Upcoming Tour Dates


1/4 Mora, Mora Parken
10/6 Sweden Rock Festival
17/6 Åland, Fishbait Rock Festival
27/6 Stockholm, Gröna Lund
1/7 Skara Sommarland
x/7 Borlänge, Peace & Love
14/7 Hova, Rockfickan
4/8 Rejmyre, Skogsröjet

Sator Trio (accoustic)

25/2 Linköping, Palatset
16/6 Åland, Fishbait Rock Festival
3/8 Rejmyre, Skogsröjet

Latest news

Sator at Gröna Lund

Apr 9th

Sator will play at the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm on June 27th.

Sator at Fishbait Rock Festival 2017

Mar 21st

Sator and Sator Trio will once again perform at Åland's finest - Fishbait Rock Festival.

Sator at Peace & Love 2017

Feb 21st

The summer gigs are slowly being rolled out. First Sweden Rock Festival and now Peace & Love in Borlänge.

Robert "Strängen" Dahlqvist 1976-2017

Feb 2nd

Det är med stor sorg och chock vi mottagit beskedet att vår gode vän och kollega lämnat oss. Vårt djupa deltagande går till familjen i denna svåra stund.

Vi har delat scenen live med Strängen under ett flertal tillfällen genom åren och det var alltid ett nöje. Chips var producent på alla skivor med The Hellacopters under de år Strängen var med i bandet och höll även på att avsluta en inspelning med honom som skulle släppas under eget namn till våren.

Vila i frid Strängen

Split single with The Nomads released

Jan 31st

Today sees the release of a brand new 7" split single with The Nomads. Our tracks are "Rub It In" and a cover of The Flamin' Groovies' "You Tore Me Down". The single is released on Ghost Highway Recordings in three different vinyl colors: black (240 copies), green (100 copies) and yellow (100 copies) with a poster. The green and yellow version were sold out on pre-orders but there are a few black ones left.

Sator at Sweden Rock Festival 2017

Jan 25th

We will play at Sweden Rock Festival on June 10th.

Pustervik almost sold out

Nov 7th

The tickets are running low. The two day ticket and the Headquake night are sold, we only have a few left for the Stock Rocker Nuts night on Friday. Get your tickets here: http://www.ticnet.se/event/423405

Supporting acts confirmed for the Pustervik gigs

Nov 5th

Supporting acts for both nights are now revealed: Captain Black Beard and Psychotic Youth!

11/11: Pustervik, Göteborg - Stock Rocker Nuts
Tickets: http://www.ticnet.se/event/423405
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/494714347390352/

12/11: Pustervik, Göteborg - Headquake
Tickets: http://www.ticnet.se/event/423407
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1534583586872159/

Tickets for both nights: http://www.ticnet.se/event/423409

30 year anniversary show in Hultsfred, including Sator Codex

Aug 8th

30 years ago we played in Hultsfred for the first time (while we were still Sator Codex). Next Friday we will come back to Teaterladan for a very special gig. We (Sator) will play of course, but there will also be a performance by Sator Codex! So come see us at This Is Hultsfred.

Autumn tour dates

Aug 7th

Here's our touring plans for the rest of the year. Come see us people!


13/8 Munkedal, Folkets Park
19/8 This is Hultsfred (Sator/Sator Codex) 
27/8 Arvika, Olssons brygga
23/9 Klippan, Norrehus
22/10 Kristinehamn, Mastmagasinet
29/10 Kalmar Tatueringsmässa
4/11 Malung, Orrskogen
5/11 Sala, Rockland
11/11 Göteborg, Pustervik, "Stock Rocker Nuts"
12/11 Göteborg, Pustervik, "Headquake"
25/11 Malmö, KB, "Headquake"

Sator Trio

12/8 Öland, Carlas Café Näsby (med Wild Rover) 
25/8 Huddinge
26/8 Eksjö Stadsfest (med Wild Rover) 
21/9 Stockholm, Blidösundsbåten
2–3/12 Hultsfred, Hulingen (med Wild Rover)
9–10/12 Hultsfred, Hulingen (med Wild Rover)


Freddie Wadling is dead

Jun 3rd

Freddie Wadling passed away yesterday. Freddie has been a close friend of ours since 1985. It was largely thanks to him that Radium Records signed Sator Codex to their label. It was at the club Kåren in Gothenburg where Micke found courage and handed Freddie a cassette with our demos. Freddie passed it along to Radium Records and told them that we were a great band. We don't really know if Freddie ever listened to the cassette, or if he just liked our "go". We ended up moving to Gothenburg anyway.

Freddie's apartment in Haga became a gathering place where you were always welcome. His knowledge of movies, music and literature greatly impressed a bunch of "small town boys" from Borlänge.

Freddie guested with Sator on numerous occasions both on record and live. Chips also played guitar in Freddie and Henryk Lipp's band Blue for Two.

There is an unreleased Freddie Wadling/Sator song in the archives. It was recorded in 1988 with the title "Hellraiser". It was planned to be a released single but was somehow forgotten and lost until it was found again a couple of years ago.

There are many more stories to tell, but it will have to wait. It is difficult to understand that Freddie is no longer with us. His importance cannot be overestimated.

Bon voyage Freddie, Sator, 2016

Sad news

May 4th

Singer and songwriter Olle Ljungström was found dead in his home on May 4. He was friend of Sator and both Chips and Heikki have played live with Olle on several occasions. Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel right now. Our thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time. Olle Ljungström was a very talented artist and one of a kind.
His music will live forever.

Stock Rocker Nuts + Headquake double header gig

Mar 15th

We will do a "double header" in Gothenburg in November. On the first night we will play Stock Rocker Nuts in its entirety and on the second night Headquake. Expect some other songs thrown in as well for two Sator crammed shows.

Tickets are out now, you don't want to miss this very special event.

11/11: Pustervik, Göteborg - Stock Rocker Nuts
Tickets: http://www.ticnet.se/event/423405
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/494714347390352/

12/11: Pustervik, Göteborg - Headquake
Tickets: http://www.ticnet.se/event/423407
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1534583586872159/

Tickets for both nights: http://www.ticnet.se/event/423409

See you there!

Sator Codex returns for one night

Mar 3rd

30 years ago, right before "Wanna Start A Fire?" was released, we played in Alvesta. To celebrate this anniversary, Sator Codex will do an exclusive (short) show opening up for Sator at Popcorner in Alvesta on March 18th. Contact Popcorner for tickets.

Turbo - Eu sou SpartacusTurbo from Brazil produced by Chips

Dec 1st

Turbo from Brazil just released their new album "Eu sou Spartacus" in Rajada Records. The album was produced by Chips (and if you listen carefully you can hear him singing backing vocals in Portugese!) It was recorded at Music A Matic studios in Gothenburg. The album was mixed and mastered by Henryk Lipp. You can listen to it here.

The remaining songs from the same sessions will be released as their next album in 2016.

Exclusive Headquake Anniversary Show

Nov 18th

We will do an exclusive Headquake anniversary show where we for the first and only time ever will perform the album in its entirety. The historic event will take place at Debaser Medis, Stockholm, on December 19th. Get your tickets here.

Sator part of museum exhibition

Oct 20th

The exhibition Music Scene Gothenburg 1955–2018 takes a dive into the history of the city's popular music. Sator is of course a part of this exhibition since we've had Gothenburg as our base for decades. The opening night is November 14th, check it out!

Michael Monroe - Blackout StatesMichael Monroe's new album out today, produced by Chips Kiesbye

Oct 9th

The reviews are raving of this great collaboration between Michael Monroe and Chips K and call the album "irresistible". Check it out!

Sator Beer

Sator releasing own beer

Sep 17th

We are really thrilled to announce the release of the official Sator Beer, made by Stallhagen on Åland. Come join us at the release party! We will do a special show, mixing acoustic and electric numbers.

Kent Norberg's solo album "Skyll På Mig" out now

May 28th

Solo debut from Kent Norberg is out now on CD, limited edition vinyl and on Spotify. The album contains nine songs of soul-full country rock sung in Swedish, including covers of Gillian Welsh, Nick Lowe and Wilco.

The album is released by Adore Music.

Bohemian Lifestyle - Madame LibertánaBohemian Lifestyle album out soon, produced by Chips Kiesbye

May 11th

Chips has produced the debut album by Stockholm's up and coming rockers Bohemian Lifestyle. A release party will be held at Bryggarsalen, Stockholm on May 22nd.

Summer festivals 2015

Mar 31st

The bookings for this year's summer festivals have started to roll in. The first three are Fishbait on Åland, Sommarrock in Svedala and Peace & Love in Borlänge. More to come!

Chips producing Mike Monroe

Mar 8th

Finland's most highly acclaimed rock star Michael Monroe has renewed his recording contract with Universal Music/Spinefarm Records and the band has started work on a new album to be released in autumn 2015.

Once again it’s time for a new Michael Monroe album! We are happy to have recently renewed our deal with Universal Music / Spinefarm and have written a bunch of new songs for the album over the past couple of months. The album is being produced by Swedish producer Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Sator, Nomads) and we started recording it at the end of February in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’re all really excited about the new project. This is guaranteed to become another brilliant new Michael Monroe album!

Michael Monroe

The album recordings will continue until mid-March & the first single from the upcoming album will be released in spring. Michael Monroe’s previous album Horns And Halos, released in 2013, was certified gold in Finland.

Photo by Rachel Gouk

Kent Norberg with The Boys

Mar 4th

Kent Norberg recently got back from a tour of China as a bass player for The Boys. Wait, what? You know you need to read all about it.

Sator to Liljan

Sator live at Liljan

Feb 28th

We're going to Borlänge for a gig at Liljan on April 17th. Get your tickets at Tickster.

Rock 'n' Roll Butterfahrt festival

It's a short way back to Germany

Sator are very happy to announce that we will appear at the legendary Rock 'n' Roll Butterfahrt festival on Saturday May 2nd. The festival takes place on the island Helgoland located between Germany and Denmark. We will go on at 22.00 (after The Lurkers).

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