th – The 8th Sator album”Under the radar” was released in Sweden. It was well received by both press and “the old fans” The rest of Europe had to wait a couple of months. To celebrate the release Sator played at the club “S2” in their old hometown Borlänge supported by Jailbreak Academy and Deviled.

Sat 26th – A special show at the opening of the new outdoor arena in Leksand. Sator played 2 sets before and after the Leksand -Mora hockey game. 17 000 tickets were sold to the game! Not all of the could see Sator’s shows but the room was packed. The band Sabaton also played one song outdoors before the game started.

I’m glad we played indoors ’cause it was freezing cold outside. Sadly our team Leksand lost the game but we had lots of fun anyway”. For the first time ever Sators hockey song “Leksandslåten” was played as an encore.


MARCH 2011

Fri 4th – Chips and Kent once again visited “Radio Rockklassiker” in Stockholm performing “Wanted: Hope and pride before I die” accoustic. Later same day Sator played at “Tobbe’s Amason” in Flen. “We’re all gonna die” was introduced in the set. There were two support bands this night – Airborne Enemies and Code Duello.

Fri 11th – Sator back in Sundsvall at “Club Deströyer”. Local band Degeneration was picked by Chips as support band.

The club had a competition for the support sport and I thought they were by far the best band of those I heard.


Sat 12th – Sator in Ljusdal at “Stadt” Once again supported by Degeneration. Over 1000 people attended the show.

Fri 18th – Sator in Umeå at “Scharinksa”. Robban Eriksson helped out on drums again this weekend since Michael was in New York.

Sat 19th – The band performed a short electric set in the classic record store “Burmans” in Umeå before leaving for Örnsköldsvik where they played at “The Merry Can” supported by local band called The Mole Station.

Fri 25th – Västerås at “Sigurdsgatan 25”. Michael was back behind the drums again.

Sat 26th – The band played a couple of songs at the record store “Skivbörsen” in Västerås. In the evening it was time for Rättvik and a gig at “Bowling and Krog”. No support band this night.

APRIL 2011

Fri 1st – Chips, Kent and Heikki played “Wanted: Hope and pride before I die” and “I wanna go home” semi-plugged on “Radio Sörmland in Eskilstuna” Kent played accoustic guitar, Chips electric and Heikki played bass. Later the same evening Sator did a secret gig at Martin Roos opening-party for his new garage outside Eskilstuna in front of 60-70 specially invited party-goers. The band played a short set that included “I wanna be your driver” and “Teenage Kicks”. After that, it was time for the “real” gig at “Harry’s” in Eskilstuna.

Martin is an old friend of Sator (and the band Kent’s manager) so of course we wanted to see his new place and while we were there we might as well play some songs.


Three shows in one day if you count the radio show.

Sat 2nd – Sator in Jönköping at “Ztyle” Supported by Factory Brains from Stockholm.

One of the hottest shows ever. The sweat was dripping down from the ceiling. The crowd seemed to know every word of the songs, even the new ones.


Fri 8th – Sator in Tranås at Pub Babar supported by Filled with Hate (Jerker Persson from Rövsvett‘s new band). Again sold out.

Sat 9th – Sator did another “hometown show” at “Trägårn” in Gothenburg supported by Alexia and Factory Brains.

Fri 14th – Sator in Linköping at “L’ Orient” supported by Daylight Stella och Svensk Punk.

Fri 22nd – Sator did an afternoon “family-show” in Sälen. A ski-resort.

We played at 4 in the afternoon for kids and families. It’s always interesting to do different kinds of show. Those daylight shows are really the hardest ones.


APRIL 2011

Sat 29th – One more “after-ski show”. This time at “Country Club” in Åre. This was a regular show after dark.

MAY 2011

Thurs 12th – The Chips produced Badmouth album “Heavy metal parking lot” was completed.

Fri 13th – Sator played at “Metallsvenskan” A two day festival in Örebro with D.A.D, GraveyardBob Log III

Sat 14th – Sator at “Fegen Festivalen” in Fegen with Mimikry…

Sat 28th – Sator and Docenterna played together at “Hultsfred’s Calling” at Metropol in Hultsfred. A special show with several guests. Conny Nimmersjö from Bob Hund and Birgit Bidder guested with Docenterna.

Nicke Andersson from Imperial State Electric and Micke Alonzo from legendary punkbands KSMB and Stockholms Negrer guested with Sator.

We played two Ramones songs with Nicke: Slug and She’s the one. Then Nicke stayed on for KSMB’s classic “Dörrterror” with  Alonzo singning. Nicke also joined us on I’d rather drink than talk and I wanna go home. A lot of fun.


The whole evening ended with both bands playing Docenterna’s “Chick-e-chack” and Sator’s I wanna go home” together.

JUNE 2011

Sat 4th – Sator at Laholm Kulturfestival in Laholm with Electric BoysEldkvarn

Fri 10th – Chips and Kent played Sator hits unplugged at Sweden Rock festival. Billed as Chips and Kent from Sator. Heikki and Michael “guested” on a couple of tracks. The show was recorded by Swedish radio.

Sun 12th – The recording of Nisse Hellberg’s “Flod av eld” album started at Music-A-matic studios in Gothenburg with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering.

JULY 2011

Fri 1st – Sator played at the Peace and Love Festival in Borlänge.

Sat 2nd – 2 Sator shows today. The first show was a short set in the afternoon backing up Ken Stringfellow (of The Posies, DisciplinesBig Star, White Flag…).
Songs played were:

Later the same day Sator performed a covers only set at “Bolange”.


Fri 8th – Sator at the “Putte I Parken” festival in Karlskoga

Sat 9th – Sator and The Hurriganes as a double bill at Forshaga Folkets park

A dream come true. The Hurriganes were huge when we were kids. If someone had told me back then that they would one day be our  support band it would have blown my mind.


Fri 15th – Sator played at Hamnkrogen in Visby

Sat 16th – Sator played a full set in a living room in Visby. It was the first prize in a competiton.

A total classic.. I suppose they expected us to do a short acoustic set. We loaded  in the whole rig and did a full-on show for 30 people in a small apartment.


Sat 23rd – Sator played the “Lillhärdalsyran” festival in  Lillhärdal for the second time.

Sat 30th – Sator at “Sjöslaget” in Nyköping with Electric Boys among others.


Chips did more recording session with Nisse Hellberg and White Flag.

Fri 5th – Sator in Ängelsberg at “Engelsbergsrocken”

One of the few gigs ever in heavy rain. We’ve been very lucky over the years.


Sat 6th – Sator at “Way out south” festival in Trelleborg with Bäddat för trubbel… The raining continued!

Sat 13th – Last show of the summer tour in Kalmar at “Kalmar Stadfest”

One of the best shows this year, The crowd  went crazy!


Chips worked with Nisse Hellberg the rest of the month the mixing ended august  28.


Wed 14th – Chips started with pre-production  for an album with Swedish all girl  metal band Crucified Barbara.  Their third album. This would continue  into October.

Fri 16th – Over the weekend Chips produced 4 new songs with Badmouth at Music A Matic studios. Part three of H.A.T.E” which is a mirror version of Singer/Songwriter Sofia Talviks EP.

No Sator shows in September. Chips continued working with The Nomads and White Flag.

Thurs 29th – Chips and Kent went on another White Flag tour in Europe. The tour started in Cologne, Germany at Sonic Ballroom and ended in Sweden with Sator on October 14. Other contries visited were Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy.


Fri 14th – Sator played at Konserthuset in Vara with White Flag guesting. Kent’s daughter Ellen also guested and sang Cherry Bomb. The last time Ellen guested with Sator was when she was one day old, recorded over the phone for the Stereo album. This would be the last White Flag show ever with Chips and Kent in the line-up.

Chips worked with Crucified Barbara and The Nomads (final sessions for the never ending album).


Mon 7th – The recording of Crucified Barbara’s “Midnight chase “album started at Music A Matic studios with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering.

Sat 19th – Sator returned to the stage with a show at Debaser in Malmö supported by Freefall.

Fri 25th – Chips and Heikki  appeared at Hitlistan in Eskilstuna  with Lisa Miskovsky, Love AntellRobert EricssonJoakim Fredriksson among others.


Sun 11th – The final recording session for The Nomads “Solna” album.

Fri 16th – Sator at Katalin in Uppsala

Sat 17th – Sator at King’s Arms in Avesta

Sun 18th – Back to Gothenburg for more recordings with Crucifed Barbara.

Thurs 29th – Eldsjälsgalan on Swedish national TV

Sator backed up “Schlager artist” Nanne Grönvall performing the old Sham 69 classic “If the kids are united” in front of a confused audience.

Fri 30th – Borlänge. Last show this year. Sator played a set of covers at music business legend Ingemar Magnusson’s 50th birthday party. They we’re joined by Steve Almaas of Suicide Commandos playing bass and singing “I’ll wait”, Sator Codex singer Björn Clarin  doing “Leech” and Emile Kiesbye singing” The weight” by The Band. This was the first time Björn sang with the band since “The 10th anniversary show” back in 1991. Kent and Chips also guested with The Nomads on “The way you touch my hand”.

And nice way to end the year. We have known Ingemar for many years. He’s one of the goodhearted people in the music biz. The Nomads and Sator played on his 30th birthday party 20 years ago!




Chips worked with Crucified Barbara

Sat 28th – Sator at “Rockland”  in Sala. The band played the old Dag Vag song “Samma sak” as a tribute to the recently departed singer Stig Vig.


Chips worked with Crucified Barbara, The Nomads and The Centerfolds.

Fri 24th – Sator played a set of of covers at “The Country Club” in Åre.

Sat 25th – Sator again at “The Country club” in Åre with a more regular set.

MARCH 2012

Sat 24th – Sator at “Nalen” in Stockholm  supported by The Centerfolds and Freefall

Fri 30th – Sator at Folkan, Järvsö supported by The Spokes.

Sat 31st – Sator at CH Steakhouse in Söderhamn supported by Son of a gun.

APRIL 2012

Sat 21st – Sator returned to “Ztyle” in Jönköping.

Fri 27th – Sator at “Liljan” in Borlänge supported by Toxic Lab Rats and Factory Brains. Björn Clarin reprised his guest appearance from last December singing the Sator Codex classic “Leech” again.

It was too much fun to just do it once. We planned on doing “Master of The Universe too but we ran out of time.


MAY 2012

Fri 4th – Sator back at Club Babar in Tranås.

Sat 5th – Sator played at “MX Rockbar” in Alingsås.

Fri 18th – “Hulstfreds’s calling “again. This time sator the band was guested by Mia Coldheart and Klara Force from Crucified Barbara, Joppe Pihlgren, Kristofer Åström and Nisse Hellberg.

Sat 26th – Sator played at “Popstad” festival in Lund. Henrik Venant and Peter Puders performed two old TT Reuter songs “Den Udda Gudens Puls” and Krossa alla tankar” with Sator.

Wed 30th – The Crucified Barbara  “The midnight chase” album was released.

JUNE 2012

Fri 1st – Sator played at “Liseberg” in Gothenburg.

Sat 16th – Sator at “Coverfestivalen” in Nässjö with Attentat

Fri 29th. Sator at “Festhalle” in Frankfurt, Germany. First night of German tour supporting Die Ärzte.

One of the wamest gig ever. We were soaking wet after three chords!


Sat 30th – Second night at Festhalle in Frankfurt.

Really great shows. Die Ärzte are lovely people and their crew treated us  really good. The audience were great too. Bela guested on I wanna go home singing the last verse.


JULY 2012

Mon 2nd – Sator at “Nachtleben” in Frankfurt without Die Ärzte

A more “selective” audience this night, ha ha!  A big difference from the arena shows  and even hotter!  A lot of fans from the old days so we did some songs that we don’t play that often.


Tues 3:rd – Sator supported Die Ärzte at “Tui arena” in Hannover. Back to the huge arenas.

Wed 4th – Second night in Hannover

Thurs 5th – Sator at “The Tube” in Düsseldorf.

Fri 5th – Last show of the tour in Stuttgart at “Schleyerhalle” with Die Ärzte. And a long 1300km drive home to Sweden.

Great tour. We love playing in Germany.


Fri 13th – Sator at No Name MC in Strängnäs

Sat 14th – Sator played in Hudiksvall at “Rock vid havet” with Diamond Dogs


Thurs 2nd – Chips filled in for Hasse Östlund in the Nomads playing two set on the “Blidösund cruise”

Sat 4th – Sator played at “Kanalrock” in Katrineholm.

Chips started working with Bad Man’s Jam doing pre-production for a future album.

Thurs 9th – “Sator at “Musik och Motor festivalen “in Älvdalen

Another great show in the middle of the great woods.


Fri 10th – Sator at “Vinöns Värdshus” on Vinön. An island in the lake Hjälmaren.

Sat 11th – Sator played at the festival “Skogsröjet” in Rejmyre. Chips guested on two songs with Badmouth.

Sat 18th – Sator at “Scribblefest” in Mjölby

Fri 24th – Sator returned to “Helgeåfestivalen” in Knislinge in the south of Sweden. Some other band were Nationalteatern, Bob Hund, The Sounds

Sat 25th – Sator at the Gutter Island festival in Denmark with Imperial State ElectricHeavy TigerJim Jones RevueFlamin’ Sideburns… Hasse guested with Bäddat för Trubbel.


Chips produced an album with Versus You from Luxemburg.

White Flag and Versus You toured together back in 2011 and we talked about working together.


The band Bo-Dogs recorded 5 songs at Music A Matic studios in two days

Line up:

A  “garage-rock” side-project.

Fri 14th – Sator played at the re-opening party at Bolanche in Borlänge together with Rotvälta.

Sat 22nd – Sator at “Kulturkalaset” in Kristinehamn supported by the old punkband Skäms (their last show ever) and Dekadenta Gossar.


Chips produced an album with Bad Man’s Jam at Music A Matic studios.

Several more Bo-Dogs songs were recorded as well.

Chips also worked with 69 Eyes from Finland.

No Sator shows this month.


Wed 21st – Chips guested with Idde and Sulo at Pet Sounds Bar in Stockholm singing “Borstal Breakout ” by Sham 69, “Reuters” by Wire, “1000 punks” by Grisen Skriker and “Baby Baby” by The Vibrators.

I played three of these song at my very first show with Skandal back in 1979. So it was a tribute to the punk days.


No Sator shows this month.


Fri 7th – Sator at “Ögir” in Köping

Sat 8th – Sator supported German metal and The Scorpions in Sandviken. The other bands were Badmouth, Dalton and Skunk Anansie.

Sun 16th – Chips played with Blue For Two at Pusterviksteatern in Gothenburg. The first show since march 1998 years and probably the last Blue For Two show ever.

Thurs 20th – Sator supported Oslo Ess at Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway. Last show for 2012.

This a very busy year for the band with many great shows.


Wed 26th – Chips played with the legendary Swedish punkband Warheads at “Punk och bössa festivalen “in Gävle. The other bands were The Lurkers, Bisex-BThe CrapsÄshtray and Dead Scouts.



Chips worked with Bad Man’s Jam.

Fri 25th – The Brazilian band Turbo arrived at Landvetter airport, Gothenburg. For the next three weeks 15 songs was recorded at Music A Matic studio with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering. Chips got to play Berimbau (a single-string percussion instrument, a musical bow, from Brazil) and sing some backing vocals in Portugese!

I guess it was a real adventure for the guys. They had never seen snow and it was a tough winter when they were here with lots of snow and really cold.



More sessions with The Bo-Dogs and Chips produced an EP with The Nomads.

Fri 22nd – Closed show at a private party in Alingsås

Sat 23rd – Sator in Enköping at “Strul MC”

MARCH 2013

Sat 23rd – Sator unplugged at hotel Hilton “Earth hour-show” in Stockholm. They we’re joined on stage on various songs by Hannu Kiviaho (from Fatboy and Heikki’s big brother), Magnus “Storis” Holmström and Tomas “Limpan” Lindberg.

APRIL 2013

The Brülbåjz single from 1980 was re-released on Ken rock records.

A very strange feeling to open a box of Brülbåjz singles again. I still clearly remember when I did it the first time around.


The Billy Pilgrims’ second album (Stiff white gospel) produced by Chips was completed. It would be released digitally and on a very limited edition CD in 2014.

MAY 2013

Fri 24th – Sator at “Effekt” in Karlsham supported by Dust Bowl Jokies.

Sat 25th – By popular demand Sator went back to “Popstad Lund” again. To continue the celebration of classic bands from Lund the band played two songs “Walk on by” and “Love you more than this” by The Sinners with the original members Sven Köhler and Michael Sellers on vocals and guitar.

The friendship between Sator and The Sinners goes back a long time. The Sinners are one of the best Swedish bands ever.


Kent sings backing vocals on “Love you more than this” on the original record.

JUNE 2013

Sat 1:st – Chips and Heikki guested with The Baditudes at “Gästis” in Eskilstuna playing old punk classics.

Fri 14th – Sator played at the reborn Hultsfred festival “This is Hultsfred”

Sator must have played the original festival more times than anybody else so it made sense that we were there when it started up again.


Fri 13th – A “new” Sator 7″ single was released on Ghost Highway recordings in Spain. The A-side “World Keeps turning” was recorded for the “Basement Noise” album but never released. The B-side “Brown eyed son” is a cover of The Waves and “should have been a hit”. It was recorded back in 1997.

It’s always been part of Sator/Baby Demons cover set and performed live many times over the years so it was about time it got released.


Sat 15th – Sator in Kristinehamn at “Marieberg Rockar”, a one day festival with Magnus UgglaCaroline af UgglasIda StaakeMammas pojkar and Knekta Kungar.

Thurs 19th – Kent celebrated the memory of Stig Vig lead singer of Dag vag at Mosebacke in Stockholm together with E-Type, Magnus Carlsson, Kajsa Grytt among others.

JULY 2013

Fri 12th – “Stadion Am Hünting” in Bochholt, Germany. Back to Germany for more shows with Die Ärzte and the band Side Effects from Myamar/Cambodia.

Sat 14th – Sator in Bietigheim-Bissingen at “Festplatz am Viadukt” again with Die Ärzte and Side Effects

Sat 27th – “Holmens Rock”, Gothenburg, A one day festival with Electric Boys, Sator, DAD, Crucified Barbara, Siphon Fuel and Bourbon Boys.


Sat 3rd – Another festival “Rockviken” in Frövi. Chips guested with Bonafide and Pontus Snibb of Bonafide guested with Sator on “I’d rather drink than talk”.

Sat 10th – Two shows in one day. An early show at “Getaway Rock” in Gävle and a late night show at “Folkets Park “in Alfta with Per Persson guesting on The Who’s “My Generation”

Fri 16th – Sator at “Ljungarocken” in Ljungaverken with Takida, Marky Ramone’s BlitzkriegBlack Creed

Fri 30th – Kent solo show at Kompledigt festival at Ögir in Köping.

Sat 31st – Kärrgruveparken, Norberg. Sator, Docentera and Torsson.

What a wonderful line-up.


This was another dream come through. Back in the early 80’s we saw Stiff Little Fingers, Killing Joke and Theatre of Hate at “Kärrgruveparken”. We had just started as a band and our dream was to one day play this venue. It only took us 25 years!


Michael’s bassdrum-skin broke so we had to do something while we waited so for the first time in probably 25 years we played the theme song from “Tårtan”, a 1970’s children show until Micke got a new bassdrum.



Chips produced another album with Nisse Hellberg.

Wed 25th – Really sad news. Bill “Pat Fear” Bartell singer, guitarplayer and leader of White Flag passed away. Sator and White Flag shared members and Bill co-wrote several songs for Sator over the years.

This was taken from the Facebook page:

Bill “Pat Fear” Bartell, the front-man and heart of White Flag, has passed away. He’s been a close friend for over twenty years. We first got to know Bill back in the early 1990’s when we were looking for songs for the “Barbie-Q-Killers vol 1” album. Bill was a major help in getting us in touch with all the song-writers and band members of the groups we covered. Without him that record would not have been possible. Remember that this was before the Internet. No Google, Facebook or e-mail. White Flag was one of the bands that we grew up with. The musical anarchy mixed with great songwriting and a portion of humor and irony really appealed to us. It also set them apart from most of their contemporaries. One of the guys wore a police uniform and had a moustache! And called himself Pat Fear. That’s real punk attitude. In 1994 Sator and White Flag released a split single and played some shows together in Sweden. One of them headlining the “Hultsfreds festival” together on the main stage (the biggest festival in Sweden at the time). It was also the start of a long friendship between the two bands. Sator have recorded several songs written/co-written by Bill over the years. Songs like This side of nowhere, Ask The Shadows, On the way down, Face down, Freezer, White Trash and Halter top. White Flag in return recorded several Sator songs. All Sator members can be heard on many White Flag recordings. Chips and Kent have been part of the “European version” of White Flag for many years touring in Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Luxemburg and even in Aasiaat, Greenland! (Thank you Bill for that adventure). The last European White Flag show was in Vara, Sweden supporting Sator in October 2011. Bill was a character, a “one of a kind” but with a big heart and a great sense of humor. He made a big impression on everyone who met him. He connected people and made things happen. He will be deeply missed by a lot of people, both as a musician and as a friend. Life will be less interesting without Pat Fear around. The man is gone but the memories and the music remains.

Sator 2013


The Bad Man’s Jam album was completed. The band later changed name to Naked Presidents.

Chips kept on working with the Nisse Hellberg album.

Thurs 10th – Umeå. Sator played at the Opening party for Choice hotel. Lisa and Carolina Miskovsky joined the band on the stage for Tom Petty’s “American girl” and “I wanna go home”. Sator played ZZ Tops “Sharp Dressed man” for the first time since the early 90’s.

Fri 11th – Sator in Västerås at “Bankiren”

Sat 12th – Sator played in Rättvik at “Bowling and Krog” once again supported by local punk legends “Bertil Brulba Band”


Fri 1st – Sator closed the punk festival in Borlänge at Bolanche. Mimikry, Troublemakers and Rövsvett were among the other bands this night. Last electric show for 2013. It was decided that the band needed a break to work on new songs and get all the gear back in shape again.


Chips worked with Factory Brains, Nisse Hellberg and made the final touches to the Turbo album recorded earlier this year.

Thurs 12th – Sat 14th – Chips, Kent and Heikki did three acoustic (more or less) shows at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. This was the start of The “Sator Trio”.

We wanted to try this to see if it worked and what place is better for that than good old Hultsfred. The people here have seen us so many times that they will tell us if we suck.


We played three nights and came to the conclusion that this could interesting.


Sat 14th – Hans played keyboard with The Nomads at Stcky Fingers in Gothenburg.



Chips worked with Nisse Hellberg on the “Vad har han i huvudet” album.

There were also several sessions with the Factory Brains recording vocals, backing vocals and percussion for their second album.

Mon 20th – The recording of Crucified Barbara’s “In the red” album started at Music A Matic Studios in Gothenburg with Chips as producer and Henryk Lipp as engineer.


The Nisse Hellberg album was completed and Chips continued working on the Factory Brains and Crucified Barbara albums on and off until mid-june this year. Sator took a break.

MARCH 2014

Mon 10th – Chips recorded vocals with Stefan Sundström for the song “Mirakel” by Hjalle Östman (Lead singer of Mimikry) in Stockholm. Parts of Chips studio/rehearsal place in Stockholm can be seen in Stefan Sundström’s video for the song “Fredrik nu är det dags att gå”.

Thurs 20th – Rehearsal started in Gothenburg for the Sator Trio tour.

This is something we had been talking about for a while but we never had the time to do it. Michael and Hans was busy with other stuff this year so we thought the timing was perfect for trying something different. We did three shows in Hultsfred at the end of last year just to see if it worked at all. And we tought it did.


Yes, most of the Sator songs have melodies it’s not just riffing around so they actually works stripped down as well. We also re-arranged some songs quite drastically. I have never played that much acoustic guitar in my life so it was almost like picking up a new instrument.


APRIL 2014

Fri 4th – Karlstad The Sator trio tour started at Nöjesfabriken supporting Takida.

The first show was a really strange one. We played at the club’s bowling hall while people were bowling! So in the middle of a song there could be a sudden cheer when someone hit a strike. Very different from the electric shows!


Yeah it was kind of a rough start and it took a couple of shows before we learned how to do this. It’s always interesting to go out on a limb and leave your safety zone but it’s also scary.


Fri 11th – The Sator trio at Åkrogen in Gävle.

Sat 12th – The Sator trio at Q-bar in Sundsvall.

A great show. By now we felt confident that this actually works.


Yes, this was the first night we felt that we can really do this.


Thurs 24th – Rehearsals at Erik Brodéns place in Delsbo for the upcoming shows together. Brodén would be support act and join Sator on stage for several songs.

Fri 25th – The Sator trio at Sigges in Hudiksvall. With Erik Brodén.

Sat 26th – The Sator trio at Statt in Ljusdal. With Erik Brodén.

MAY 2014

Thurs 1:st – The Sator trio at Pustervik in Gothenburg. Hans “guested” on Freezer.

Fri 2:nd – The Sator trio at Pop Corner in Alvesta

Sat 3:rd – The Sator trio at Skottvångs grufva in Mariefred. Heikkis son Joel from the band Shift guested on percussion.

Fri 16th – The Sator trio at Clarion Hotel in Visby.

Sat 17th – The Sator trio at Clarion Hotel in Visby second night.

Wed 21:st – The Sator trio at Comfort hotel in Stockholm.

This was another strange show. Not really a concert. We were more like the “lounge-band” in the hotel lobby while people were checking in or out. Some guests stuck around for a while before moving on. We played for really long time doing lots of covers and unusual Sator songs that we had never before. It was great and very different from our usual shows.


Thurs 22:nd – The Sator trio at Saliga Munken in Norrköping.

One of the best show on the whole tour.


Fri 23:rd – The Sator trio at East West Sushi in Örebro.

Sat 24:th – The Sator trio at Mastmagasinet in Kristinehamn.

Another one of the best shows of the tour. It’s funny that before 2012 we had never played in Kristinehamn and by now it had became one of our “strongholds”.


Fri 30th – Kent guested with Docenterna at “This is Hultsfred” in Hultsfred. No Hultsfred festival without at least one Sator member.

Sat 31:st – The Sator trio at Scharinska in Umeå.

JUNE 2014

Some more sessions for “BBQ-killers vol 2” was done this month.

Fri 6th – The Sator trio at the Fishbait Festival on Åland.

Sat 7th – Sator at the Fishbait Festival on Åland. It was the first electric show this year. Some of the other acts were Imperial State Electric, The Nomads, and Nicke Borg.

Wed 25th – Kent solo show at Hulingen in Hultsfred.

JULY 2014

The Bo-Dogs album was finally completed after a long wait.

Bo-Dogs isn’t a real band so to speak. We never do any live shows. The band was put together to record an album of pure garage rock. A thing that had been on Nisse’s mind for a while. Nisse wrote the songs and sang lead vocals, I produced and played bass, Kent played guitar and Patrik Herrström was brought in on drums. We all had some input but it’s really Nisse’s band. We never rehearsed just learned the songs in the studio and put them down on tape very quickly. I think the album turned out great. Maybe there will be a second album and some live shows one day. At first Kent was supposed to play bass but when we switched instruments something magic happened so we went for that instead.


Sat 5th – Hans played keyboards with Bäddat för Trubbel at Henriksberg in Gothenburg.

Thurs 10th – Sator at the Riddu Riddu festival in Manndalen, Norway. Very far up north!

A sort of homecoming show for Kent. The festival is really more like a world music-native culture festival with no rock bands at all. But since Kent’s mother is from this area and Kent’s got some “samish-blood” in his veins they managed to find a reason to include Sator on the bill.


Someone started a Facebook group for bringing Sator to Manndalen and they put some pressure on the festival-promoters. It must be one of my favorite shows this year. And we got to see where Kent spent every summer for many years in his youth.


It was actually in Manndalen I heard The Boys first album for the first time. The Boys have always been a major influence for us.


In 2015 The Boys will again play a big role in Sator’s history but more about that later.

Sat 12th – Sator played at No Name MC in Strängnäs.

Mon 14th – The Sator trio at Tanumstrand in Grebbestad.

Tues 15th – The Sator trio at Majas vid havet in Varberg.

Thurs 17th – The Sator trio at Hotell Koster in Sydkoster.

Fri 18th – Sator (full band again) at Folkets Park in Tuna Hästberg.

Now it was my turn to “return home”. This area is where many of my relatives came from.



Fri 22:nd – Heikki plays bass at “BAS” a dance/performance at Ludgo Bygdegård in Aspa. This is one of several “dance-shows” for Heikki this year.

Hekki also did several improvised dance and bass shows with dancer Anna Ehnberg. Dates unknown but there were quite a few 2013-2015.

Heikki was also did a couple of shows with Mäntysoopa Band.

Fri 29th – The Sator trio at Pubben in Borgholm

Sat 30th – The Sator trio once again at Pubben in Borgholm.


Mon 1:st – Chips started pre-production for an album with Stockholm band Bohemian Lifestyle.

Fri 5th – Kent guested with Docenterna at Nalen in Stockholm

Wed 10th – Crucified Barbara’s “In the red” album was released recieving rave reviews.

Further work on BBQ-Killers vol 2.

Fri 26th – Kent solo show with Micke Westman at Telegrafen in Grebbestad.


A new Bo-Dogs track “Snake shake Baby” was recorded in Nisse’s basement and Chips’ livingroom for the B-side of the forthcoming single “Bad bad dog”.

Sat 11th – Sator and The Nomads at Pipeline in London supported by AlkatrazHonest John Plain from The Boys guested with Sator on the two The Boys classics “First Time” and “T.C.P.”.

A vinyl 7″ single “When you lie down with dogs/If you could see me now” was released through Pitshark Records Singles Club. The single was an instant collector’s item since it was only pressed in 100 copies! The B-side was written in 1992 during the Headquake sessions and recorded in 1995 but never released before.

Fri 24th – Sator at Forum in Oskarshamn. Support band was local metal band The Quill. The night was a celebration for the Forum turning 50 years. The reviews said that Sator is “the best live band in Sweden” and who are we to argue?

Sat 25th – Sator at Dalton MC in Läckeby supported by Factum.

Thurs 29th – The Bo-Dogs album “Bad bad dog” with Chips and Kent is released on Low Impact records.

It took a long time to find the right record label and we were all busy with other projects. The music is pretty timeless so the delay didn’t really matter.


Fri 31:st – The Sator trio at Ögir in Köping.


Sat 1:st – The Sator trio at Biobaren in Karlskrona.

Sat 15th – The Sator trio at Royal in Eskilstuna with guests. Erik Brodén guested on several songs, Heikki’s son Joel Kiviaho played drums on one song and on “Bound to be good” the trio was backed by a choir S:t Pauli kyrkokör. Another unique performance for this show was a cover of “Racing” A song by Minx. (Heikki’s first single from 1981) The band was joined by original Minx members Michael Heldring on lead vocals and Christer Heldring on drums. Chrille Heldring have played with Sator before way back in 2006. While Michael was backstage throwing up Chrille helped out until Michael was back.

Sat 8th – Hans once again played keyboards with Bäddat för Trubbel. This time at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg.

Mon 17th – The recording of Bohemian Lifestyle’s album started at Music A Matic studios in Gothenburg with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp as engineer. It would continue until the end of the month.


Pre-production for Captain Black Beard’s third album started this month with Chips in the producer’s chair.

Fri 12th – The Sator trio returned to Hulingen in Hultsfred where the unplugged-story started a year ago.

It was a different band that returned to Hultsfred. By now we had learned the trade of playing acoustic. It was a very good thing for the band and for us as musicians as well.


Sat 13th – The Sator trio at Hulingen again.

Sat 20th – Chips guested with the old Swedish punk band Reklamation at Snövit in Stockholm singing “Trivs du i Hjo?”. It was a re-release party for their 1980 EP.

Sat 26th – Chips guested with the houseband at Hitlistan/Biff, Grill and Bar in Eskilstuna singing “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath and “C’mon let’s go” by Girlschool. Heikki was the bassplayer in the band.

It was a rather slow year for the electric-Sator since Michael and Hasse were busy with other things. But as a result of that “The Sator Trio” was born. It was still a good year for the band over all.



Chips kept working on the Bohemian Lifestyle album.

Kent went to China to join The Boys!!

When Kent Norberg joined classic 70s punk/powerpop band The Boys it was even beyond a dream come true. To grow up and find yourself in the band of your teenage heroes… well things like that just don’t happen.

The Boys were my idols and in a way they were even one of the things that lead to me being a part of Sator. I got back to Borlänge after a period in Norway, where I had discovered The Boys and thought it was the greatest band on the planet. I wanted to share this revelation with everyone but no one else seemed to know who they were. But then I got a tip that there was this guy called Chips who liked them. Chips was two years older than I and one of the cool guys, but I walked up to him and started talking about The Boys and we quickly found out that we liked a lot of the same music. That was it, he’s been my partner in crime ever since.


The Boys arrived in China only to find that the Ministry of Culture had cancelled the tour. The official reason given was crowd control and security issues in the wake of the Shanghai stamped at a riverside New Year celebration attended by around 300,000 in which 36 people were killed and 49 injured. The Ministry of Culture had sent letters to all the venues on the tour telling them that if The Boys played there their premises would be shut down with immediate effect.

Undeterred, the band managed to play three secret underground gigs promoted entirely by word of mouth. In addition, the band gave multiple interviews, performed on a top TV channel in Beijing and did a gig that was recorded for a live album, which was released later in the year on Action records.

We decided to make the best of the situation and as it turned out, we had a fantastic time. Meeting all these great people, organizing and playing the secret gigs, it was tons of fun.


Fri 16th – Chips produced a single with Swedish punkband Besserbitch over the weekend. “Gråzon” was recorded at Music A Matic studios and engineered by Henryk Lipp.


Sun 1:st – The recording of an album with Stockholm band Captain Black Beard started at Music A Matic with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering. The recording took 3 weeks.

Sat 21st – Kent solo show at Pustervik in Gothenburg supporting Rome.

Mon 23rd – The recording of Michael Monroe’s album “Blackout states” started at Music A Matic studios. Another production work for Chips and another engineering job for Henryk.

MARCH 2015

Fri 6th – Hans played with Bäddat För trubbel at Pustervik in Gothenburg.

Sat 14th – Last day of recordings for the Michael Monroe album.

Kent did a short tour in Finland with The Boys

Wed 18th – The Boys at Turun Klubi in Turku Finland. Michael Monroe guested on 3 songs.

Thurs 19th – The Boys at Tavastia in Helsinki

Fri 20th – The Boys at Klubi in Tampere

APRIL 2015

Thurs 2nd – Kent solo show with Mikael Westman at Telegrafen in Grebbestad.

Fri 3rd – Hans guested with City Saints at Henriksberg in Gothenburg.

Hans can also be heard playing piano on Bäddat för Trubbel’s third album released this month. Another guest on the album was Nisse Hellberg.

Kent played country in Hagakyrkan in Gothenburg under the name “Come cry with me”; a show with sad songs by Townes van ZandtGeorge JonesMerle HaggardWillie Nelson, Gram Parsons, Daniel RomanoKris Kristofferson

The band:
Kent Norberg – Vocals
Gunnar Frick – Pedal steel and keyboards
Bengan Blomgren – Guitar
Stefan Bellnäs – Bass
Johan Håkansson – Drums

Sun 12th – Kent played with Johan Johansson trio at La Sombrita in Gothenburg

Fri 17th – First electric Sator show of the year at Liljan in Borlänge. Chips brother Emile Kiesbye guested on “I wanna go home” singing double leadvocal with Kent.

Sat 18th – Kent played solo with Eric Brodén at Ljusdals kyrka in Ljusdal. They did another show at “Condis” in Järvsö later the same day.

Wed 22nd – Kent with Eric Brodén at Arton.78 in Söderhamn

Thurs 23rd – Kent with Eric Brodén at Sigges in Hudiksvall

Fri 24th – Kent with Eric Brodén at Rosehills in Ljusdal

Sat 25th – Kent with Eric Brodén at Gästis in Eskistuna

A new Bo-Dogs vinyl single was released “Bad Bad dog/Snake Shake baby” on the Kenrock label at the end of the month. The B-side is exclusive to this release.

An unexpected release: The Republikans album produced by Chips and recorded ten years ago (but sadly never released because the band broke up) was finally released on Lonestar Records in Germany. The band evolved into Tramp and relased an album in 2011.

Chips spent the rest of the month in Helsinki, Finland for the mix of the Michael Monroe album. It was mixed by Petri Majuri at E-Studio.

MAY 2015

Backing vocals for the Captain Black Beard album was done with “The Planet of Noise mobile recording unit” in Stockholm. Last work on the album was completed on june 8th. It was mixed in September.

The Kent Norberg’s first solo album “Skyll på mig” was released. The album contains nine songs of soul-full country rock sung in Swedish, including covers of Gillian WelshNick Lowe and Wilco.

Sat 2nd – Sator played at the “Rock ´n´ roll Butterfarth festival”. The festival is located on Helgoland an island between Germany and Denmark. Some other bands were The MovementDie MimmisThe Lurkers

We had to bring the gear in a small boat and we played on a sand dune. Quite an adventure but a really cool festival.


Sat 9th – Chips and Heikki guested at Gästis in Eskilstuna. It was a release party for Thomas Wahlström’s book with punk lyrics. One Brülbåjz song was included in the book. Headline act was the band Farsta including members from classic Swedish punk bands like Ebba Grön and Grisen Skriker.

Mon 11th – Kent solo at Dinkytown/Café Mejeriet in Trollhättan.

Tues 12th – Kent solo at Dinkytown/Bohusläns museum in Uddevalla.

Wed 13th – Kent solo at Dinkytown/Nolbygårds Ekobageri in Alingsås.

Fri 15th – Kent solo at Dinkytown/Café Mic in Vänersborg.

Sat 16th – Sator at Wisby Strand in Visby supported by Besserbitch and Oak Brigade.

Wed 20th – Bohemian Lifestyle’s Chips produced album “Madame Libertánah” was released recieving really positive reviews.

Fri 22nd – Kent solo at Hulingen in Hultsfred. Releaseparty for the album.

Sat 23rd – Kent solo at Pustervik in Gothenburg. Releaseparty for the album.

Heikki played bass at another dance-show with dancer Niklas Valenti in Eskilstuna.

Sun 24th – Kent short gig and record-signing at record store Bengans in Gothenburg.

JUNE 2015

Fri 12th – The Sator trio at the Fishbait Festival on Åland. For the second year in a row.

The Sator-Åland love story continues!


Sat 13th – Sator full band at the Fishbait Festival. Some of the other bands this year were Electric Boys, Docenterna, Backyard Babies…

Wed 17th – Kent once again sang at the Stig Vig Tribute show at Mosebacke in Stockholm. This time he sang the Ebba Grön classic “Vad ska du bli?” with various Dag Vag members.

Sat 27th – Sator at “Slottet live” by the castle in Örebro with legendary Pugh Rogefeldt among others.

JULY 2015

Fri 3rd – Sator returned once again to the Peace and Love festival in Borlänge.

Sat 4th – Sator at Willys festival/Folkets Park in Nyhammar supported by RoadhouseWillys Washroom

Sat 11th – Sator at Sommarrock festival in Svedala

Sun 12th – Secret show at a private party for the Sator trio in Kristinehamn.

A friend of the band had a birthday party and we showed up as a surprise. We played the longest set ever in his backyard doing almost every song we knew and a couple we didn’t really know at all.


Maybe it will be one of those legendary shows that in a couple of years a thousand people will say “I was there”.


Fri 17th – Chips and Kent guested Erik Brodéns band at Arton.78 in Söderhamn playing some covers and a few Sator songs.

Sat 18th – Sator at Rock ´n´ ride in Malung with Backstreet Girls who’s guitarplayer Petter Baarli guested with Sator on “I’d rather drink than talk”.

Sator and Backstreet Girls story goes way back. We met in the late 80’s and have been friends ever since. In 1992 we did some backing vocals on their album.


Sat 25th – Sator played “Summer in the park” at Folkets Park in Örnsköldsvik.

A 12 hour drive, playing the gig and then a 12 hour drive back home! But it was worth it.


Wed 29th – Sator trio at Sportbaren in Hönö, an island outside Gothenburg. There were a lot of “island shows” this year!

Thurs 30th – Sator trio at DownTown Rockbar In Falkenberg.

Fri 31st – Sator full band at Majas vid havet in Varberg. The song “Under the radar” was taken back in the set again


Sat 1st – Sator trio at Mastmagasinet in Kristinehamn

Sat 8th – The Boys at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, UK. One short acoustic set in the afternoon and a full electric set later same day on the main stage in front of around 5000 punks. Since The Boys’ guitar player Honest John Plain had an accident and was unable to do the shows Chips filled in on rhythm guitar. The fairy-tale continues. Now we have two Sator members in The Boys!

It’s complicated. I’m very sad for Honest John but at the same time I’m thrilled to play with The Boys! I will do my best until he’s back in the band again. When Kent moved to Borlänge he asked around if anyone liked The Boys and someone said talk to Chips, he loves The Boys. That’s how we got to know each other and that’s why Kent ended up in Sator. So this is huge.


Remaining in the Almost Acoustic room, next up was the diverse proposition of The Boys, who are this weekend minus the talents of Mr Rock ´n Roll, Honest John Plain. The guitarist still recovering from a serious accident that had prevented him from travelling this weekend, and even though his presence was missed massively his recovery was far more important as us Uber Rockers. So instead we raised a glass to his recovery and future health and decided to make the most of what was about to happen. With the curse of The Boys once again looming large, today it’s instruments going AWOL that almost ruins things, but some quick improvisation later and it is a guitar case that will provide the percussion and with the stand in 11th hour replacement for John at the ready everything suddenly turns on its head as Dangerfield and Steel didn’t just pull it off they… err… smashed it! They achieve this by knocking out a set of essential Boys’ numbers with bassist Kent Norberg handling Honest John Plain’s vocal parts with much aplomb. Sometimes festivals call for “giving the punters what they want” and by starting with ‘TCP’, ‘Weekend’ and then straight into ‘Terminal Love’ the boys (ouch) work here was pretty much done. Finding time to also throw in new song ‘I’m A Believer’ before going for gold with ‘I Don’t Care’ was a great move and heading straight into the 1-2-3 of ‘Brickfield Nights’, ‘First Time’ and ‘Sick On You’ the best singalong of the weekend has just taken place, and as for that infamous curse of The Boys? What curse? As I scan the room all around me are five mile smiles as we’d not only just witnessed a new band deliver a show stealing performance but also a band who’ve pretty much been there done it and bought the T shirt showing that adversity can spur you on to great things, and as long as you have the songs (boy do they have the songs) you have a more than a fighter’s chance, whatever the situation. I can’t wait to see how they fair later on when they play electric sets.

Suitably fed and watered its back to the Empress ballroom for round two with The Boys, and with all their instruments now finally in place and a thoroughly enjoyable acoustic set behind them I’m pleased to report that it is business as usual, albeit with a bunch of top tunes from their recent ‘Punk Rock Menopause’ studio album slipped into the set. ‘Global Warming’ kicking up an immediate storm down the front whereas ‘You Can’t Hurt A Memory’ applied some light relief mid set. Through a seventeen song set the gap left by Honest John Plain’s rock ´n roll grit was evident and that missing X Factor was obvious but Matt and Casino soldiered on with their fellow Boys and it was by no means a substandard performance and in many respects I actually thought it was superb that they simply didn’t pull the show, because many lesser bands would have bottled it but not The Boys. Under the circumstances this was again a winning performance from The Boys and I look forward to the next time we cross paths and they are complete with Honest John Plain back where he should be. Here’s to a full recovery Mr Plain but your 11th hour stand in Chips certainly did you proud.

Dom Daley, Über rock magazine

Fri 14th – Kent did the “Kompledigt festival” at Ögir in Köping

Sat 15th – Sator trio at Skebopuben in Skebobruk.

Thurs 20th – Chips recorded bass with Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols, Rich kids… It was for two songs with The Swedish band Zoo Party for a forthcoming album. It was recorded at Park Studios in Stockholm with Stefan Boman engineering.

A pretty good day for an old punkrocker. Recording Glen Matlock in the morning, getting on the train to Gothenburg and playing with The Boys the same day.


The Boys’ short tour of Sweden started tonight (with Chips and Kent) at Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg.

Fri 21st – The Boys at Rockfickan in Hova supported by Hard Luck Street from Norway.

A great show but I guess what we will remember from this night is a bit of unwanted chaos. Me, Martin the drummer, and Gerald the bus driver decided to go for a swim. We found a small lake in the woods and somehow managed to drop the bus keys in the lake! After about an hour of searching we gave up. No keys! We were stuck in the middle of nowhere with no clothes and no phones ’cause it was all locked up in the bus. After a while some friendly locals gave Martin a ride back to the hotel to get some help. It took a while but new keys came from Gothenburg and we were able to continue the tour. No TVs through the window or driving cars into swimming pools. Just a lower level of rock ´n´ roll mayhem, ha ha! Certainly no more swimming on this tour.


Sat 22nd – The Boys at Biff, Grill and Bar in Eskilstuna supported by the reformed local punkband X-Rated.

Sun 23rd – The Boys at Göta Källare in Stockholm supported by Blasting Fondas and Shemales. Last show of the Swedish mini-tour.

Fri 28th – Sator at Långnäsparken in Bollnäs.

Last time we played Bollnäs was in 1992 so it was long overdue.


Sat 29th – Sator at “Scensommarrock” in Torsby with Factory Brains and local bands.

Sun 30th – Another dance show for Heikki “Vatten, folktro, myter och magi” at “Ladan i Inneberga” in Runtuna with dancers Anna Ehnberg and Tove Skeidsvoll.

Heikki was also part of a documentary on Swedish national radio about Finnish people in Sweden called “Sverige är Finskt”.

Mon 31st – Chips started pre-production work for Mia Coldheart’s (of Crucified Barbara) first solo album.


Sat 5th – Sator at Sator at Svea Park in Kaxås, supported by Solds Finest. It was part of the cruising event “Great Lake run” with lots of nice vintage cars. Sator actually won the price of “The longest trip to the cruising”.

We had a 13 hour drive to get there. I don’t think anyone else came from that far away ha ha! So we have a new trophy in our collection.


Mon 7th – Chips started pre-production for an album with the band Oak Brigade from Gotland, Sweden.

Fri 11th – The Boys at “Herr Nilsen” in Oslo with Chips and Kent. Support band was Hard Luck Street. This was Chips last full show with the Boys. Honest John Plain joined the band for the encores.

It’s been a lot of fun but it also felt good to have Honest John back in the band again. It was The Boys with three guitars for the encore.


Sat 19th – To celebrate the relase of Sator own beer the band played a full set at a special party the Stallhagen Brewery on Åland.

Another dream come through. To have your own beer brand.


The Chips produced Captain Black Beard album was mixed at Music A Matic studios with Henryk Lipp this month.

Fri 25th – Kent returned to Telegrafen in Grebbestad for a show with Mikael Westman.

Sat 26th – Kent guested at “Avskedsfesten för It’s only Rock´n´roll” in Umeå. Some of the other guests were Staffan Hellstrand and Conny Bloom.


Fri 2nd – Rehearsal for the upcoming “Headquake” show in Fagersta.

Luckily we have a lot of friends in Fagersta. The Hives provided their rehearsal place for us. Thanks a lot guys!


Some if the songs haven’t been performed since the 90’s so it was a bit up and down at first. We had to re-learn them again.


Sat 3rd – Sator at Mikis Klubben/Fagersta Hotel in Fagersta supported by The Dahmers. Another sold out show. The setlist for this night was quite different with many older songs like “Dog”, “Turn off the news”, “Ain’t seen nothing” and “Bound to be good” back in the set for one night.

Fri 9th – The Chips produced Michael Monroe album “Blackout States” was released through Spinefarm Records. It was very well recieved by the critics and fans all over the world,

Sat 24th – Last regular show this year iat Palatset in Linköping supported by Bad Möthertruckers.

Sat 31st – Chips and Heikki were part of the backing band when the club “Blå” in Eskilstuna celebrated the 15-year anniversary of the opening. Some of the guests were Robert “Strings” Dahlqvist, Yvonne among others.

Chips also worked on an album with the band The Ring, The River on and off this autumn.


Sat 14th – The Boys at Pipeline in London with Kent and Chips. Honest John Plain was now fully recovered so Chips just came up for the encores “Tumble with me” and “Sick on you”. They were also joined by Andrew Matheson and Eunan Brady from The Hollywood Brats and also by Jack Black, the original drummer of The Boys. A once in a lifetime line-up for sure.

Another dream come through. To play these two classic songs with three original Hollywood Brats members! And we also finally got to meet Jack Black. A great guy too. What a night.


The exhibition “Musiklivet Göteborg 1955-2018 opened at “Göteborgs Stadsmuseum” in Gothenburg. Sator and Sator Codex played a part in the musical history of Gothenburg. Especially during the 80’s and 90’s. Sator is still based in Gothenburg so it continues to this day.

Wed 18th – Kent guested at The Raga Rockers tribute in Oslo singing “Ekspander eller dø”. Sator met Raga Rockers for the first time way back in 1986.

They have always been one of my favorite Norwegian bands so it was an honor to be part of this.


Fri 20th – The band spent 4 days in Gothenburg rehearsing the Headquake show .

It sounded much better now and it was actually quite interesting to re-visit the past.


Sun 29th – “The Ring, The River’s” first album was mixed at Music A Matic Studios by Henryk Lipp and Chips at the end of November into early December.


Fri 4th – The Sator-trio at Hotell Hulingen in Hultsfred for the third year in a row. A new Christmas tradition. The news this year is that they were joined by local heroes Wild Rover. The two bands that have without a doubt played most Hultsfred festivals of any artists.

It was an experiment that we’ve been talking about for a couple of years. We started with a “slow” set then Wild Rover did a slightly faster set. The third set was a joined event with both bands playing together doing both bands biggest hits and some extra covers.


It worked even better than we thought. Their Swedish-Irish mix together with Sator’s high energy rock became something else.


I think it turned out to be one of the high-lights this year and I’m sure we will do this again. It’s too good to waste.


Sat 5th – The Sator-trio and Wild Rover at Hotell Hulingen in Hultsfred. Second night.

Fri 11th – The Sator-trio and Wild Rover at Hotell Hulingen in Hultsfred. third night. Sator drummer Michael “guested” on two songs.

Sat 12th – The Sator-trio and Wild Rover at Hotell Hulingen in Hultsfred. Last night. Again with Michael “guesting”

Sat 19th – The Headquake show at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. They were supported by Factory Brains. Sator played the Headquake album from top to bottom and did another set of “greatest hits” The show was sold-out to the last seat in the house. A perfect ending of great year for the band.

Chips pre-production work for Mia Coldheart’s album continued this month. Along with more pre-production for forthcoming albums with Troubled Horse and Oak Brigade.



Sat 9th – Chips produced three tracks with Feast of Fools at Music-A-Matic studios over the weekend.

Mon 11th – The recording of Oak Brigades first album “Creators of the world” started at Music-A-Matic studios with Chips as producer and Henryk Lipp as engineer.

Sat 16th – The recording of Troubled Horse second album “Revolution On Repeat” started at Music-A-Matic studios with Chips as producer and Henryk Lipp as engineer.


Chips kept on working with Feast of Fools, Oak Brigade and Troubled Horse. No Sator activity at all this month.

MARCH 2016

Fri 11th – Sessions for the Zoo Party “Lardass” album continued with Chips still producing.

Fri 18th – “Pop Corner” in Alvesta, The first Sator Codex show since 1987!

The celebrate that it was 30 years ago this week since Sator Codex first played in Alvesta. The band was reformed for one night playing a short set “supporting” Sator. Original singer Björn Clarin was not appearing since he had already left the band before the Alvesta show back in 1986. The songs played by Sator Codex were Leech, Howling, You need me, Master of the Universe, She Falls and Final Curtain. Then Sator took over opening with Pigvalley Beach and bringing in Heikki again on bass.

The support band was Johnny Och Dom Andra. Same support band as 30 years ago!

Sat 19th – “Hotell Trubaduren” on Hönö, an island outside Gothenburg. Back to “normal” again. A regular Sator show.

Sat 26th – Sator played a short set after the Leksand-Modo hockey-game at “Tegera Arena” in Leksand. Leksand won!

APRIL 2016

Fri 8th – Sator at “Rockfickan” in Hova supported by The Gloria Story.

Sat 9th – Sator in Alingsås at “MX bar”

Sun 10th – The Sator trio afternoon show at “Kulturoasen” in Uppsala.

Our car broke down on the way to the show. We had to drive really slow because the gear was stuck in one position.


Yes it was quite an adventure to drive the car back to Stockholm after the show.


There was a lot of jokes about cars and gears… during the show.


Mon 11th – Chips recorded three tracks with Norwegian band The Dahlmanns in Stockholm on “The Planet of Noise mobile recording unit”

Fri 15th – Chips produced three tracks with Skallbank from Karlstad at Music-A-Matic Studios with Henryk Lipp engineering.

The Sator track “Rub it in” was recorded this week. Mostly in Chips bedroom. It was for a Spanish split single with The Nomads.

Fri 22nd – The Sator trio at “Ölkultur” in Eskilstuna. Eric Brodén guested on a couple of songs.

Sat 23rd – The Sator trio-played an afternoon set in Hedemora at “Out and Loud”. They were again joined by Eric Brodén and also Sator’s drummer Micke on several songs.

A full-on show with the electric Sator took place at “Bankiren” in Västerås later the same day. Brodén tagged along.

Fri 29th – Sator at “Live Entertainment” in Karlshamn. Supported by Dampungarna.

MAY 2016

Fri 13th – Sator at Silja Line Rock cruise with Quireboys, Hardcore Superstar…

Sat 14th – A short unplanned and unplugged set on the cruise ship.

Wed 25th – The Sator trio at “Musikhuset” in Örnsköldsvik.

Thurs 26th – Sator full band at “U-rock festival” in Umeå with Europe, Danko Jones and D.A.D.

Fri 27th – Sator played at “Fenix” in Gävle supported by Rebel CollectiveSoul Pirates and The Scrags.

Sat 28th – The Sator trio at “Kajskjulet” in Halmstad

JUNE 2016

Sat 11th – Sator trio at “Café Gula huset” in Brålanda.

Probably one of the smallest stages we’ve ever been on. It was like playing in someones living room! A great show anyway.


Fri 17th – The Sator trio at “Fishbait festival” on Åland.

Sat 18th – Sator full band at Fishbait. A storm arrived during the night so the festival was almost cancelled. All the shows were moved from the main stage to a tent.

A tough day. When we woke up and looked out the window we thought everything would be cancelled. This was more than bad weather. It was a storm! But everyone helped to build a new stage and turned a total disaster into a great night.


Sat 25th – Sator at “Midsummer fest” outside “Tegera Arena” in Leksand with Takida, AronChupa and Art Nation.

Thurs 30th – The Sator trio at “Liljan” in Borlänge.

JULY 2016

Fri 1:st – The Sator trio at “Näshulta Kulturdagar” in Näshulta. A special show for sponsors only.

Sat 2:nd – The Sator trio in Näshulta again. An afternoon show then jumping into a car for two more shows at “Vinö Värdshus” on Vinön later the same day.

Thurs 21:st – Chips started working with Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist doing pre-production for an album.

Sat 30th – Sator at “Peking MC” in Norrköping.


Fri 12th – The Sator trio with Wild Rover at “Carlas Café” on Öland.

Sat 13th – Sator at “Folkets Park” in Munkedal. A mini festival.

Fri 19th – Sator Codex/Sator at “This is Hultsfred” in Hultsfred. The second and last Sator Codex show this year. 30 years ago Sator Codex played at the first Hultsfred festival. Tonight the band returned to the same stage “Teaterladan” that still have traces of the chaotic 1988 Sator show.

This was the last ever Hultsfred festival so we played at the first one and we played at the last one.


There was a lot of strange technical problems this night. Several guitars breaking down, amps burning up… I believe that “Teaterladan” took it’s revenge on us for wrecking it in 1988.


Sat 20th – Sator at “Strul MC” in Enköping.

Thurs 25th – The Sator trio in Huddinge Centrum outside Stockholm. Two sets in the afternoon/evening.

Fri 26th – The Sator trio with Wild Rover at “Stadsfesten” in Eksjö.

Sat 27th – Sator at “Olssons Brygga” in Arvika.


The Troubled Horse album was mixed this month

Fri 9th – The recording of an album with Helikoptern started with Chips producing.

Wed 21:st – The Sator trio played on “Blidösund” a ship in Stockholm.

Two really long sets. We played all the way back to the harbor.


Fri 23:rd – Sator at “Norrehus” in Klippan supported by LoVeDoLLs.


Rehearsals for the “Headquake” and “Stock rocker Nuts !” shows.

Chips did several sessions with The Ring The River from Falun this month.

Fri 14th – Three demos with Mia Coldheart ex-Crucified Barbara were recorded at Music-A-Matic over the weekend. The un-named band included Erik Berntsson on drums, Sanna (last name not known) on bass, Hannah Smallbone on piano and Mia “Coldheart” Karlsson on guitar and vocals.

Tues 18th – Chips produced a single with Greybeards at “Sound Society Studios Studio” in Gävle. Engineered by Anton Forsberg and Benjamin Nyman. It was the start of a forthcoming album.

Sat 22nd – Sator at “Hamnmagasinet” in Kristinehamn.

Sat 29th – Sator at “Kalmar tatueringsmässa” in Kalmar with Lillasyster, Hardcore Superstar…


More sessions with The Ring The River and Zoo Party. And the Oak Brigade album was mixed this month.

Fri 4th – Sator at “Folkets Park, Orrskogen” in Malung.

The last time I played here was with Brülbåjz in 1980! But I still recognized the place.


Sat 5th – Sator in Sala at “Rocklands” supported by Local Loco & The Idiots.

Fri 11th – Sator played the “Stock Rocker Nuts!” album from first to last track at “Pustervik” in Gothenburg. The encores were songs from “Slammer!” and other early songs. Nothing from “Headquake or after”.

Sat 12th – Sator played the album “Headquake” at “Pustervik” in Gothenburg. The encores this night was later songs. Two nights, two completely different sets.

Fri 25th – Sator played “Headquake” at “KB” in Malmö

These three shows were all amazing. A sort of payback for 30 years of hard work.


Really some of the best  Sator-shows ever.


Tues 28th – Kent was part of “A tribute to The Last Waltz” at “Cirkus” in Stockholm. A Tribute to The Band’s movie from 1976 with guests like Nina Persson, Kent Norberg, Pär WikstenMats Ronander


Chips recorded with The Hellacopters for the first time since the break-up in 2008.

We worked on old stuff for possible release in the future. It felt really exciting to work together again. This line-up had Dregen in the band. He was in the band before I started working with the band.


Fri 2:nd – The Sator trio with Wild Rover at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. A dear tradition now. “The annual julbord-shows”

Sat 3:rd – The Sator trio with Wild Rover at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred.

Fri 9th – The Sator trio with Wild Rover at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. This weekend with Tony Frost on bass since Heikki had other commitments.

Sat 10th – The Sator trio with Wild Rover at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred the last “Julbord-show”

Sat 27th – Chips guested at “Hitlistan” in Eskilstuna singing “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways and Silver Machine by Hawkwind. Backed up by Anders “Boba Fett” Lindström on guitar, Heikki Kiviaho on bass and  Rocco Gustafsson on drums.

A great year in the Sators history.



Fri 6th – The Boys with Chips and Kent at legendary “100 Club” in London. Support band The Vulz.

Quite an honor to play with such a legendary band at such a legendary club. It’s one of the last classic rock clubs still around.


Everyones’s played here. From The Rolling Stones to the Sex Pistols!


Chips worked with The Hellacopters and Zoo Party this month.

Thurs 26th – Sessions for Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist started at Music-A-Matic studios in Gothenburg with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering. The recording was halted a week later when Robert suddenly passed away. 6 songs would later be completed after Robert’s death.

We had been working on songs for 6 months and it would have been a great album. We didn’t even get around to record the strongest songs since we had a little more work to do on those songs..I know that Robert would have wanted us to complete these songs but it took a while before I could touch the material. I was in shock ’cause Robert’s death really came out of the blue. He died of an epileptic attack and I was the last one to see him. It was tough.



Chips worked with Helikoptern and The Hellacopters. (2 different bands)

Some work was done on the never ending “BBQ-killers volume 2”.

Sat 24th – The Sator Trio and Wild Rover at “Palatset” in Linköping.

MARCH 2017

Chips worked with Zoo Party, The Nomads, The Hellacopters and The Dahlmanns.

A few more BBQ sessions took place as well in March.

APRIL 2017

Sat 1:st – Sator full band at “Folkets Park” in Mora.

Chips worked on some unreleased songs with Nisse Hellberg for an album of outtakes. Chips also did some pre-production with Greybeards for their forthcoming album.

Fri 7th – Kent guested with O’Street Band “Celebrating the 60’s” at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred.

Thurs 13th – Chips was part of the backing band at “Hitlistan” in Eskilstuna playing “Under hot” and “Tusen Trasiga bilder” by Wilmer X, “Vittring” by Magnus Uggla and “Samma sak” by Docent Död. Stefan Björk the ex-Wilmer X bass player sang the Wilmer X songs.

Fri 14th – “Country Church of Haga” at Hagakyrkan in Gothenburg. A concert with sad songs from the world of country.

Kent Norberg & The Straywalkers:

Kent Norberg – Vocals and guitar
Elin Johansson – Vocals and guitar
Bengan Blomgren – Guitar
Stefan Bellnäs – Bass and vocals
Johan Håkansson – Drums
Gunnar Frick – Pedal steel, keyboards and guitar

“Come Cry With Me”, an album from a previous live-show at the same place in 2015 was released as Kent’s second solo album.

Mon 17th – First day of recording the Spiders‘ album “Killer Machine” at Music-A-Matic Studios. Chips was the producer and Henryk Lipp was engineering and mixing the album. It would take a year before it was released.

Thurs 27th – Kent Norberg and Gunnar Frick at “Crippas Café” in Gothenburg.

Fri 28th – Kent Norberg and Mikael Westman at “Restaurang Telegrafen” in Grebbestad.

Sat 29th – The Sator trio (This time Michael, Chips and Kent) played a secret show at a party at “Tidö Slott”.

MAY 2017

Chips worked with Nisse Hellberg and Helikoptern, Zoo Party and Spiders.

Sat 13th – Wild Rover celebrated 30 years as a band at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. Chips, Kent and Heikki guested on 6 songs.

Sat 20th – The Boys with Chips and Kent at “Olsen på Bryn” in Oslo supported by Hard Luck Street.

Mon 22nd – A 5-song demo for Michael’s still un-named “side-project” was recorded at Music-A-Matic studios by Chips.

The band broke up before the recordings were completed so no vocals were recorded.

JUNE 2017

Fri 2nd – The exhibition “Freddie Wadlings Kabinett” opened at Stadmuséet in Gothenburg. Chips, Henryk Lipp and Anna-Lena Karlsson performed two songs by Cortex: “Shotgun Treatment” and “Jesus i betong”.

Sat 3rd – Sator at “Custom Bike show” in Norrtälje.

Fri 9th – Sator Trio (with Michael joining in) at “Elmia Wood” in Vaggeryd.

Sat 10th – Sator performing the “Headquake” album at Sweden Rock festival in Norje.

This was the last of the “Headquake” shows. This night we played the songs in the original order as we first intended the album to be.


Fri 16th – The last “Fishbait festival”. The Sator Trio

Sat 17th – Sator full band at “Fishbait” on Åland.

A great and very friendly festival. Sadly this was the last year. Åland really took us to their hearts and we played every Fishbait festival.


Tues 27th – Sator at “Gröna Lund”, an amusement park in Stockholm for the first time since 1995.

Fri 30th – The Boys at “Odal Rock Festival” in Norway with Backstreet Girls, Hard Luck Street, Ed Tudor-Pole…

Lovely festival and it was great to get some “behind the scenes” stories from the shooting of the “Rock´n´roll Swindle” movie from Eddie Tenpole! I mean this is the man who sang “Who killed Bambi”.


JULY 2017

Sat 1st – Sator at “Skara Sommarland” supporting Europe.

Mon 3rd – Chips worked with Greybeards in Gävle at “Sound Society Studios”. More session followed during this month.

Fri 7th – Sator at the “Peace and Love Festival” in Borlänge.

Sat 8th – Sator at “Vicious Rock” festival in Trollhättan with LordiNicke Borg’s HomelandFrontback

Interesting to share hotel with a bunch of monsters. The singer of Lordi stayed in character all night. Luckily the monster spoke Finnish.


Thurs 13th – Kent Norberg solo acoustic show at “Pub Hulingen” in Hultsfred.

Fri 14th – Sator back at “Rockfickan” in Hova.

One of our favorite rock clubs in Sweden right now. This was our second time in Hova. Really sweaty and lots of fun.


Sat 15th – Sator At “Willyfestivalen” in Nyhammar with Willys Washroom, Roadhouse Diet

Thurs 20th – Kent guested with the houseband at “Brännö Värdshus” outside Göteborg.

Sat 22nd – Sator Trio and Wild Rover at “Smedby Prästgård” on Öland.

A really cool show in an old barn in the countryside. The show ended completely unplugged since there was a curfew. We ended the set outside the barn with just acoustic guitars.


Mon 24th – Wild Rover with Kent Norberg at “Lada 1888” in Runsbäck on Öland.

Mon 31st – The Heard recorded 2 tracks “Sirens” and “White Lightning” at “Dustward Studio” in Stockholm with Chips producing and Stefan Brändström engineering. The band features 3 ex-Crucified Barbara and 1 Deathstars members with burlesque performer, model and singer Pepper Potemkin on vocals.

More sessions for The Spiders album took place too. The Zoo Party album was mixed.


Thurs 3rd – Sator trio at “Skogsröjet” festival in Rejmyre.

This was one of those rare nights when it rained at a Sator show. Since we played in a big tent it as actually to our advantage since people rushed to the tent. A great show.


Fri 4th – Sator full band at Skogsröjet Festival. Some of the other acts were Saxon, Imperial State Electric, Yngwie Malmsteen, D-A-D…

No rain! Apparently it rained at Skogsröjet on Saturday. The day after we had left.


Sat 5th – Sator at “Helgeå festivalen” in Knislinge together with Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, Hammerfall, Imperial State Electric, The Dahmers…

There had a been a “rainstorm” the day before so parts of the area was still flooded. But as always the sun came when we arrived. For some reason we have always had the weather gods on our side. It’s only been raining on a handful of Sator gigs since we started. It’s been 30 years and quite a few festivals so it’s really amazing how lucky we’ve been. Every festival should book Sator as a rain insurance.


Fri 25th – Sator at “Falkenberg rockfest” in Falkenberg with Hardcore Superstar, LIllasyster…

The Spiders album was mixed by Henryk Lipp this month. Chips did more session with The Heard and Greybeards and Helikoptern in Stockholm.



It’s been 30 years since we changed our name to Sator and started our “never ending tour”. To celebrate we did this anniversary tour with our greatest hits from the first 30 years. It was supposed to end in december 2017 but there was such a demand for the anniversary show that we decided to continue into 2018.

The last “30 YEARS OF BEING SATOR” show took place in Hultsfred (makes sense) in September 2018. A year almost to the day after the tour started.

Fri 8th – Sator at “Bankiren” in Västerås. First night of the “30 years of being Sator” tour.

Sat 9th – Sator at “Tivoli” in Helsingborg supported by Existenz.

Sat 23rd – Kent guested with Psychotic Youth at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred singing “Good time are gone”.

Fri 29th – Sator at Katalin in Uppsala.

Sat 30th – Sator at “Club Destroyer” in Sundsvall supported by Animal Nights.


Sun 1st – The recording of City Saints album started at “Music-A-Matic Studios” in Gothenburg with Chips as producer and Henryk Lipp as engineer. This was their first album in Swedish.

Fri 6th – Chips did one more recording session with The Dahlmanns in Gothenburg.

Sat 7th – Sator at “Lux” in Motala.

Fri 20th – Sator at “Liljan” in Borlänge supported by Mimikry.

Sat 21st – Kent Norberg And The Straywalkers at “Hultsfred On The Countryside” A festival at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred.

The band:
Kent Norberg – Vocals, guitar
Elin Johansson – Vocals, guitar
Bengan Blomgren – guitar
Stefan Bellnäs – bass
Johan Håkansson – Drums
Gunnar Frick – pedal steel, piano, guitar

Fri 27th – To celebrate that the Sex Pistols “Never mind the bollocks” album was released 40 years ago Chips and Heikki guested at “Hitlistan” in Eskilstuna performing “God Save the Queen”.

Sat 28th – Sator celebrated 30 years as a band at Pustervik in Gothenburg supported by Troubled Horse.

Chips continued with the Greybeards album in Gävle


Fri 3rd – Sator and Imperial State Electric, a double bill, at “Frimis” in Örebro.

Sat 4th – Sator and Imperial State Electric at “Lokomotivet” in Eskilstuna.

Mon 13th – Chips started pre-production with Graveyard in Gothenburg for a forthcoming album.

Sat 25th – Sator at “Donners” in Visby supported by The Exploding Leather Jackets (which included members of Oak Brigade)

Thurs 30th – Chips guested with Dregen of The Backyard Babies at “Debaser Strand” in Stockholm singing the classic The Hellacopters song “Gotta get some action”

Final sessions for the Greybeards album took place at “Sound Control studio” in Skutskär. And the recording of the City Saints album also continued on and off. Chips also worked on Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist’s album.


Fri 1st – Sator at “Kägelbanan” in Stockholm supported by Perfect Blue Sky (with Kitto and PNA, old friends of the band)

Sat 2nd – Once again the annual “Julbordspelningar” at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. Again with Wild Rover.

Sun 3rd – The recording of Graveyards album Peace started at Park Studion in Stockholm with Chips producing and Stefan Boman engineering.

Fri 8th – Sator and Wild Rover “Julbord” at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred

Sat 9th – Sator and Wild Rover “Julbord” at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred

Fri 15th – Sator and Wild Rover “Julbord” in Hultsfred

Sat 16th – Sator and Wild Rover “Julbord”  in Hultsfred

Wed 20th – Kent guested with Dom Stenade Rullarna at “Bar Kom” in Gothenburg singing “Play with fire”,”Wild Horses” and “Under my thumb” all by the Rolling Stones

Thurs 21st – Last day of the Graveyard sessions at the “Park Studio” in Stockholm. The recordings continued at Music-A-Matic studios in January 2018.

Fri 29th – Sator at “Nöjesfabriken” in  Karlstad with Sparzanza and Rob Coffinshaker’s Underground Fire.

Sat 30th – Sator at “Bowling and Krog” in Falun supported by Ebba Gold.

The last “30-years anniversary show” this year. After this the band took a break before the tour continued. Another amazing year!



Fri 5th – The Boys with Chips and Kent at “The Talking Heads” in Southampton, UK supported by The Vulz and The Glorias.

Sat 6th – The Boys back at “100 Club” in London again as last year. Another sold out show. Support bands were The Vulz and The Heavy Drapes.

Chips continued with Graveyard at Music-A-Matic studios recording lead vocals, backing vocals and keyboards.

The last session for Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvists “Rock på Svenska” album also took place at Music-A-Matic studios this month.

We completed some of the demo recordings and added the band as we were supposed to do if Robert had been with us. A strange feeling but some kind of closure I guess


The Greybeards album was mixed by Benjamin Nyman at his own studio.

Sat 27th – Sator at “Lucky Seven MC” in Väckelsång supported by Dampungarna.


The Graveyard album was mixed at Park Studios, Stockholm by Stefan Boman. And work continued on the City Saints album. The last of The Dahlmanns songs were mixed by Henry Lipp at Music-A-Matic studios.

No Sator shows this month but Kent did a 3 day mini-tour in Söderhamn. Järvsö and Hudiksvall to raise money for cancer research.

The band consisted of Eric Brodén, Eric BazilianSverker MagnussonPeppe Lindholm and Martin Tronsson.

MARCH 2018

Fri 2nd – Sator at “Kajskjulet” in Halmstad supported by Scenic Belly.

Sat 3rd – Sator and Asta Kask at “N3 Stagebox” in Trollhättan.

Tues 6th – Kents “Live talk-show” at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. The first guest ever was Johan Johansson of KSMB, Strindbergs, John Lenin… fame.

Thurs 8th – Chips produced three tracks for Backyard Babies at Park Studio in Stockholm. Stefan Boman was engineering. The tracks were later mixed by Michael Ilbert at Hansa studios in Berlin. It was the first sessions for a forthcoming “Sliver and gold” album.

Sat 10th – The Sator Trio in Nyköping for a secret show at a private party.

Chips also worked on an unreleased Cortex album from the late 1980’s. It was the last recordings with the band, before they broke up in the middle of the session so the album was never complete. Some of the tapes have been destroyed but one tape was saved. Henryk Lipp and the original producer Carl Michael Von Hausswolff completed the recordings and mixed them.

Chips also worked with The Hellacopters.

APRIL 2018

Tues 10th – Kent’s “live talk-show” at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. Tonight’s guest Ralf Gyllenhammar from Mustasch.

Fri 13th – The Boys at “Olsen på Bryn” in Oslo, Norway supported by The Blitzkrieg Boppers.

Sat 14th – The Boys at “Odal Rock Club” in Odal supported by The Pretty Uglies.

Fri 20th – A single with The Bobby Briggs “The hitcher” featuring Kent Norberg on vocals was released digitally.

Sat 21st – The Boys at “Punk and disorderly” festival in Berlin.

Fri 27th – Sator trio (with Michael) at “Julita Maskin” a private party in Julita.

Sat 28th – Sator full band in Gävle at “Gefle skivmässa/Gasklockorna” with Imperial State Electric and Besvärjelsen.

MAY 2018

Fri 18th – Sator at “Debaser” in Stockholm. A special show where the band played the “Stock Rocker Nuts!” album from start to end. The first encore was “What you are is what you get” from the Slammer! album. Support band: City Saints from Gothenburg.

We haven’t played “What you are is what you get” in ages.


Sat 19th – Sator in Fagersta at “Kapellbackens krog”. One more “Stock Rocker Nuts!” show. The last time Sator played this venue was in 1993. It was a pizza place called “Venezia” back then. A legendary show and tonight was as packed and sweaty as the last time.

The City Saints album was completed and Chips kept on working with The Backyard Babies.

Thurs 31st – Kent solo at “Sparrisafton at Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred. There’s a first for everything. “Sparrisafton” is “Asparagus evening” in English.

JUNE 2018

Fri 1st – “Dirty Water” The first song from Helkoptern’s album “One more before we go” (release date august 8, 2018). It was produced by Chips and features Kent on lead vocals and Chips on backing vocals. It’s a cover of the Standells/The Inmates classic hit.

Sat 2nd – Sator played in Arboga for the first time ever at “Stadskällaren” supported by The Hawkins.

Finally some more songs for the “BBQ-killers vol 2” album was completed.

Wed 6th – Chips produced 7 tracks by young Swedish punk band Jönssonligan at 44traxx Studio in Stockholm. The session took 5 hours!

JULY 2018

Chips recorded vocals with Tommy “Stommen” Liljegren for the Satisfactory album “In Freeality”. It would not be released until May 2020.

Tommy “Stommen” Liljegren (Stonecake) – Guitar and leadvocals
Mikael Solén (Sator) – Drums
Annika Törnqvist (AmazonasCascadeDilemma) – Bass and backing vocals
Mathias “Senan” Sernerud (Sherikan Music Attraction) – Guitar and backing vocals

Wed 18th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover at “Allsången” in Färjestaden and later the same day at “Prästgården” in Smedby.

Thurs 19th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover at “Lada 1888” in Runsbäck.

Fri 21st – Sator Trio at “Sundbyholms gästhamn” in Sundbyholm. Afternoon show.

Sat 28th – Sator at “Furuviksparken” outside Gävle


Thurs 2nd – The Boys (With Chips and Kent) unplugged at “The Rebellion festival” in Blackpool.

Fri 3rd – The Boys (With Chips and Kent) electric set at “The Rebellion festival” in Blackpool

Tues 7th – Sator at “Liseberg” in Gothenburg.

Wed 8th – Sator at “Rockklassiker augustifesten” in Norrköping with Märvel and Backyard Babies.

Fri 10th – Sator at “Musik- och Motorfestivalen” in Älvdalen.

Mon 13th – The recording of a new track called “Vampire nazi” with the legendary proto-punk/glam band The Hollywood Brats started at Music-A-Matic studios. Produced by Chips Kiesbye.

The Hollywood Brats in 2018 consisted of the three original members, Andrew Matheson on vocals, Eunan Brady on guitar and Casino Steel on keyboards and backing vocals. The three new members was Kent Norberg on bass, Martin Hansson on drums and Petter Baarli on guitar.

Fri 17th – Sator at “Folkets Park” in Huskvarna together with legendary Swedish 70’s band Nationalteatern.

Sat 18th – The first session for the “Darker days” album with Norwegian band Hard Luck Street at Music-A-Matic Studios with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering.

Sat 25th-Sator at “Norrehus” in Klippan a minifestival with No OnesPJ’s

Chips did more vocal session with Satisfactory in Limmared and more sessions with Hard Luck Street and even some more “final touches” to “Barbie-Q-Killers vol 2” until the end of the month.


Mon 3rd – Sator Trio at “Nibe” in Markaryd

Fri 7th – Sator at “Hultsfredsbestivalen” in Hultsfred with Perssons Pack… This was the last show on the “30th anniversary tour”. Chips and Kent left after the show to get on a flight to Italy.

Sat 8th – The Boys at the “In Veneto There is No Law Vol 4 Festival” in Veneto, Italy with Lester GreenowskiBelgradoThe Bellicose Minds

Sun 9th – The Boys at “Spazio Ligera” in Milano supported by Lester Greenowski and The Snakes.

Mon 10th – The Boys at “Last one to die” in Caramagna Piemonte Italy with Lester Greenowski, I Boschi Bruciano

Sat 29th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover at “Glashyttan” in Bredsättra, Öland

Chips mixed a Wilmer X Live-DVD together with Håkan Wollgård. He also worked on pre-production and songwriting sessions with The Backyard Babies.


Thurs 18th – The album “Rock på Svenska” with Robert’s last recordings was finally released. A release party and tribute concert/memorial for Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist was held at “Debaser” in Stockholm. The album was performed by Roberts band with guest singers. Chips guested on guitar. Some of the other guests were Stefan Sundström, Nike MarkeliusThomas Stenström, Kristina Karlsson, Christoffer Berg and Pella Nettermalm. Support band was Jönzzonligan.

Chips continued working with Backyard Babies and mixed the “Soul Engine” album with Capricorn together with Henryk Lipp.

Mon 29th – More sessions for the Backyard Babies album at Park Studios in Stockholm with Stefan Boman engineering.


Sessions for the Backyard Babies album continued all through November with short breaks. The album was mixed by Michael Ilbert at Hansa Studios in Berlin. The album was completed on the 25th of november.

It’s a miracle that we managed to keep the deadline. We worked around the clock for weeks.


Sat 10th – The Boys at “Gasteiz Calling” A festival with NOFXCockney RejectsStreet Dogs… held at “Iradier Arena” (primarily used for bullfighting and basketball) in Vitoria Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain.

Sat 17th – Sator at “Olsen på Bryn” in Oslo supported by The Yum Yums.

We should have done two nights because the tickets sold out in a couple of minutes.


Wed 28th – The first session for a possible album with The Hellacopters took place at Studio Kapsylen in Stockholm with Chips producing and Jörgen Wall engineering. 2 new songs were recorded.

Fri 30th – Sator Trio “Julbord at Hulingen” the annual “Christmas shows” at hotel Hulingen in Hultsfred. This year with Meja and Conny Bloom guesting the first weekend.


Sat 1st – Sator Trio “Julbord at Hulingen” with Meja and Conny Bloom (from Electric Boys) guesting.

Fri 7th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover “Julbord at Hulingen”. Back to “normal” again.

Sat 8th – Sator trio and Wild Rover “Julbord at Hulingen

Fri 14th – Sator trio and Wild Rover “Julbord at Hulingen”

Sat 15th – Sator trio and Wild Rover “Julbord at Hulingen”

Wed 26th – Another Christmas tradition. Chips guested at Hitlistan in Eskilstuna singing Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” and Neil Young’s “Keep on rockin’ in the free world” as usual backed up by Anders “Boba Fett” Lindström on guitar, Heikki Kiviaho on bass, Christer First on guitar and Rocco Gustafsson on drums.

The end of an interesting year. Another major thing is that Sator moved out of their last rehearsal studio in Gothenburg.

After 32 years the “Borlänge-band” Sator was not based in Gothenburg anymore.

Sator recorded “Dead Moon Night” for a tribute album to Dead Moon.

Kent and Heikki did their backing vocals in the hotel room at Hotel Hulingen on the 15th.

And Chips worked with The Ring The River and Hard Luck Street



Sun 6th – Chips not so successful actor career got an extra boost when he showed up in Erika Ulars “More Alive Without You” video playing a “rocker” being thrown out by the guards.

The biggest acting part of a Sator since Michael Solén played a cowboy in the cult movie “Return of Jesus part II” in 1996.

Sat 19th – Over the next two weeks Kent, Chips and Heikki worked on BBQ-killers 2.

Chips also did more sessions with Hard Luck Street and The Hellacopters during January.


Wed 13th – Chips started working on new album with Nisse Hellberg. A long-time project recorded at various locations over the year.

Chips also did more vocal sessions with Satisfactory.

MARCH 2019

Sat 9th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover at “Pumpen” in Södra Vi.

Sat 16th – “Vikken ära Tompa Eken”. A charity concert for Tompa Eken and Café 44:an was held at Kägelbanan with lots of band playing for free. Quite a line-up, Sator, Refused Teddybears STHLM, The Nomads, KSM3 with guests, Troublemakers, Moneybrother, Asta Kask, Baboon Show. Strindbergs, De Lyckliga Kompisarna, Weeping Willows, Coca CarolaPsykbrytNo Fun at all, Charta 77, MonsterAdam Nilsson, Infinite Mass…

The 650 tickets quickly sold out so an extra show was booked the day after.

Sun 17th – “Vikken ära Tompa Eken” extra show. Basically the same line-up with a different crowd.

Tues 19th – Last session for the Satisfactory album in Limmared. It would still take over a year before the album was released

Sat 23rd – The City Saints “På Svenska” album produced by Chips was released.

Sat 30th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover at “Palatset” in Linköping.

APRIL 2019

Fri 5th – An EP with the band Loudmouth was recorded over the weekend at Music-A-Matic Studios with Chips in the producer’s chair and Henryk Lipp engineering. The four song EP would be released on vinyl in April 2020.

Chips also worked with Herstory. Another long-time project worked on on and off for a couple of years.

The final sessions for the Hard Luck Street album took place this month.

Mon 22nd – Heikki played with Byråkrat at “O-Baren” in Stockholm

Tues 23rd – The Chips-produced EP with Jönzzonligan (With new spelling of the name so they wouldn’t get sued) was released today. Punk will never die!

MAY 2019

Fri 10th – Sator Trio at Pop Corner in Alvesta

Sat 11th – Sator Trio at Lada 1888 in Färjestaden. A private party.

Fri 17th – More or less the last BBQ session over the weekend.

31st – Heikki played with Byråkrat at “Hotell Hulingen” in Hultsfred.

JUNE 2019

Wed 5th – The second and final tribute/memorial show for Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist at Sweden Rock Festival with more or less the same guests as the show on Debaser last year.

Fri 7th – Kent Norberg solo at “Nostalgifestivalen” in Vårgårda playing country covers.

Fri 21st – Sator at the “Odal Rock Festival” in Norway with RazorbatsThe Dogs, Hard Luck Street, Kosmik Boogie TribeRonny Pöbel

Sat 22nd – The Boys at Odal Rock Festival” in Norway.

Sat 29th – Sator back at “Dalarocken” in Hedemora after 24 years. Dalarocken was one of the first Swedish festivals and ran from 1981 to 1996. Sator did several legendary shows at Dalarocken between 1988 and 1995. (1988, 1990, 1991 with Thåström, 1992, 1993 and 1995) Now it’s back with a new regime and a new location.

It still felt great to be back. A sort of homecoming.


JULY 2019

Thurs 11th – Hans did his last recordings for BBQ-killers vol 2. Some keyboards, backing vocals and a harmonica solo.

Fri 12th – Sator at “Rockfickan” in Hova supported by Ebba Gold.

Sat 13th – Sator at “Kristianstad rockfest” in Kristianstad with Graveyard, The Headlines, KSM3…

Fri 26th – Sator at Eagle Riders outside Borås.


Thurs 8th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover at Alvargården in Kastlösa Öland.

The rest of August was spent on preparing The Barbie-Q-Killers material for the mix.

Chips also worked with Nisse Hellberg on and off this autumn.


Thurs 12th – The Boys at “Musikens Hus” in Gothenburg with City Saints and The Past.

Fri 13th – The Boys at “Ölkultur” in Eskilstuna

Sat 14th – The Boys at “Rockfickan” in Hova supported by Bodies from Stockholm.

Mon 6th – During the week the backing tracks to four songs was recorded at Music-A-Matic with The Boys to be worked on at a later date.

Fri 20th – The Boys at “Gamla Konsert og Scen” in Oslo supported by Bodies and Virginia Hill.

Sat 21st – The Boys at “Nidelven Bar &Scene” in Casino Steels old hometown Trondheim supported by Sugar Louise.


Fri 11th – The Boys at “Borgofest” in Bologna with Lester Greenowski…

Sat 12th – The Boys at “Circolo Svolta” in Rozzano with Suicide GenerationLa Dolce Vita and Lester Greenowski.

Tues 22nd – Another session at studio Kapsylen with The Hellacopters started today.

Sat 26th – Mimikry celebrated 25 years as a band at “Liljan” in Borlänge. Chips guested on “Alderland”

Sun 27th – Heikki played with Byråkrat at “The Map Room” in New York


Chips worked with The Hellacopters, Herstory and The Nomads and pre-production for an album with Bonafide.

The first mixes for Barbie-Q-Killers was done by Henryk Lipp at Music-A-Matic studios.

After over 20 years of recording it was time to let it go!


Fri 15th – The recording of an album with Bonafide started at Music-A-Matic with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering.

Fri 29th – Sator at “Klubb Undergrunden” in Borås supported by Deadheads.

Sat 3th – Sator extra show Klubb Undergrunden” supported by Professional Againsters.


Fri 13th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover “Julbord at Hulingen” at Hotell Hulingen in Hultsfred as usual but only one weekend this year.

Sat 14th – Sator Trio and Wild Rover “Julbord at Hulingen”

Sun 15th – The recording of the album “Warpaint” with The Headlines started. Once again with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering. A solid team.

Tues 17th – Heikki played with Byråkrat at Musslan in Stockholm. The first night of a mini-tour. Stockholm, Eskilstuna, Enköping and Örebro was visited this week

Fri 27th – Another dear tradition. Chips guested at “Hitlistan” in Eskilstuna singing Status Quo’s “Whatever you want” and ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed man” Once again backed by Anders “Boba Fett” Lindström on guitar, Heikki Kiviaho on bass, Christer First on guitar and Rocco Gustafsson on drums.

Several more BBQ mixes were completed between other sessions.

A quite slow year gig-wise since a lot of time was spent in the studio.


Fri 3rd – The work on The Headlines album continued.

Sun 5th – The last session for the Nisse Hellberg album took place in Helsingborg.

Fri 10th – The Boys (with Chips and Kent as usual) at “The Con Club” in Lewes, England, together with Menace and Last Great Dreamers.

Sat 11th – The Boys back at “100 Club” in London supported by Last Great Dreamers.

Mon 13th – The mix of Nisse Hellbergs album started with Ronny Lahti in Stockholm.

Fri 17th – Sator on a cruise ship “Adrenaline Cruise” with Lillasyster, Dead By AprilEleinedEmotionalS.O.R.M

A great show but Heikki broke his legs at the end of the set. After a short break Heikki played the last songs sitting down before being rushed to hospital when the ship arrived in Stockholm.

Luckily January and February are low-season so no gigs were cancelled (at least not because if this).

Mon 20th – The mix of The Headlines album started with Henryk Lipp in Gothenburg.


Sun 9th – Chips started working again with Bonafide recording vocals, guitar solos and backing vocals for their album.

The Barbie-Q-Killers mix started again after another long break

Sator also completed a “new” song “Feathered Remedy” for a Spanish split single with The Chuck Norris Experiment. The backing tracks to the song was recorded during the “Under The Radar” sessions.

Another old unreleased song “A song to you” recorded March 11th 1998 was added as a bonus.

Fri 28th – Sator Trio played at a private party in Vara.

Sat 29th – Sator played at “Melmer Cruisers” in Falkenberg. The last show before the Corona breakdown.But we didn’t know it at the time.

Heikki was invited as the first guest to “Loviisa artists studio” in Finland and spent several weeks there working on his photography and music. Quite an honor for an old punk rocker.

MARCH 2020

Fri 6th – Satisfactory played their first ever gig at “Valand” in Gothenburg supporting Psychotic Youth.

The timing to launch a new band could not be any worse. The rest of the gigs were cancelled apart from Borlänge due to the Corona lockdown.

Fri 13th – The second and last gig of the Satisfactory tour at “House of blues” in Borlänge supported by Tommy & The Happy Hookers (probably not as happy now?)

After this all Sator shows were cancelled or postponed until further notice. Everyone was in quarantine and the death numbers went up by the hour. Very strange days indeed. All work was halted. The release of the Nisse Hellberg, Hard Luck Street, Satisfactory and The Headlines albums were delayed.

Heikkis “Texas tour” with Byråkrat was also cancelled.

APRIL 2020

The Corona lock-up continued so nothing much happened. Show after show was cancelled.

The Bonafide album was put on hold.

The Boys gigs in Stockholm and Hultsfred were cancelled too.

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