Chapter 12


Sun 17th – Kent went to Sala to work on another album with singer-songwriter Dan Viktor as co-producer, musician and backing singer. One of the songs were called “En stor kuk är en klen tröst I ett fattigt hem” (try that in your translation program).

Mon 18th – Chips started with pre-production for a 5 song EP with the Australian artist Kitto and he also kept on working with The Kasbah.

Sat 30th – The backing tracks to 5 songs with Kitto were recorded in two days at Park Studio in Stockholm with Chips producing and Stefan Boman engineering. The band consisted of Pontus Andersson on guitar, Anders Molin on bass and Robban Bach drums and Kitto herself on guitar and lead vocals.


Kitto’s EP ”Unlearn your generation” was completed at the end of the month. It was mixed by Stefan Boman at Park Studio in Stockholm.

Chips kept working with pre-production for The Kasbah album and also recorded some demos for a possible album with The Nomads.


Sat 4th – Heikki wrote the music to another play for kids called ”Cowgirls”. He worked together with his brother Hannu Kiviaho (from Fatboy). The play premiered this day at ”Nya Finska Teatern” in Eskilstuna and would later continue in Stockholm. It was directed by Timo Nieminen.

Mon 6th – The recording of The Kasbah’s album started at Music A Matic Studios with Chips in the producer chair and Henryk Lipp engineering. It would continue on and off for the rest of the year.

Fri 24th – The Chips-produced Mimikry album ”Alderland” was released.

Sunday 26th – The Hellacopters played their last show at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. Chips worked with the band from the year 2000 ”High visibility” album until their last one ”Head off” in 2007.

It was a very sad night since the band has been a big part of my life for a long time. But I do understand why they wanna stop now.



Chips started with pre-production for an album with the band Bonafide from Malmö.


Thurs 4th – The mix of The Kasbah’s album started.

Fri 19th – Sator at Raw in Eskilstuna. Several older songs were added to the setlist again.

It’s fun to change aroundin the setlist once in a while. We drop some tracks and put in some songs we haven’t played in a long time. Just to keep it fresh.


Sat 20th – Sator at Bolanche in Borlänge. The ”Homecoming show” was a big sucess. A great way of ending 2008.



Mon 12th – Chips and Kent wrote a song for Leksands IF.

The final touches were made on The Kasbah album but it would take over a year before the album was released because of various record label problems.

Tues 13th – The Small Jackets arrived in Gothenburg to work with Chips and Henryk. Chips produced and Henryk engineered. The album was recorded in 10 days at Music A Matic studios.

Sat 24th – Chips back in Malmö for more pre-production work with Bonafide.


The Small Jackets ”Cheap tequila” was mixed by Henryk Lipp and Chips.

Sator recorded the hockey-song ”Leksandslåten” It was released as an exclusive CD single only sold at Leksand IF’s supporter shop. It’s the first Sator record sung in Swedish.

We did our part but sadly it wasn’t enough . Our team just barely missed the opportunity to return to the highest league. It was close. But we have big hopes for 2010.


Tues 17th – First day in the Music A Matic studio with Bonafide with Chips producing and Henryk Lipp engineering. The album ”Something’s dripping” would be worked on until the end of June.

MARCH 2009

Thurs 26th – Sator’s first show of 2009 took place at the club ”Swing” in Borås supported by local band Leopard Ladies.

APRIL 2009

More Bonafide album sessions.

MAY 2009

Wed 20th – Sator played at Ögir in Köping supported by Bruket from Fagersta. ”Fuck you” from BBQ killers was played as an encore.

It was the first time since the early 90’s that we’ve played that one I think.


Fri 29th – Sator played at a private party on Åland. (an Island between Finland and Sweden)

Great night! One of my favorite Sator shows ever I must say.


Fri 30th – Sator at Mashed Kidneys in Skultuna.

It was a small festival at their clubhouse outside Västerås. Another great night. We have always been treated very friendly by the biker crowds.


The Billy Pilgrims Chips-produced album ”Where´s the goddamn revolution?” was finally released. It only took 5 years from the first session!

It was done on spare studio time. So several bigger bands ”sponsored” the album. That’s why it took so long. It’s not like we worked for 5 years every day and became Pink Floyd.


JUNE 2009

Sat 6th – The city Eskilstuna (Heikki’s hometown) celebrated 350 years as a city. Sator played at ”Rothoffsparken” to celebrate the city.

Wed 17th – Rehearsals and pre-production for another Nisse Hellberg album started in Stockholm. It would be the third Hellberg solo album in a row produced by Chips.

Wed 24th – Chips joined Mimikry on stage for the song ”Ett kors” at the ”Peace and Love” festival in Borlänge.

Fri 26th – Sator at the ”Peace and Love” festival. A secret show booked at the last moment.

We were in town anyway so we did a secret show in the afternoon before the area opened up officially but quite a few people showed up anyway so I guess the secret leaked out.


Sat 27th – Sator in Ludvika at ”Ludvikafesten”

JULY 2009

Fri 3rd – Sator played in Nora at the ”Noradagarna” festival.

A part of Black Sabbath’s ”Black Sabbath” was played as an intro to another song.

We played at the square outside the church. It looked so great and scary with the lights on the church so we just spontainiously fell into ”Black Sabbath” it felt like a good idea at the time. I don’t remember what song it emerged into after that. That’s the only time Sator has ever played a Sabbath song live. I think we’ve done ”Paranoid” at some soundchecks over the years.


Sat 4th – Sator in Motala at the same festival as last year and almost the same bands too!.

Thurs 9th – Sator played in Vansbro at ”Vansbro simmet” Outdoors in the pouring rain.

It had been raining for several days so it was tough. The brave ones that defied the rain deserves all respect. The audience really saved the day and a good time was had after all”


Thomas Olsson, the drummer of Brülbåjz, came to hang out with us. Some of us haven’t seen him for 25 years! Brülbåjz singer ”Taggen” is rumoured to live in Vansbro so there could have been a Brülbåjz reunion in Vansbro but.sadly ”Taggen” didn’t show up”


Fri 10th – Sator played at the ”Rockweekend” festival in Kilafors.

The raining had stopped but it was still a total mud-hell! It was one of the worst rain periods for about 100 years in Sweden this summer! And we were in the middle of it. The show was still great but the audience were all covered in mud.


I had to throw away my shoes after this show. They were destroyed by mud.


Sat 11th – Hasslöfestivalen outside Karlskrona. Sator played together with Hardcore Superstar and some other bands.

We left straight after the show in Kilafors and drove all night to get to this show on time, but it was worth it. One of the best nights this year.


Fri 24th – Sator played at ”Musikfesten” in Örnsköldsvik with Mimikry and some local bands.

It was nice to be back. ”Ö-vik” was one of our early strongholds and it’s always fun to play with Mimikry.


Sat 25th – Sator at the ”Rock the mountain” festival in Söderhamn. Some of the other bands were BadmouthZodiac Mindwarp and Lillasyster. Chips and Badmouth talked (over some beers) about working together. That’s how deals are made in the music business.

First time for Sator in Söderhamn. I hope it’s not the last ’cause we loved it. A great festival.


We got to see Zodiac Mindwarp after all these years as well.



Thurs 6th – Chips started recording the Nisse Hellberg album ”En Modern man”. Once again Nisse was produced by Chips. This time the recording took place at Music A Matic studios with Henryk Lipp engineering. (The previous two albums were recorded at Atlantis Studio in Stockholm)

We hade a different approach this time. No amplifiers or electric instruments were allowed and there were absolutley no exceptions to that rule. It was quite a challenge to make it as exciting as the previous albums but ”without” electricity. I think it turned out really good.


Fri 28th – This day Sator could be seen/heard at ”Eksjö Stadsfest” along with Backyard Babies, Stefan Sundström…

Another splendid show. We also got the see The Backyard Babies again ’cause they played right after us on another stage.


Sat 29th – Sollentuna. Sator performed at ”Sollentuna rock och blues festival” just outside Stockholm.

Heikki wrote some music for the short movie ”Bandyfarsan” toghter with his brother Hannu.


Wed 9th – Chips was at Decibel Studio playing guitar on a Thåström track. A new ”accoustic” version of ”Ingen neråtsång”.

Sat 12th – Kent guested with The Leathernun at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. It was probably their last show ever since the singer Jonas Almqvist left he band the same day.

The Chips produced Bonafide album ”Something’s Dripping” was released in Sweden. The rest of Europe would follow a month later.

Mon 21st – Last day of the mixing Nisse Hellberg’s ”En Modern man”. The mix was done by Ronny Lahti at Decibel studio in Stockholm.


Fri 2nd – Sator at Debaser in Stockholm supported by RAS and Crypt Kicker 5.

Wed 7th – Nisse Hellbergs album ”En Modern man” was released to rave reviews. Apart from producing the album Chips also sang backing vocals. Sator’s own Kent Norberg also sings backup vocals on several tracks.

Fri 9th -Heikki once again played with his ”Finnish” band ”Mäntysoopa Band” one of several shows this year recorded live at Radio Sörmland in Eskilstuna. The band consisted of Heikki Kiviaho on bass, Hannu Kiviaho on guitar, Harri Mänty on drums and Heidi Kaarto took care of the vocals. All songs were performed in Finnish.

Sat 10th – The first writing session for a new Sator album with the working title ”Under the radar” took place at. Michael’s summer house in Småland. The band took a break and played at “Pop Corner” in Alvesta in the evening.

Sun 11th – The writing sessions continued all day.

Sat 17th – Chips played guitar and sang backing vocals with Nisse Hellberg’s band on Swedish national TV. 2 songs were performed live on the air. ”Alltid hem hem hem” and ”Bok i retur”.


Fri 13th – Chips and Heikki was part of the ”houseband” at ”Hitlistan-Raw” in Eskilstuna

Some songs played were: Paul Collin’s ”Walking out on Love” sung by Chips, Blondie’s ”Hanging on the telephone” with Idde Schultz on vocals, Billy Idol‘s ”Rebel Yell” with Bengt Bruno Warodell from the early 80’s band Date X. ”Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones with Joppe Philgren and the Docent Död/Docenterna songs “Solglasögon”, “Söderns ros” and “Utan Dig” with Joppe and Idde sharing the vocal duties.

Wed 18th – Chips started with pre-production for the Stockholm based band Badmouth’s second album. The first with Chips as producer.

Sat 21st – Sator played on the cruise ship Cinderella together with among others Sham 69 and Molly Hatchet!

Sham 69 was one of the band we grew up with so it was cool to hang out with them and finally get to see them live.


Wed 25th – Thåström released a ”greatest hits” collection called ”Be-bop-a-lula hela jävla dan”. Chips and Heikki can be heard on several tracks and the all of Sator sings backing vocals on ”Miss Huddinge Centrum 1972”.

Fri 27th – Sator at ”Arenan” in Falun supported by Viet Cong Pornsurfers from Falun and Cleanstream Company from Fagersta.

Sat 28th – Västerås ”Sigurdsgatan 25”. Sator once again supported by Cleanstream Company.


Wed 2nd – Chips ”guested” with The Germs on one song at Debaser in Stockholm. Chips played ”4-handed guitar” with Pat Smear on ”The other newest one” A song Sator recorded for a Germs tribute album back in 1993.

It was totally unrehearsed/unplanned. I haven’t played the song since 1993 so Pat helped me out a bit. We both played on the same guitar at the same time. We got some very interesting noise going! It was fun and a really cool thing to put on your CV. I’ve played with The Germs! They were very important when we were kids back in Borlänge and even without Darby they’re still phenomenal. The actor Shane West does a great job ”as Darby”.


Thurs 3rd – Sator played in Gävle at ”Heartbreak” No support band this night.

Fri 5th – ”Back home” This night Sator could be seen at a sold-out ”Sticky Fingers” in Gothenburg. The Billy Pilgrims opened for the band.



“Fuck You” was played at soundcheck but not at the actual show.

Fri 11th – Kent guested at the Christmas show ”Hells jingle bells” at Storan in Gothenburg together with among others Joacim Cans from Hammerfall.

Fri 18th -Heikki played with ”The Magnificent”, a U2 tribute band at Raw in Eskilstuna.

Sat 19:th Malmö The last Sator show of the decade at a sold out Deabser club in Malmö. and the end of a very good year for the band..

Support band this nigh was The Headlines. Chips also found time to guest with Bonafide at the club KB two blocks away on their last song doing dueling guitars with Pontus Snibb.

This month Chips also kept on working with pre-production with Badmouth and The Centerfolds.

2009 was a very good year for the band. We played more shows than we’ve done for many years. We really felt like a great band again.




Thurs 21st – First date of a short tour supporting the Backyard Babies in Scandinavia. The tour started at the club ”Klubi” in Tampere, Finland. “It’s outa you” by The Hurriganes was performed for the first and only (?) time.

Fri 22nd – Sator at ”Klubi” in Turku, Finland with Backyard Babies.

Sat 23rd – Sator at ”Tavastia” in Helsinki in Finland with Backyard Babies.

Thurs 28th – Back in Sweden. Sator and Backyard Babies at ”Tyrol” in Stockholm.

Fri 29th – Sator and Backyard Babies at ”Sporthallen” in Nässjö (Backyard Babies’ hometown so the backstage area was packed with their friends, parents and cousins)

Sat 30th – Last night of the Sator/Backyard Babies tour at ”Rockefeller” in Oslo, Norway. After the show Backyard Babies left for Spain and Sator went back to Sweden.

It was exciting to be back in Finland and Norway again. It’s been a while. The whole tour was a sucess with mostly sold out shows. I think it was really good for both bands actually.



Wed 4th – Kent recorded a solotrack ”Last polar bear” for a Bear Family records compilation. Apart from Kent the band was Johan Håkansson on drums, Nikke Ström on bass and Bengan Blomgren on guitar. It was recorded and mixed by Micke Nilsson at Music-A-Matic studios in Gothenburg.

Fri 5th – Sundsvall. Sator at ”Club Deströyer” Another sold out show. Support band was local act Spiffed out Naked.

The crowd went totally crazy. It’s a miracle noone got hurt. One of my favorite shows this year.


Sat 6th – Sator played in Rättvik at ”Bowling and Krog” supported by local punk legends Bertil Brulba Band.

Fri 12th – Sator in Fagersta at ”The Green Man”. Yet another sold out show.

Sat 13th -Sator in Uppsala at ”Katalin”. Nick Royale (formerly of The Hellacopters and Entombed and now with Imperial State Electric) guested on ”Government Official” and ”I’d rather drink than talk”. It was the first time since the early 90’s that the band played the BBQ-killers song which was originally recorded by F-Word back in 1978. It was a special request from Nick. Chips worked with pre-production for the Badmouth ”Heavy metal parking lot” album.

Sat 19th – Over the weekend Chips recorded backing tracks for the next Nomads album with the working title ”Solna” at Nicke Andersson’s (AKA Nick Royale) studio. 16 backing tracks were laid down.

Chips-”The Nomads album was one of those ”long-time projects” that we worked on when we had time and money. It would take over a year before the album was completed. It was actually recorded quite fast. It was just really hard to find studio time when everyone was available”

MARCH 2010

Fri 5th – The Bob with Kent Norberg played songs by Bob Dylan at ”Björkö Hotell” in Björkö.

Dan Viktor – Vocals and guitar
Kent Norberg – Vocals and guitar
Mattias Hellberg – Vocals and guitar
Fabian Kallerdahl – Keyboards
Johan Håkansson – Drums
Nikke Ström – Bass

Fri 5th – In 1985 the Swedish garage compilation “A Real Cool Time – Distorted Sounds from the North” was released. This extended version “A Real Cool Time Revisited” was released 25 years later. It included 40 more or less rare tracks from the Swedish garage scene of the 80’s. Sator’s contribution was “Pigvalley Beach”, the single version. Never really a part of the garage movement Sator still had many connections to the scene working and playing with many of the bands like The Sinners, The Nomads, Psychotic Youth…

No we were never really part of the ”garage-rock scene” but we always felt closer to those bands than the punk or metal acts at the time. The big difference was that we were always about the future and not about the past. We never wanted to be retro. But we listened a lot to that kind of music and we played a lot with these bands so it sort of makes sense to include us anyway.


Sat 6th – Another show with Kent’s Dylan cover band ”The Bob” at XO in Åmål.

Tues 9th – Chips and Kent played ”Goodbye Joey” unplugged at the ”Radio Rock klassiker” in Stockholm.

”I Wanna go home” was re-recorded for a Swedish beer commercial this month.

We tried to do it as close to the original version as possible. So we used the same amplifiers drums, microphone set-up and so on.


It was a strange experience to do a song again like that. Very deja vu.


At the same session a cover of The Seeds track ”Try to understand” was recorded for an American The Seeds/Sky Saxon Tribute.

Fri 12th -Over the weekend 5 songs with the Stockholm based band The Centerfolds were recorded at Music-A-Matic Studios with Chips as producer and Henryk Lipp engineering. The sessions continued on an off until october. The band was unsigned at the time. The songs were supposed to be relased as an EP in early 2011, but eventually they decided to make a full album in the autumn.

Fri 19th -First day in the studio for Badmouth’s second album ”Heavy Metal parking lot”. It would not be completed until april 2011.

ChipsYet another of those long-time projects that I did on and off for the rest of the year. We took breaks when the we ran out of money. It’s a bit frustrating with all this waiting but it’s a way to make cheaper records now when the music biz has gone down the drain.


Sun 21st – ”Kent Norberg and The GBGB’s” played at ”Jazzå” in Gothenburg. The band performed mostly originals written and sung by Kent (In Swedish) along with some covers. Kent was backed by Nikke Ström on bass, Gunnar Frick on pedal steel, Bengan Blomgren on guitar and Johan Håkansson on drums.

Fri 26th – Sator once again on a cruise-ship. This time at ”Rockklassiker kryssingen” together with the US metal band Skid Row among others. It was the only Sator show this month since Heikki worked on the Kent tour (The Swedish band – not Sator’s Kent) and Hasse was in China again.

Wed 31st – Last day of the Badmouth backing tracks sessions in Gothenburg. 14 songs was recorded in 10 days. Chips and the band would finish the recordings on ”The Planet of Noise mobile recording unit” in Stockholm. All songs were completed except one – ”I wish I was having fun” – that was dropped before the mix.

APRIL 2010

Thurs 1st – Sator finally played in the city of Uddevalla at ”Mortens krog”. A mini-festival called ”I mitt garage” with bands like En svensk TigerChuck Norris Experiment and Rub a Dub.

We have played almost every city in Sweden over the years but for some reason never in Uddevalla so now we can crross that from the list.


MAY 2010

Thurs 6th – First night of ”The Arctic tour” at ”Bastard Bar” in Tromsö, Norway. Support on the tour was australian artist Kitto with Pna Andersson on guitar. Chips produced Kitto in 2008. Kitto performed and accoustic set and was backed up by Sator on a couple of her songs (“Mary Rose”, “Jack the Ripper” and “Collision Course”). Kitto and Pna also joined Sator on “I wanna go home”.

Fri 7th – Sator played in Longyearbyen on Svalbard at “Barents Pub”. A new north-record for the band.

Quite an adventure. Svalbard is only about a 1000 kilometers from the North Pole. You can’t play further north than that. Now we have to work on our South record which leaves a lot to desire.


The setlist on these 3 shows were a bit different as we played some songs with Kitto and Pna and they joined us on “I wanna go home”. The shows were great.. The audience consisted of miners and tourists! We didn’t get to see any polar bears but I’m sure we will come back to Svalbard again. We totally loved Svalbard.


Sat 8th -Longyearbyen, the second night at “Barents Pub”. The last show on the short “Arctic Tour”.

JUNE 2010

Sat 5th – Sator at “Nöjesfabriken” in Karlstad.

Sun 6th – Chips played 3 songs with Kitto at “Akkurat” in Stockholm. Sort of an encore to “The Arctic tour”.

Wed 9th – Sator opened up the “Sweden Rock Festival 2010”. And what an opening! 8000 people saw the band. Some of the bands this year was NazarethAerosmithDanzig

A great show. We didn’t expect that kind of reception! 30 minutes before the show there were about 30 people out there. When we went on stage the field was packed.


I got to hang out a bit with Nazareth. That was a highlight for me. There are several Sator songs influenced by the classic 70’s Nazareth hits. I also got the see some other great shows like Danzig and Michael Monroe.


Fri 18th -Sator at “Mossagårdsfestivalen” in Veberöd with Di LevaMoto BoyJanne Schaffer.

Sat 19th -A mini version of Sator (Chips, Kent and Heikki with Kricke from Docenterna on drums) played a couple of songs at Joppe Philgren’s (of Docenterna) birthday party in Stockholm.

The next three days Chips, Kent and Heikki worked on new Sator songs at Heikki’s place in Eskilstuna .

Wed 30th – The Hultsfred festival went bankrupt. Sator was not scheduled to play this year but the band have a long history with the festival, the town and all the people around the festival.

Hultsfred have been such a big part of Sator’s history so it was really sad news. We have spent so much time in Hultsfred over the years. Not only at the festival but we have also rehearsed for several tours there. I hope they start up something again.


JUNE 2010

Sat 3rd – Sator at “Bunkerfestivalen” in Bengtsfors together with Soundtrack of our lives and a bunch of local bands.

Sat 10th -Sator at “Stadsfesten” in Skelleftå with TeddybearsThe ArkE-TypeEurope.

A tough show with heavy rain. We’ve had bad luck with Skellefteå. Last time we were here in 2002 it also rained so hard that it almost got cancelled. Next time we’ll play indoors.


Thurs 29th – Sator at “MC-dagarna” in Västervik. A two-day biker festival with TakidaElectric BoysPlaytones and many others.

Fri 30th -Back to the Dalsland-area again. Sator played at “Kaos festivalen” in Mellerud.

It’s strange, we have never played in Dalsland before and this year we did 3 shows quite close to each other. It’s extra fun for me since my father came from this area so I have lots of relatives around Mellerud. I used to spend my summers here when I was a kid.


Some other acts that could be seen and heard were The Ark, PetterMustasch and The Sounds.

Sat 31st – Two new songs were recorded at Music a Matic Studios – “Under the radar” and “When you lie down with dogs”. They were recorded for a “freebie-EP” tied in with the beer commercial. “Under the radar” was later remixed and partly re-recorded for the album. “When you lie down with dogs” is identical to the album version.


Wed 3rd – Sator played at “Orsa Drag fest”outside Orsa.

A really strange show. We played on an airfield in the middle of the woods after the dragracing was over! There were hardly any people there since everybody was at the “Classic car week” in Rättvik” But we gave everything we had for the happy few attending. We even closed the show with “Ring Ring”, tThe only time we played it in this year. It was probably one of the best shows we did this year playing-wise.


Heikki played a couple of shows in Hungary with the U2 tribute band ”The Magnificent” at the end of this month.

Thurs 5th – Sator at “Rånock Music Festivalen” in Gävle. GraveyardCrème De la Crème (with Klas Yngström of Sky High fame) and some local acts.

Fri 6th – Sator at “Club Spitfire” in Avesta supported by Jailbreak Academy. After all the summer festivals a club gig for a change.

Sat 7th – Last show of this mini-tour took place at “Kräftsmällen” at Folkets Park in Dala-Floda. The hometown (or village) of Mimikry. Local bands Wild BopsEternalRemakes

Sadly Mimikry did not play this years festival but we got to hang out at the guitar player Åsberg’s summer house before the show”.


Mon 16th – Back to Gothenburg to mix “When you lie down with dogs” and “Under the radar”.

The final sessions for the Centerfolds EP we’re done on Chips mobile studio in Stockholm. The EP was released in 2011.

Fri 27th – For the first time ever Sator played a show with another drummer. Robert Eriksson formerly of the The Hellacopters, now with Tramp helped out when Michael couldn’t make it. The show was at “Daltons MC” in Läckeby. Support band was Fuzzter.

Michael have always been behind the drums apart from two songs when he had to throw up cause he was sick in Eskilstuna a couple of years ago (A guy from the audience drummed on those two songs) and there’s one encore many years ago in Gävle when Micahel had the flu and our roadie Björn played drums on “Pigvalley Beach” because Micke almost passed out. This time Michael was in Las Vegas and couldn’t make it home in time. We didn’t wanna cancel the shows so Robban helped us out.


Sat 28th – Sator at “Helgeåfestivalen” in Knislinge. The second show with Robban on drums. The band was also guested by Dregen of Backyard Babies on “I’d Rather drink than talk” (Dregen was in the original line-up of The Hellacopters. So you got half a reunion). Kitto and Pna Andersson once again joned Sator on “I wanna go home” and “This is my life”. Some of the other acts playing were Nisse Hellberg, Kitto, Hoffmeastro & Chraa, and Pernilla Andersson.

Kent-Robban did a great job. A funny thing was that Robban made us go back and listen to the original versions of the songs. You tend to change things slowly without noticing over the years (not always to the better). Robban actually played them more correct then we usually do. When Micke got back we forced him to go back and listen to the original arrangements again.



Sat 4th – Kent performed a couple of songs at the Bear Family records 35 year anniversary at Music Hall in Worpswede, Germany.

Fri 24th – Chips played on 4 songs with Kitto at Fasching in Stockholm. The show was recorded for a live DVD.

Sat 25th – Sator in Eskilstuna. A special show in the memory of a club called “Max 500”. “Max 500” was a legenadary illegal club in Eskilstuna during the early 90’s. This night it was legal and took place at a warehouse in the outskirts of town.

Chips kept on working on the Badmouth album during this month.


Fri 1st – Chips produced 2 new songs with Nisse Hellberg for a greatest hits compilation. The backing tracks were made at Atlantis studio in Stockholm. Both songs were mixed by Ronny Lahti at Decibel Studio in Stockholm.

Sat 2nd – Sator at an indoor festival “Rocka Fett” in Linköping with Straight UpClose Quarters and a whole bunch of local bands.

Mon 11th – Another production job for Chips. The Swedish band Mascot Parade recorded their second album “Cause and effect” at Music a Matic studios in Gotheburg. The album was produced by Chips and engineered by Henryk Lípp. The album was completed in January 2011.

It’s hard to describe Mascot Parade. They have a unique sound. Some sort of dark heavy gloomy metal with a bit of stoner-rock thrown in for good measure.


Sat 23rd – Chips guested with Imperial State Electric, at “Sticky Fingers” in Gothenburg, taking the lead vocals on “Talahassie Lassie” (The Hurriganes version)

The Centerfolds EP was mixed this weekend.

Fri 29th – Sator at “Temakrogen” in Nyköping supported by The Close Quarters.

Sat 30th -Sator at “Safiren” in Katrineholm. An indoor festival named “Musik som vapen!” to mark the 30 years anniversary of the local music community. An all-day event with lots of artists that have played in Katrineholm over the last 30 years like Johan Johansson, Karin WistrandStig Vig all backed by The Diamond Dogs. Some of the other reformed bands were PilsnerSlammers and Nashville Rebels. Sator headlined the evening and played a full show. Mats “Magic” Gunnarsson guested on saxophone on “Slug it out”. The first Sator show ever with a saxophone player.


The recording of the Mascot parade album continued.

I love working at Music a Matic studios. It’s one of the few surviving classic studios in Sweden. They have all closed down or gone digital. The studio has a great collection of vintage gear that fits very nice together with modern equipment like pro-tools. I love pro-tools but you need that old equipment as well to get that warmth in the sound. Pro-tools and plug-ins can be awful when used wrong. I don’t care for those modern slick productions when everythings is polished, sound replaced and corrected so there’s nothing sticking out. I tend to get bored after 30 seconds listening to those records”


Fri 19th – Sator on another rock cruise . “Rock at Sea” with MountainHellfueledLillasyster among others.

Tues 23rd – Heikki, Chips and Kent from Sator and Nicke Andersson and Robert Eriksson From The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, Tramp… played a short set of covers. At the re-opening of Comfort Hotel in Eskilstuna. The band was named The Best and the show took place on the roof outside the entry. It was minus 10, windy and snowing. Not an easy ride. The show started with “Detroit Rock City” (Kiss) and continued with songs by Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, SladeJoan Jett and the Blackhearts

Really cool show so to speak. It definitively the coldest show ever. My fingers hurt when they almost froze to the strings.


The Best is our idea of how a good party band should sound. We’re not as “snobby” as the Wild Kings were. We play the big hits. Not forgotten b-sides. I always wanted to play “Detroit Rock City”. Quite a tricky song I must say. It’s really the band we would like to see at a party.


Fri 26th – Sator back in Köping at Ögir again. “When you lie down with dog”s were premiered this night. The first song from the forthcoming album played live.

Sat 27th – The last show of the close to 2 year long “Under the radar” tour. The band appeared at “Strandcafét” in Åmål.

The Basement noise tour ended in Pontevedra in Spain on July 31, 2008. After a band meeting in Västerås on August 20, 2008 the band decided that things had to change.

We were not happy things as they were. We wanted to do more shows, so after a meeting with our manager we decided to start working from the bottom again, and tour our way back to the top. We called the whole project “Under the radar”.


So the “Under the radar” tour actually started in Eskilstuna, December 19, 2008.

People think that the tour started with the album. But the “Under the radar tour” actually started almost 2 years ago. Our plan was to do things a bit different this time. We didn’t want to release a new album until we felt absolutely ready for it. So the album was really the end of this “chapter” in Sator’s history, not the start.


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