Featured here are a bunch of rare and previously unreleased songs by Sator and related bands. Enjoy!

Sator — What you are is what you get (live)
Full song, 2:38, mp3, 192 kbit/s, 3,6 MB
From Swedish TV show “GIG”, recorded live on November 22nd 1988
Recorded and mixed by Peter Bengtsson and Michael Ilbert
“Pigvalley Beach” and “Bughouse Baby” from the same show can be found on the “I wanna go home” CD single.

We had played around 100 shows after ‘Slammer!’ was released so we were in pretty good shape this night. It’s still one of the best TV shows we’ve ever done I’d say.

Sator — Dog (live)
Full song, 3:48, mp3, 192 kbit/s, 5,2 MB
From another Swedish TV show, recorded live at Mejeriet, Lund on May 3rd 1990
Mixed by Michael Ilbert
“Gruesome Sunday Morning” and “Turn off the news” on the “No Solution” CD single was taken from the same show.

This was the infamous TV show were we made a goat soil his pants (or the floor since he didn’t have pants). For some reason they had a goat in the TV studio and he was not a Sator fan. He went crazy when we started playing. They got a bunch of angry phone calls from animal friends before we even left the building. Sorry about that. We’re not used to goats in the audience.

The goat totally recovered and now helps monkeys with tinnitus.

Sator — 1000 punks (live)
Grisen Skriker
Full song, 1:55, mp3, 128 kbit/s, 1,8 MB
Live at Hultsfredsfestivalen on August 7th 1992

This song was originally released by Grisen Skriker in 1979. One of the very best early Swedish punkbands. It’s one of the few songs Sator has ever performed singing in Swedish. I can only think of ‘Ensam i Natt’ by Lädernunnan and ‘Tyst för Fan’ by Ebba Grön right now. And the old Sator Codex song ‘Jag vill ut’ that we played at the 10 year anniversary show in 1991.

Sator — I wanna be your driver (live)

Chuck Berry

Full song, 2:17, mp3, 160 kbit/s, 2,6 MB
Live at Liseberg’s amusement park, Gothenburg on August 12th 2003

The only time we have ever performed this song. It was Michael who insisted that we should do it. It’s a Chuck Berry song but we took the arrangement from The Swinging Neckbreakers who did a great version of it. Maybe we should have rehearsed it a couple of times. But who cares! Life’s too short and who can say no to a crazy drummer.

Sator — Around (demo)
Full song, 2:49, mp3, 128 kbit/s, 2,7 MB
Demo from the Headquake sessions 1991

We liked the song but the lyrics never got finished so we didn’t record it again for the album. This was part of the demo that gave us the record deal with WEA-Metronome. I guess we just forgot about it. We never played it live. It’s always more fun to write new songs instead of trying to salvage old stuff.

Sator — If you could see me now (Jörgen Cremonese remix)
Full song, 4:42, mp3, 128 kbit/s, 4,4 MB
Lyrics in the lyrics-section

This song was written back in 1992 just after the ‘Headquake’ album but we didn’t record it until 1994. This is actually a strange remix of the track. Originally it was some sort of a ‘hardrock/psychadelic’ song and we never found a place for it anywhere. It just didn’t fit in anywhere so we asked Jörgen Cremonese to do remix of it. The only instructions he got was ‘fuck it up totally!’ and he sure did. Now it certainly won’t fit in anywhere! One day you will get to hear the original mix if we ever find it.

White Flag & Sator — I’m Down (live)
Lennon/McCartney (The Beatles)
Full song, 3:19, mp3, 128 kbit/s, 3,1 MB
Live in Gothenburg on August 1994
An unofficial joint venture between Sator/White Flag took place in front of about 100 people in a small club. It was a “dress rehearsal” for the big show at the Hultsfred festival the following day.

It as a very chaotic night but great fun. People walked on and off the stage depending on if they knew the song or not. It sometimes took several minutes between the songs to figure out who would play what. It was more like a rehearsal in public. This was the last song for the evening and it features all members of both bands. It was recorded on a walkman in the audience so it sounds like crap but I think some of the energy is still there.


We had some silly stage names for some reason so when Pat Fear introduces Wayne Grenade it’s either Hans or Chips. I don’t remember. Kent was called Tony and he was Italian! You can hear David asking Tony if he’s gonna sing lead on this one. ‘Tony’ says he’s just gonna do some backing vocals.

Whale with Sator — Too drunk to fuck (live)
Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys)
Full song, 3:25, mp3, 256 kbit/s, 6,4 MB
Live in Århus, Denmark on October 10th 1998
“Too drunk to fuck” was originally written by Dead Kennedys and released in 1981. It was performed as an encore on the Sator/Whale tour in 1998 by both bands together. The line-up shifted depending on which band was on last.This night, Sator opened and Whale was on last so this is actually Whale with some Sator members guesting.

It’s definitively me on guitar, Kent on vocals, Jörgen Wall on drums and Heikki Kiviaho (not a Sator member at the time) on bass. There were more Sator and Whale members on stage but no one remembers who since it was different every night. It was a very spontaneous/loose encore and some nights it totally fell apart. In Helsingborg for example, the song emerged into a really bad unrehearsed version of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’.

Baby Demons w/ Johan Johansson — Dörrterror (live)
Johan Johansson (KSMB)
Full song, 2:23, mp3, 192 kbit/s, 3,3 MB
Live at Tre Backar, Stockholm, on February 1st 1990
The track is a Swedish punk classic originally recorded by KSMB.
Special thanks to Benny Nejderyd for sending us a copy of this show. Parts of this show was broadcasted on Swedish radio.

During rehearsals for the upcoming ‘Stock Rocker Nuts’ tour we found time to do two Baby Demons gigs. This was the second night.

Baby Demons — Upfront (live)
The Wipers
Full song, 2:40, mp3, 192 kbit/s, 3,7 MB
Live at Tre Backar, Stockholm, on February 1st 1990
Parts of this show was broadcasted on Swedish radio.

We did two nights at the Tre Backar. Sadly the first night when we were really good wasn’t recorded. Since Baby Demons never rehearsed that much some nights could be very sloppy. This was one of those nights.

Sator Codex — Cancer (live)
Full song, 2:40, mp3, 160 kbit/s, 3,0 MB
Recorded live at IOGT, Borlänge, April 1981
The first Sator Codex show. This one and a few more from the same show can be found on the “Forgotten Songs” cassette.

Here’s some extremely rare shit! Straight from the garbage dump of punk rock. It’s one of the very first songs we wrote. The lyrics are about cancer obviously and goes something like You’re never safe, it will get us all… Not very clever stuff.


The first Sator Codex show took place in April 1981 at our rehearsal place. A small basement which was owned by an anti-alcohol organisation. It was sold out which meant 60—70 people. Support band was the Runo Spotters, this night reinforced by Kent Norberg on guitar. The guy you hear can screaming really loud is Sten Hårdbåge of the Runo Spotters.

Chips Kiesbye — Thanks for nothing!
Chips Kiesbye
Full song, 2:55, mp3, 160 kbit/s, 3,4 MB
Home demo
It’s Chips playing all the instruments except the drums. Robert from The Hellacopters helped with that. Recorded in Chips’ bedroom in 2003. Date unknown.
The Wild Kings — Nervous breakdown (live)
Greg Ginn (Black Flag)
Full song, 2:13, mp3, 160 kbit/s, 5,5 MB
Live at Debaser, Stockholm on November 30th 2004
The punkier side of Wild Kings.
Jim Farula of The Upstartz were supposed to take lead vocals on the old Black Flag classic. but he got stuck at an airport because of bad weather so Chips sang it instead. The sound quality is a bit ropey because the sound was taken straight from Fredrik Pihl’s video camera.
Speed of Sound Enterprise — Almost all the time in the world
Kent Norberg
Full song, 2:46, mp3, 160 kbit/s, 3,2 MB
Lyrics in the lyrics-section

This is a track from the unreleased single ‘That would be something’.
It’s too bloody good to be unreleased. That flamin’ guitar solo is of course played by Danne Levin.

The Flying Flopbops — Tear it up (live)
J. & D. Burnette/P. Burlison (The Johnny Burnette Trio)
Full song, 1:43, mp3, 160 kbit/s, 2,0 MB
Live at Odd Fellow, Borlänge in December 1982.
In December 1982 a scheduled come back show (after a long break) billed as “Sator Codex and Friends” got cancelled cause the band still had no line-up. Instead two bands played. Peo Ericsson, Michael and Mia Wikdahl became Friends doing among other things a punk version of “Popcorn”! Chips and Hans became The Flying Flopbops, a “synth-a-billy” band playing covers only.

This was just a one-off thing quickly thrown together so we didn’t have to cancel the show completely. It was supposed to be like a cross between Suicide and The Silicon Teens. It became something else.


Interesting stuff! You can hear the enthusiastic crowd going crazy over this great band. Not!