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Sator - Relativt akustiskt

Sator på akustisk turné

Mar 26th

Tre femtedelar av de svenska rocklegendarerna SATOR ger sig ut på en ”relativt akustisk turné”. Trion bestående av Chips Kiesbye, Kent Norberg och Heikki Kiviaho kommer att ge så väl publik som sig själva en – med SATOR-ögon sett – annorlunda kväll.

Vi kommer naturligtvis att spela det bästa vi har men även några av de mer obskyra ädelstenarna. En och annan noggrant utvald cover kommer också att brännas av. Det man med säkerhet kan säga är att det kommer bli bra, nära, på riktigt och oberäkneligt. Med oss tre på scen med så här pass fria musikaliska tyglar kan i alla fall inte jag riktigt säga var det kan sluta.

Kent Norberg

Klara datum (fler kan tillkomma):

fredag 4 april - Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken
fredag 11 april - Gävle, Å-krogen
lördag 12 april - Sundsvall, Q-bar (Quality Hotel)
fredag 25 april Hudiksvall, Sigges
lördag 26 april Ljusdal, Statt
torsdag 1 maj - Göteborg, Pustervik
fredag 2 maj - Alvesta, Popcorner
lördag 3 maj - Mariefred, Skottvångs Grufva
fredag 16 maj - Visby, Kitchen & Table, Clarion Hotel
torsdag 22 maj - Norrköping, Saliga Munken
fredag 23 maj - Örebro, East West Sushi
lördag 24 maj - Kristinehamn, Mastmagasinet
måndag 14 juli - Grebbestad, Tanum Strand
tisdag 15 juli - Varberg, Majas vid havet
torsdag 17 juli - Sydkoster, Hotel Koster

Välkomna till en "relativt akustisk kväll"!

Pitshark Records Singles Club 2014

New Sator 7" this year

Mar 3rd

Sator are one of twelve bands to release an exclusive 7" vinyl single in the Pitshark Records Singles Club. The singles are limited to 100 numbered copies each, available only for members of the singles club. It's not yet decided which Sator songs will be used. More info at Pitshark Records.

Versus You - Moving OnVersus You album released, produced by Chips Kiesbye

Feb 22nd

New album from Luxembourg's own Versus You "Moving On" is out now. Produced by Chips. Available on their Bandcamp.

Chips producing stuff and... rumours of Sator vinyls

Feb 11th

Chips has been working on a new album with Nisse Hellberg, and now it's time for a new one with Crucified Barbara. More info as release dates draw closer. In other news, there may be some nice times ahead for those of you who like Sator on vinyl... stay tuned for more info!

Sator unplugged in Hultsfred

Nov 28th

Sator accoustic show at Hotell Hulingen, Hultsfred December 13 and 14. Chips, Kent and Heikki invites you to a jolly evening. We will play songs by Sator and some carefully chosen covers.

Very sad news

Sep 26th

Bill "Pat Fear" Bartell, the front-man and heart of White Flag, has passed away. He's been a close friend for over twenty years.

We first got to know Bill back in the early 1990's when we were looking for songs for the "Barbie-Q-Killers vol 1" album. Bill was a major help in getting us in touch with all the song-writers and band members of the groups we covered. Without him that record would not have been possible. Remember that this was before the Internet. No Google, Facebook or e-mail.

White Flag was one of the bands that we grew up with. The musical anarchy mixed with great songwriting and a portion of humor and irony really appealed to us. It also set them apart from most of their contemporaries. One of the guys wore a police uniform and had a moustache! And called himself Pat Fear. That's real punk attitude.

In 1994 Sator and White Flag released a split single and played some shows together in Sweden. One of them headlining the "Hultsfreds festival" together on the main stage (the biggest festival in Sweden at the time). It was also the start of a long friendship between the two bands.

Sator have recorded several songs written/co-written by Bill over the years. Songs like This side of nowhere, Ask The Shadows, On the way down, Face down, Freezer, White Trash and Halter top. White Flag in return recorded several Sator songs. All Sator members can be heard on many White Flag recordings.

Chips and Kent have been part of the "European version" of White Flag for many years touring in Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Luxemburg and even in Aasiaat, Greenland! (Thank you Bill for that adventure). The last European White Flag show was in Vara, Sweden supporting Sator in October 2011.

Bill was a character, a "one of a kind" but with a big heart and a great sense of humor. He made a big impression on everyone who met him. He connected people and made things happen. He will be deeply missed by a lot of people, both as a musician and as a friend. Life will be less interesting without Pat Fear around.

The man is gone but the memories and the music remains.


Sator, Docenterna, Torsson to Kärrgruveparken, Norberg

Aug 28th

Kärrgruveparken, Norberg on August 31st. The last show of the summer tour 2013 and the last show before we start working on a new album.

Back in 1981-82 we saw some classic shows here like Stiff Little Fingers, Killing Joke and Theatre of Hate. Our dream was to one day play this venue with our own band. It only took us 30 years to get there!

Chips K

Sator to Stormässan in Alfta

Jul 24th

We have a new gig coming and it's on the same day as Getaway Rock Festival, on August 10th. So we're playing Getaway Rock at 12:45 and then we head for Alfta for an evening show.

Germany 2013

Having a blast in Germany – setlists and pics

Jul 18th

Germany was awesome! Thanks to Die Ärzte, Side Effect and to all the friendly people who saw us. A bunch of pictures can be seen on our Facebook page. And here are the setlists:

July 12, Bocholt – Stadion Am Hünting

  1. Your Up Gets Me Down
  2. Slug It Out
  3. Drive Through The Night
  4. Gamma Gamma Hey!
  5. No Reason
  6. Jetslide
  7. Goodbye Joey
  8. I Wanna Go Home
  9. This Is My Life (Gasolin)
  10. I'd Rather Drink Than Talk

July 14, Bietigheim-Bissingen – Festplatz Am Viadukt

  1. Your Up Gets Me Down
  2. Slug It Out
  3. Drive Through The Night
  4. Gamma Gamma Hey!
  5. No Reason
  6. Goodbye Joey
  7. Dance To The Rocket From The Crypt
  8. I Wanna Go Home
  9. This Is My Life (Gasolin)
  10. Escape From Pigvalley Beach
  11. I'd Rather Drink Than Talk
Getaway Rock Festival

Sator to Getaway Rock

Jul 10th

We will play Getaway Rock Festival, in Gävle on August 10. See you there!

World Keeps Turning 7"

New 7" – World Keeps Turning / Brown Eyed Son

Jun 18th

We are proud to present our first vinyl single since "I'm Gone": "World Keeps Turning"/"Brown Eyed Son", out this week on Ghost Highway Recordings in Spain. "World Keeps Turning" was recorded for Basement Noise but dropped from the album at the very last minute. The sound feels like Neil Young and The Ramones in a car crash with The Mamas and the Papas and this is what crawled out of the wreckage. The flipside is a The Waves-cover and one of our all time faves. This is a song that we've been playing on and off since the formation of the band, until finally recording it in 1997. Who'd have known it would take 16 years to d it?

The single is out this week on black and green vinyl (150 copies each) so have your eyes on the shop or send reservations to

Take a listen to both songs here:

Sator summer gigs 2013

May 20th

Summer's on it's way and the bookings are coming in. Among the coming gigs are a return to Hultsfred (for the millionth time) and a little re-run of last year's love affair with Die Ärzte in Germany. More gigs will be added!

May 24 Karlshamn, Effekt
May 25 Lund, Popstadsfestivalen
Jun 14 Hultsfred, This Is Hultsfred
Jun 15 Kristinehamn, Marieberg Rockar
Jul 12 Bocholt DE, Stadion Am Hünting (with Die Ärzte)
Jul 14 Bietigheim-Bissingen DE, Festplatz am Viadukt (with Die Ärzte)
Jul 27 Gothenburg, Holmens Rock
Aug 3 Frövi, Rock i Viken
Aug 16 Ånge, Ljungarocken
Aug 31 Norberg, Kärrgruvan, Norberg

Brülbåyz EP re-released

Apr 19th

Re-Ken Records (a sublabel to Ken Rock) has re-released Chips' pre-Sator Codex band Brülbåyz (LLR)'s 7" EP. Originally released in 1980, the EP has three tracks with punk in Swedish. Available on black with painted letters (100 copies) and white (400 copies) vinyl. Send your order to

To celebrate the occasion, we've added the lyrics to the lyrics-section.

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